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The wonderful book, The Secret brought the concept of the Law of Attraction to the public; bringing hope to millions of people. However, one thing was missing from this great book, the Secret did not reveal the true origins of the Law of Attraction.
People who live their lives based on the Bible are approaching the Law of Attraction with a great degree of unease and fear. Few know that the Bible is also the source for knowledge relating to the Law of Attraction.

However, despite this evidence, people still did not believe that the Law of Attraction is directly from the Bible.
Most have wonderful content and show you how to use this powerful law of the universe, but very few tell you the truth about where the principles of the Law of Attraction originally come from. Are you also wondering about the Law of Attraction, but were not sure if living a life based on Biblical principles was compatible? I wanted to teach people everywhere that it is okay to use the Law of Attraction and still believe deeply in the Bible.

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