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Once upon a time, during my college years, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a hospital.
On another occasion during the same year, I began that week studying the brain and its functions.
From discovering this phenomenon, I wanted to see if it would work in other areas of my life. I am relating this phenomenon to real experiences because once you see its universal application, you too can use it to see instant results in your life.
If your goal is vague and you only have an image of your goal, you can leverage your burning desire to reach the goal to see the law of attraction in your life. The Law of Attraction as mysterious at it may sound, is a theme we have been told for many years. In what seems like a previous life, I used to believe in a principle that states that you can have anything you desire, so long as you want it bad enough.
Which is why it is endlessly troubling as I witness the modern church embracing principles like the one I used to hold dear. Before we explore precisely how this movement has made its way into Christendom, let’s have a look at exactly what this principle is, who promotes it, and why it is dangerous.
The Law of Attraction, as it is now known, is not really the breakthrough that it claims to be. Through this principle, you can literally focus your thoughts to a specific outcome, and the “universe”, or the energy around you, simply has no choice but to comply with the specific energy output of your positive thoughts. While this principle has been available in varying forms for ages, the promotion of the Law of Attraction as scientific principle came into vogue around the early 1900’s as part of what was known as the “New Thought Movement.” The phrase “Law of Attraction” was used in the 1906 book by William Walker Atkinson titled Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World. This principle was widely known amongst gurus of the New Age for a long time, but began to gain a big foothold in mainstream pop culture with the release of the film and subsequent book The Secret. When watching the film, one begins to see how this purportedly scientific principle is actually an esoteric form of divination, handed down from age to age. So, with the obvious occult implications of The Secret, how did it become so popular with Average Joes and soccer moms? Oprah was so moved by the contents of The Secret, that she invited a selection of gurus and New Age practitioners featured in the film to be guests on her show.
Another popular concept from The Secret is the positive affirmation, or repetitive statement of intent. With all of the overtly occultic, Gnostic, and Hermetic pagan influences on The Law of Attraction, how do I boldly claim that it has found its way into Christian circles?
In Word of Faith circles, a huge emphasis on “name it and claim it” has led Christians to believe that by simply making statements of intent, you can force God’s hand and make Him give you what you desire. Literature rivaling the popularity of The Secret has emerged from the Christian prosperity movement.
It is an inspiring prayer in which Jabez, who is called in the previous verse “more honorable than his brothers”, cries out to God in this short prayer, and God answers his prayer in the affirmative. The book Prayer of Jabez recognizes the simplicity and broadness of Jabez’s prayer, and maintains that all one has to do to achieve similar results is to pray this exact same prayer on repeat until God complies. Similarly, the concept much promoted in Word Faith circles is that of speaking things into being. Another popular Prosperity preacher is Creflo Dollar, who teaches, “your tongue is the best tool to use. Please understand, I by no means downplay the very real supernatural gifts that the Holy Spirit brings to believers. Thus, we’re admonished to pray according to His will for the things that we need, and that may even include financial or material items if it is something that we need for one reason or another, but chances are that if you’re praying for a sports car or a billion bucks, you’re praying amiss for something that you’ll consume upon your lusts, rather than for the betterment of your family and faith.
I also believe that there IS a certain truth to the power of positive thinking, if one applies it to the life of a Christian believer. More and more, I am seeing the Law of Attraction, along with other New Age practices, infiltrating the modern Christian Church insidiously. The law of attraction states that whatever you get in your life is attracted, invited and created by you. Conscious-When you make all the choices deliberately, know your true heart’s desire and work with it instead of against it, you create what you truly believe and deserve. Unconscious-When the creation process becomes autonomic due to the past conditioning, you work in the default mode.
Collective Consciousness-When you give out something positive to others, it comes back to you in a multiplied form; also when you give something negative to others, it comes to you in a multiplied form. When your brain is conditioned, you consciously or unconsciously attract the past experiences. In physics, a wave is a disturbance that travels through space and time, usually accompanied by the transfer of energy.
Focused, Energetic, Creative, Consistent thoughts would be realized with one hundred percent accuracy.
Poverty, Scarcity, Victimization in the outer world is the unconscious result or the wrong application of the law of attraction. The application of law of attraction lets you make the best use of the conscious and subconscious minds. But while searching for answers, we unconsciously attract situations that are offering possibilities to learn and experience the exact thing we are looking for. Laws of attraction is the Secret of success and happiness but it’s not the only factor for gaining those two things. The act of asking the Universe to give you something you want is actually a good opportunity to clarify to yourself what exactly do you want. Belief means that you have to behave, talk, and think like you already have the thing you have asked for. So yes, this childless, petless woman is about to write another post about dealing with kids.
