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As soon as I started to dump the effects of the outdated law-system and embrace the new grace-system, I started to see healing and miracles! The law (Old Covenant) was not created so that man could clean himself up, get closer to God, and twist God’s arm to send revival.
Even though we don’t have a relationship with the old man (and the law) any more, we still have the effects of the former marriage imprinted in our minds – which is a law (Old Covenant) mentality.
A law mentality is an old way of thinking that causes you to rely on your performance to make things happen.
Instead of relying on Christ’s performance through self-effort, you try to become clean and Christlike, beg God to bring revival, ask for more love and power and strive to get closer to God. Can you see that we need to change our old thinking and bring it into line with God’s way of thinking in order to see Him move powerfully through us to bring lasting impact?
To quickly spot if there are areas where your mind needs renewing, I’ve made a list of 101 comparisons between a law mindset versus a grace mindset. God’s people have a lack-mentality and are constantly crying out for “more.” More blessings, more favor, more love, more anointing etc. The Bible, however, does talk about people being dismembered from a community due to a certain sinful lifestyle for the purpose of them getting to their senses and realize what they’re doing is destructive, dumb and not edifying.
Notice, however that he is making a contrast between unbelievers (sexually immoral, idolaters, etc) and believers (but you were washed, sanctified etc.). That is one of the greatest compliments someone can get after preaching the Gospel of grace: are you saying then we can just go and live in sin? If people never ask us that same question, “Is this Gospel a license to sin?” then we’ve not explained the full message of the gospel of grace like Paul did.
Where the law demands holiness (“you must live holy”) Grace supplies holiness (“I want to live holy”). FREE Cheat Sheet Reveals…How To Live In Joyful Freedom With No Trace Of Condemnation!
Throughout the Bible we see the contrast of darkness and light—darkness is sin, and light is God. Those who walk in darkness rationalize their sin, learn to manage their guilt, and even believe that they’re walking in the light. There is a story about a woman whose husband she suspected was having an affair with a woman at work, but he was the kind of a man who never admitted to anything. Why is it that the truth has to be extracted from us sometimes like one might use tweezers to extract a splinter?
This is a series of messages entitled Why Good People Do Bad Things and what we are discovering is that there are really two parts of it, and we’ll see this again in the next message.
My intention is to take a good look at what is in the human heart, and I don’t want you to leave with guilt. And the way in which we rationalize is first of all we find someone who is worse than we are.
The third experience, and this gets trickier now, is they think that they are walking in light. You know there are some animals whose means of defense is to emit an odor that is so strong that all who are near that particular animal must flee.
Well, thankfully, we also have the characteristics of those who love the light and who walk in the light.
Now our self-image, as we learned in a previous message, is first of all made up by every comment that people make, what our parents think of us, what our teachers think of us, what our coaches think of us, what our peers think of us, and so forth, but it’s a very confusing mixture. Now, sometimes it says that the truth hurts and that is true but I want you to know that lies hurt even more. Listen, there are some of you listening who are getting money dishonestly and if you really walked in the light, I mean really walked in the light, God is going to put His finger on that and say, “Wait a moment. There are some of you who perhaps are going to have to break up relationships because you are in sinful relationships. There are some of you who are going to be in the light and you are going to have to pay the price of vulnerability. John said, “At the moment of truth, though I was now a prisoner of the law, I was set free before God for the first time in my life.
And He can redeem you because if the truth were known, there are some of you here who have done some very terrible things.
Do you remember Robert Fulghum who wrote that book All That I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? This comes from me as your pastor to you today, to those of you in the balcony, to those of you downstairs, to those listening by whatever means. How many of you today say, “Pastor Lutzer, at all costs I want to get found?” Would you raise your hands please? Father, I ask today that You might grant grace to those who have raised their hands and to those who should have. We are called to provide a biblical voice to the challenges we all encounter en route to the finish line of life.
This is a story of prayer, faith and hope in our Lord Jesus for His healing, and the intimate relationship of longing for our Heavenly Father in our personal lives.
Forgiveness is one of the most essential and possibly most misunderstood components of emotional and physical health and healing. On the contrary it was created to show man that is impossible to attain cleanness, union with God, and create revival through human effort. He basically says, “a wife is legally tied to her husband while he lives, but if he dies she’s free to marry another man.

