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Best Path To Reducing Carbon EmissionsHow does a government effectively reduce the amount of carbon emitted by its citizens and businesses? The Launching PadIn an opinion piece published in the New York Times on July 21st 2012, Thomas Friedman argues that the debate about the economy going on in the current presidential race so far has failed to recognize the underlying problems that the American economy faces. The Economic Innovation Institute advocates that forward thinking policy makers adopt and promote a core agenda for growth and innovation with a progressive message.
In developing our proposed core agenda, The Institute has engaged with economic and policy experts in academia, in government, and in think tanks to weigh which ideas are most effective and have the greatest potential to stimulate long-term economic growth. We believe that economic growth and innovation are not only consistent with progressive values of equality and a role for an effective government, but essential to a balanced approach to fiscal responsibility. Since the turn of the century, there has not been a clear economic agenda for growth and innovation pursued in Washington, DC and communicated to the American public. At the same time, America has entered a period of economic stagnation and slow GDP growth, while powerful economic competitors abroad have managed to continue growing more robustly. Those with progressive values who practice pragmatic politics do not lack for ideas about growth and innovation.
In a recent op-ed, Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist, discussed disruptions in the labor markets the face of ever-advancing technology.

If you do so, your entire thread may be deleted, as may topic titles, sentences, and the names of people and places which do not begin with a capital letter.
I will echo requests here, where is your proof for this claim??Caprio: This is getting ridiculous. Early in the last decade, Republican policymakers in Washington, DC focused their major new policy activities on reductions in marginal tax rates, reductions in capitol gains tax rates, and education reform based on expanded testing and measurement. Yet, we do not see much discussion among leading policy makers in Washington about the need for a concrete agenda and message focused on meeting future needs by investing in long-term growth, education, technological innovation and essential infrastructure.
Please click on the "EII Agenda" to learn about our proposed core agenda and on "The Action Fund" to learn about the work of the Economic Innovation Action Fund. Some keep asking how a Republican Party so devoid of ideas could mount such a strong Presidential challenge and maintain control of the House.
Even when I don't say something WC defenders like Bill Brown and Johnny Hartley claim that I did.
We're interested in your ideas so please participate in our blog by submitting a blog post. In the wake of the financial sector collapse of 2008 and the subsequent economic recession, the Democratic policy agenda turned to short-term economic stimulus measures that achieved a measure of short-term economic stability but have been met with only mixed public acceptance.

Nor is there a cohesive approach to communicating such an agenda among political leaders on Capitol Hill and to the public. What is lacking in Washington is a cohesive focus on growth and innovation economic agenda designed to rebuild a sustainable economy in a balanced way, transition to whatever will be the “next” economy, promote equal economic opportunity, preserve and create good jobs and improve the quality of life for all Americans.
Rapid change and political dysfunction threaten our ability to think creatively about economic policy that creates broad prosperity and equal opportunity in our market economy.
The Economic innovation Institute and Economic Innovation Action Fund are here to help bring focus and cohesion to the great debate over the country’s economic agenda.
Mankiw argues that a carbon tax is the most effective and least obtrusive option for reducing these emissions. We believe that forward thinking progressive policy makers should be both guarantors of opportunity and champions of free enterprise.

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