Contrary to what you may think, teaching kids how to deliberately receive their reality isn’t hard at all. Since our emotions are our most important feedback mechanism, showing us when we’re moving away from what we want or towards it, it makes sense to start there.
When you try to change your child’s feelings by simply telling them to feel different (or, as in the example above, trying to convince them that they actually do feel different), it teaches them not to use their own judgment. When your child is calm again, discuss what happened and why, again, without judgment of their feelings. By the way, the same visualization will work if the boy is teasing her to get her attention. Once the shift has occurred, you can be sure that your daughter’s manifestation will change.
Even if you can’t get your daughter a pony, the Universe can easily arrange circumstances where she can ride a pony, or even have regular access to one.
Last but not least, one of the most important things you can do to teach your children about the Law of Attraction is to help them recognize and celebrate every manifestation. When Asher, the 9 year old, comes home miffed off at one of his classmates, it is an explosion of anger. We had to watch the news so we could pick out when someone was reporting what someone else was saying. BTW, given half a chance, he might actually lick one or two of the people in the neighborhood. Melody Fletcher invites you to read..Could Awareness Raising Campaigns Actually Be Making The Problem Worse?
My two daughters, both 19 years old, very mature, very wise, and very pretty are everything to me. I’ve found in my dealing with parents of autistic kids that often, simply not pushing against what they know to be true is a huge step in the right direction.
The posts with the most comments don’t necessarily have the most views and vice versa.
Some of us are trying to have kids, so this stuff will apply later on, if this adds to your question. Do you remember how you felt Melody, when someone religious starts teaching their children about the original sin, shame, karma and all the things YOU think are bullshit?
Now my question: How can we access our inner child, to teach this to ourselves with the same openess and innocence that a real child would have? You can start by imagining that you’re giving your child self a hug and then going from there.
So with that said, it makes a ton of sense to me to find out as early as possible that we can actually direct our attention towards the life, or the being we want to have or be.
And yes, I was vulnerable throughout my childhood, with emotional abuse coming from all directions…teachers, schoolmates, a bully or two in the neighborhood and parents. One of the most subtle forces of the universe is at work constantly bringing your thoughts into reality.
This theory, touted as a Law by practitioners and believers, suggests that humans are divine; in fact, we’re creators. I believe that everything that ever was and ever will be was brought into existence by a creator God, and any power a human being can manifest is only available through the Holy Spirit, and according to the perfect will of our God. Having studied it thoroughly previous to my being born again, I can recognize it with ease, and it is pretty prevalent, right under the noses of the faithful. If your positive thoughts are focused on a certain specific outcome, say you want a new shiny red bicycle, the energy around you will work to put events in place that will ultimately result in you receiving said bicycle. It can be remarked that this was likely the beginning of Oprah’s burgeoning spiritual movement, which continues to this day on her website and her OWN network. Using basic ideas like visualization, it is easy for the gullible and misguided to practice. In this practice, you just say the things you want over and over and eventually you’ll get them. Largely knows as the Prosperity movement or Word of Faith, these preachers make bold claims about how to achieve personal prosperity through abundant faith practices. In the Word of Faith and prosperity realm, God is rather impotent, bound by certain laws that force Him to comply with the wishes of believers because they said the right words.

It is not uncommon to find the book The Prayer of Jabez in the homes of nice Christian families. Make these confessions daily, and watch as your life begins to manifest the things you speak.” Creflo, and others like him, dance dangerously toward the New Age idea of man as creator, equaling the power of God Almighty, if only we would say our right words.
This is not to say that if you think positive thought, the universe or God is compelled to make it so, but in the sense that when we view ourselves and our own lives through the lens of God, and when we view ourselves as new Creations in Christ, we will certainly be more compelled to live more righteously and according to His will, which bears good fruit.
Whether preachers in these churches are unaware of their own embracing of occult teaching, or if they are knowingly bringing it into mainstream Christianity through subterfuge, the onus is on the believer to be aware of what to look for.
This is why I am a strong believer in the need for Christians to make themselves aware of what the enemy is promoting, because then we’re able to recognize that same thing when in manifests in the sanctuaries of our churches.
Whatever you think, feel and imagine in your mind will create the life on the physical plane.
For instance, when you contemplate about your weak financial condition, you will make your financial condition more weak as you are focusing on the don’t wants. In this case, it is mandatory to reprogram your mind, break the self-destructive comfort zone and focus over your desire. Here it is necessary to associate yourself with high energy people and create a positive environment. When your brain is in perfect alignment with your true heart’s desire, you consciously or unconsciously attract the desire and manifest it in outer world.