I suggest it’s time to go wild with our new untamed Lover (Grace) and dump the effects of our outdated demanding husband (Law).
I’m planning to write more in depth about many of these amazing Grace nuggets in the future. Indeed, even though I live and preach from the finished work of the cross (Grace) I also walk and teach on how to do the supernatural works of God, like healing & miracles.
I have nothing against anyone nor should I ever, but doesn’t it say in the bible that they will not inherit the kingdom of God if they do not change their ways?
I understand we all sin all the time but often we aren’t even aware of it until the Holy Spirit convicts us of our offense. He was always defensive, always right – one of those controllers that we spoke about in the last message in this series. And I read it years ago, or parts of it, and frankly I couldn’t take too much of it because it is so depressing. And we used to go downstairs either with a lantern or a candle or a lamp and it was incredible just to see all those bugs scurry. The Scripture says in the book of Proverbs that the way of the wicked is like deep darkness. And if you don’t really know who you are and you have no standard by which to judge yourself, no wonder people are so desperately confused. And the pastor thinks for sure that the man has discovered that his wife died or a child died, or something. We’ve talked about characteristics of walking in darkness and characteristics of walking in light. Truth hurts, and from now on in this message, for the next few moments just before we close, it is going to be a painful time, because I am going to explain to you the cost that some of you might have to pay to actually walk in the light and to agree with God.
Back in 1975, as a 14-year old boy, John Claypool murdered some people – his neighbors, a husband and wife, just to see what it was like to see people die.
He read it and he accepted Christ as Savior, as I urge all of you who are listening to me to do if you have not done that.
He went on to say that his heart absolutely pounded with fear, but twenty years later on November 27, 1995 he went with his pastor and an attorney and turned himself in to the authorities with the movie cameras on him because it was national news.
Maybe it isn’t murder but maybe it is, and you are saying to yourself, “Can God even redeem somebody like me?
In other words, as a result of this message, all of us, including myself, are either going to walk more in the light and ask God for even more light, or else some are going to retreat into a deeper darkness with further hardness of heart and further rationalizations. He talked about the fact that in October the kids would gather together and play Hide and Seek and some kids hid so well that nobody could find them. Through the knowledge of repentance and confession, we build the close relationship with Him daily in order to know His Heart, His thoughts and His ways in our personal lives.
Likewise, you were legally tied to the rule-dominating way of life under the law, but you’ve died to the law through the body of Christ that you might belong to Another” (Rom. What a relief to be married to your new Husband who’s quite the opposite of the old one because He operates under a grace system.
That seems to imply that believers are capable of sin and may need to be separated from fellowship because of it. Like you said the Christian still sins and makes mistakes so what makes it different from the unbeliever who also sins and makes mistakes?
Number three was she confronted him with the ex-husband of the woman with whom he was suspected to be and who said that he saw them in the apartment together, but this man stared him down and told him he was a liar, and that was the end of that.
That’s step number one, and after we have been found out and have to confess, step number two is minimize it.
You look into the human heart and you realize that (what is it?) 92% of people say that they lie at least every week, and then you get beneath that and you discover that there are those who are willing to turn away from their families and abandon them forever for ten million dollars, and you are scratching your head and saying, “Are we really that evil? Left to ourselves, without the intervention of God’s grace, without the intrusion of His light, we are lovers of darkness, and the reason that we love the darkness is that the darkness is more consistent with our desires. And then the other thing that we do is we do good deeds so that we can point to good things we’ve done.
Gnosticism believed in enlightenment, that there was a feeling of enlightenment that one could have, so Gnostics were into light too.
The other is a deception regarding teachings like the Gnostics who actually believed that they were walking in light, and that they were okay.
But now the Holy Spirit of God was within him because now he was a believer and he had to walk in the light.
Just take enough various things that will calm you down, that will enable you to sleep, and you can get by. The Lord now held His once disobedient child in His loving arms and true to His promise He did not let me fall.
There in the presence of the Almighty the years of rationalizations and ruts of behavior that have been so carefully dug and hidden and covered suddenly all are blasted away because we have God to deal with. We cry to Thee and ask that in this moment of revelation You shall give to Your people the grace to get found. We all know what light is, and we ask today that Your Spirit will do a work that only You can do.