It’s in our nature to seek for answers about the surroundings, meaning of life, love, unexpected things or unwanted events. Actually, the Secret can primary help us penetrate deeper truths and find out the meaning of our existence. There are a lot of Universal laws that we should follow in order to get nearer to our Ideal and achieve our goal in life.
The moment you answer this question to yourself in a clear way, is the moment you send the request. The moment you are switched on the same frequency with the thing you have asked for, the Law of attraction starts launching events, circumstances and people that are bringing you (closer to) the desired thing. Instead, start thinking about how you are already experiencing the benefits of the perfect body weight. You can even create your whole day to be exactly the way you want it by thinking about the things you wish would happen to you. Today, I’d like to address how you can go about teaching the principles of the Law of Attraction to your children. They will look to you to see if they can feel good or not, no longer relying on their own feedback system. You can teach your kids to look for different perspectives and reasons for people’s actions that have nothing to do with them. Now, help her to see the correlation between the work she did (visualization and feeling better) and the way the boy now behaved toward her. Often, simply shifting the evidence of that thought will be enough to cause your child to come to a different conclusion. If they thought of butterflies and you see butterflies (real ones, stickers, any representation, really), point out that they made this happen.
The difficult ones are feeling of incompetence, embarrassment, out of control or other issues for which there are no words. After a great night of trick or treating, we were complementing the neighborhood’s generosity. When you can see how you’ve manifested something without even trying (everything in your reality has been manifested by you), it becomes a lot less daunting. When my dad moved on from this reality and my mom sold the house, my sisters and I inherited their stuff. We go to concerts together (I like the same music) We go dancing together, and travel together.
They have the intensity to be magnificent while not having the ability to focus for more than seconds at a time. He wants the cool new pirate ship, a knife sharpener that makes credit cards sharp enough to cut through tomatoes, burger king and whatever else comes next. If you have any tips for other parents of autistic or ADD kids, feel free to share them here!
We have to remember that only a very small percentage (usually around 5%) of those who read a blog post will comment on it.
Parents spend a lot of time teaching kids how to plan, how to work for goals and how to become self dependent. You know like how you may consider not drinking before driving…down a street of innocent pedestrians. But this work, the way I see it, is much more abut allowing kids to follow their own innate wisdom, and NOT train them out of it.
And what are we doing with the “traditional” teaching anyway, but showing our kids how to focus on the unwanted? It could be as simple as having been an only child and now there’s a younger sibling getting all the attention. I had two younger siblings and if I was nine, my sister would’ve only been just three and my brother six. The game was going so well, I didn’t want to stop what I was doing to go meet some random girl who was auditioning.
Shut off the TV, turn off the computer (if applicable), turn off your phone and focus on one objective or topic.
If you have no knowledge of all the steps to get you to your goal, then write as many as you can up to your goal. Everything that ever was and ever will be was created by a cosmic desire to make it so, thus we have the power to manifest our own reality in the here and now. In an effort to make it sound cutting edge, proponents of the Law of Attraction couch it in scientific terms. Soon thereafter, this “law” began to be applied in terms of prosperity, such as the book Prosperity Through Thought Force by Bruce MacLelland. Touting itself as a “self help book”, the title is derived from the claim that the Law of Attraction is something so powerful and so completely successful; it has been hidden away from mainstream thought. Due to Oprah’s incredible visibility and popularity at that time, she influenced millions of unsavvy viewers to purchase The Secret and apply it to their lives. One of the most popular methods described by practitioners of The Secret is that of The Vision Board.
Their skillful couching of The Law of Attraction in Christianese has led many millions of people unknowingly into New Age concepts. Join Dr Bruce Wilkinson to discover how the remarkable prayer of a little-known Bible hero can release God’s favor, power and protection. Wilkinson is encouraging is the exact same principle put forth by The Secret and The Law of Attraction, in that if you say your right words, your wildest dreams will manifest. Creflo says that if we believe hard enough and say the right things in combination with what we believe, we can literally manifest anything! If you can believe in your desire and focus your mind over it, you will manifest the same in the outside world. Instead if you focus over strong financial state, you will make yourself stronger financially as you are concentrating here on the wants.
When you think something, your brain generates energy waves and creates energy field around you and your environment; so your thoughts are the energy waves [vibrations] or electromagnetic waves.
If you want to gain worldly wealth and status, you can use the Secret, but beware, by failing to comply other Universal laws you can also lose that wealth. Try to start with the little things (such as finding a parking space) and soon you’ll experience how the Laws of attraction work. After all, why not give them the benefit of knowing just how powerful they are at an early age? If you can help your daughter shift her perspective on the thoughts that are causing her this pain, not only will she feel better, but her manifestation of this boy will shift, as well.
Where before, she was afraid the boy was right when he called her names, now she no longer sees any reason to think that.
We made a board with 9 different squares, some have rocks, sandpaper, satin, carpet, a slick rubbery substance and so on.
I couldn’t ask him to blow off everyone looking any more that I could ask an adult to blow off everyone staring.
In a quasi way, the idea of teaching a child they can tap into the universe and get things without working for it is unnerving. But yes, parenting is a very personal subject, and I can see how sharing those fears and anxieties publicly would be harrowing. And even though I was excited about the fair, I’m sure I still felt lonely since I was there alone. I am referring to a phenomenon that once you realize its past function in your life, you will begin to see its true power.
But having a burning desire and an image led me to discover the unknown steps to finding her. Specifically, the Law of Attraction can best be understood as the principle of “like attracts like”. As the term caught fire, more and more New Age practitioners began to co-opt the principle, and apply it to their own philosophies. The author and presenters claim that successful business owners and elite millionaires have known this “secret” for a long time, and have tried desperately to keep it out of the hands of average human beings, lest we all become mega-bazillionaires. Next, we are taken on a journey through time as we witness alchemists like the darling of the New Age set St. Many of the readers of this site are aware of the dangers of this movement, but perhaps not aware of how tightly woven the prosperity gospel is with the Law of Attraction, and how insidiously it twists true Christian principles of faith with deceptive occult practices. Man in sin cannot get into the Holy mind of Christ but His mind that is to come into man to cleanse him which comes through the Holy Spirit through Faith in Him. Personal development or self-improvement is also governed by the law of attraction, an absolute law of the universe.

The bottom line: it’s not a get quick rich plan, but you will invite and attract a lot more new ideas, strategies, resources and tactics which on further application will make you a rich person. Your conscious mind is limited by the logic and the effects of the past conditioning, but your subconscious mind is always ready to supply you with most innovative and advanced ideas which are guided by the god or the universal power.
If the child has acted out of anger and you put him in his room to calm down, this may not be applicable in that moment.
And now, this is where the teaching moment comes in: Help them figure out that the feeling was a result of their perspective (how they were looking at the situation) and the thoughts they were thinking. One of the best gifts you can give your kids is to teach them how they can stop themselves from being influenced by the douchebags, and how they can actually line up with more happy shiny puppies, instead. Remember that children’s beliefs are usually not as ingrained as those in adults and shift more easily. Maybe, when he’s a wizard, he can make a Unicorn, and you could all ride to work and school on it.
When he sees them, he wants them with the brilliant intensity of a thousand white hot burning suns. They are the most creative, interesting people you will ever meet, even when they are laying in the middle of a restaurant floor screaming their head off. How to do you combat the idea they don’t have to study for a test because the universe will take care of it? So, why not focus on their happiness and believe in it, and let them believe in it and then see which details need to be tweaked? Like, if you want to be a doctor and help people, focus on that and let it inspire you to the learning you’ll need in order to become one. That’s when we make most of our decisions about ourselves and the world, but from a limited and often quite skewed perspective. Just as she steps away from the ticket booth, as she’s putting her change away, some punk slides by and snatches the entire string out of her hand before she gets a chance to put them in her pocket. I stopped in wonder and immediately began to realize there is something to this focus  thing. If you put something positive into the universe, the universe (the catch all term for those who refuse to accept a singular deity) will send something positive back to you. Famous Theosophist Annie Besant, who was a follower of Madame Helena Blavatsky, adopted the term in 1919, claiming that it proved the reality of the mystical concept of karma.
Speaking the right and wrong words essentially manipulates God into doing YOUR will, rather than praying that HIS will be done.
When we can think with the mind of Christ, we’re far more capable of navigating through this fallen world with abundant joy.
Wealth in turn gives many good things to you and the people around you; this further creates encouraging environment to grow, develop and expand the law of attraction.
In other words, be prepared for your kids to get better at this than you are rather quickly. Teach your child to place the face that matches how they feel about that area next to it, basically allowing you to see their emotional state. This positive reinforcement will not only help them recognize the good and the joy in their lives, but will orient them AND YOU towards more good and joy. I guess my dad and I had a secret plan that eventually I would become aware of, and utilize the teachings. Giving time outs is one, and during those time out periods I would go in their room to talk to them. I’d approach it by focusing on the wanted (the good test score, or simply the knowledge) and then study a bit in an inspired state. And if your child doesn’t see the point in a certain subject, he may very well be right. If the child is stable in a happy vibration, the crowd will not have that much of an influence on her. Likewise, if you put only negativity into the universe, negativity is what you will attract. These texts are passed down from generation to generation until ultimately we see them being handed to a group of elite businessmen in a boardroom.