By the understanding that He is our Father and Creator, we have to draw back to Him personally and walk in obedience to Him on earth.
He doesn’t make any demands for you to perform a certain way nor does He point out your faults. How can a brother who is positionally forgiven and perfect in God’s sight get to this state?

Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. We deceive ourselves, and at the end of the day, because the Bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, now we actually are lying to God too. I want you to know that it is powerful, and quite debilitating, but you know, so far as the skunk is concerned we have no evidence that he is troubled by it.
You know, the reason that some of you find a real struggle, and you say, “What’s all this bit about Jesus dying on the cross?
Sometimes you are stubbing your toe but you are not stumbling because you are walking in the light as God is in the light.
He’s been there a long time and everybody else is found and they are about to give up on him over at the base. What a miserable failure you are” are among his favourite sayings while never lifting a finger to help. Rather, your new Lover only confirms who you are and what you’re capable of doing together with Him. We may shape the truth and then we may even lie about others, as we talked about evil in the last message. She was at work and she decided to go home in the middle of the day to pick something up, and she discovered her husband in ladies’ clothes prancing around the living room.
What you find in the Bible is that the motif of darkness and light is used throughout, the darkness representing sin, and the light representing God – his word, truth and honesty. And then we learn to manage any guilt, and of course, in today’s society what you have is people who believe that guilt is simply a feeling that has to be unlearned, and so they think of ways to unlearn it, to lessen the pain of the guilt, and then you have the opportunity of doing what you want to do.
You remember that David committed adultery and wanted to get by with it so desperately that he killed a man in order to cover up his sin, and eventually the story came unraveled, and so forth, and word got out and he couldn’t deny it anymore. I remember when the Holy Spirit was working mightily up north in Canada in the early seventies, and I was doing some interviews. But the one thing though that you cannot rationalize, that just stands there, is this business of God. I considered going out to the base and telling them where he was hiding and then I thought about setting the leaves on fire to dry them out. The demands and requirements hovering over your life would make you feel unworthy and not wanted. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. I often thought to myself it would have been interesting to have a tape recorder there to tape the discussion that took place at that particular incident. In fact books have been written to show that the modern New Age Movement is nothing but a revival of ancient Gnosticism. They are walking in darkness and they think that they are walking in the light and they can’t understand why they are tripping all over themselves every time they turn a corner. He fathered two daughters, and he could not get away from this sin, and now he met some Christians whom he always disliked because he thought that they were a bunch of self-righteous judgmental people. Because He knows what the best are in our personal lives, and that is all for our sakes and protections.
That can mean that we have fellowship with God, which is most assuredly true, but we have fellowship with fellow travelers. He said, “I always considered Christians to be hypocrites but these people were genuine in living what they professed.
Through the knowledge of God, we are able to defeat the enemies and to live a life that pleases Him only. Now those of us who are lovers of light, of course we love the Word, but what you find today is that people disparage the Bible so that it gives them the freedom to do what they want to do and there is hatred toward that book.
It is there in the presence of God, you see, that finally we know who we are with that solid reality of the light, and it is there that we find healing.
So if we are going to walk in the light, and this is for believers now, we have to just agree with God. He has adopted us to be His children, our responsibilities are to know Him and make Him know through our personal lives on earth. He was a builder, a contractor, and what he had done was he had cheated people by telling them that they were going to have one kind of material in their houses and then actually putting in an inferior and cheaper quality of material. It’s that common bond because we know what the light is and we know where we are going and sometimes we blow it, to be sure, but we at least know where the light is.
Private sin does not have to be paraded in front of other people, though sometimes we like to hear testimonies about how God worked in people’s lives, but it has to be obedience to the amount of offense. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.
If God says that this part of our life has to be yielded to Him, this part of our life we yield. He wanted to be able to say, “Lord, I want to walk in the light no matter what it costs me.
In other words, we are so open to God that we agree with Him regarding everything, and then we are walking in honesty and we are walking in the light.
So before the Father, in Christ, we are judged righteous, holy, blameless, sinless because God defines us based on our union and identification with Christ.

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