Once the board is full of all of the STUFF that you want, you are encouraged to study the board regularly, imagining that all of these THINGS are yours. So in this sense, being positive, if framed in the context of deriving that positivity from your identity in Jesus, your life will certainly be more fruitful. I only wish I had more funds to share as you have greatly blessed me, my husband and my sister. Human being is a spiritual multidimensional life who has the infinite potential to serve the humanity and the society; it’s not limited by the logic of the science and conscious mind. Remember, your child does not need a conscious reason to feel the way they do (neither do you). Make sure that your kids are focusing on what they want, rather on what they don’t want. I wouldn’t tell them what I thought they did wrong, I would ask them what they thought they did wrong first.
Better yet, if the kid can view school not as a prison, but as a place of being given different tools (some of which he may or may not choose to use and keep) and can tie each class to something he actually likes and wants, then the information he wants will stick during the classes and he won’t have to study nearly as much.
If you focus on one frequency, the universe will align you to that frequency and bring it into your world.
Now, only having a mental image of a face,trying to find someone in a huge university is harder than it sounds.
This is explained in a pseudo-scientific sense by claiming that since all matter, including human beings, are made of energy on a quantum level, like energy attracts like energy. Unlike the original intentions of the New Thought Movement, which filmmaker Rhonda Byrne claims as the source of inspiration for her film and book, The Secret adopts a very clear focus on materialism and wealth enhancement, packaged in slick esoterica, promoted as self help. Not because we can make Him obey our own will and desire, but because He is a loving and merciful God. Energy and mass are inter-convertible; subsequently, your thoughts have been converted into products or creation. When your thoughts are in perfect alignment or agreement with your true self or desire, you consciously or unconsciously feel positive and attract positive energy, but when your thoughts are in contradiction with your true self or desire, you feel negative and attract negative energy and vibrations. Remember never to judge your child’s emotions, only to validate and then to help them find better emotions if possible. Instead of telling them how to think, why not ask them what they think and ponder that for a moment? After I tried to remember her face for the next two weeks and made it a goal to actually meet this girl, I ran across her at an extremely random moment.
If your thoughts have a measurable mass, then that means that they too are made of energy, hence your thoughts can and do manipulate the energy around you.
Your present circumstances are the result of the past thoughts, and the choices that you have made.
But, an older child (use your judgment) can understand that the thought that really caused the bad emotion was the fear that maybe, the teacher has a valid reason for disliking him.
You may also gain a great deal of understanding into how your child thinks and sees the world.
This is quite different from a boy who is trying to get her attention because he likes her. But, if you allow for the fact that this detail could easily work itself out and just focus on what it would be like to have a pony, you open the way for a manifestation. Because it helps them accept the impossible as possible and the more they do that, the easier it will be for them to manifest anything. Eventually they would ask me to come into their rooms and they would volunteer information.
She was originally excited and happy at this unexpected event she woke up to that was taking place right next to her own house. What need have we for God, when we’re quite capable of using God for our purposes, to elevate ourselves to His status, thus nullifying any need for Him at all? Your thoughts also have a fixed vibration frequency, and similar thoughts attract similar vibrations or energy.
You’ll be able to help your daughter determine what the underlying cause is (this is where your broader perspective comes in). So, dream with him and let him feel the joy around the possibilities – those that make him feel powerful or good or loved or whatever. Moreover, it will teach YOU not to inadvertently squash their dreams with your well ingrained realism.
Is she picking up vibrations from her parents, the house she lives in, the surrounding crowd?
Occultists and wiccans use a similar philosophy with their sigils and signs that are meant to represent things that they’d like to manifest in their lives. Or, perhaps she has no valid reason but there’s nothing he can do about it (powerlessness). In any case, you’re going to try and determine what this boy is really after (relief or attention).
Is she subconsciously lonely and nervous because of being in a crowd of strangers, even though she’s done similar things with enjoyment previously? They use visualization while focusing on their created sigil in an effort to bring those things to themselves.
Positive thoughts attract positive emotions, positive energy and produce positive creation whereas negative thoughts attract negative emotions, negative energy and produce negative results. This will open up the discussion to a whole new level of understanding (influencing others, see below). When your daughter understands that his behavior has less to do with her personally and more to do with his own issues or desires, it will start to take the sting out of whatever thoughts she’s having about herself.

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