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Maybe manifesting is like anything else in life – only works if you commit to doing it 100% and doing it consistently. Tomorrow, we’ll talk more about step #2.  Until then, channel your inner Einstein and get ready to blow the doors off this experiment!! This entry was posted in General, Manifesting: An Experiment and tagged create the life you love, experiment, Law of Attraction, Manifesting, positive intention, power of positive thinking, Universe, visualize by admin. Every day I will make time to do the things that I really enjoy doing and which will boost my sense of fulfillment.
I want to go to a job that I care about and love and one that is making a difference in this world.

Manifesting the kingdom of God – this is the mission and blessing given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.
When Jesus was put to death, the kingdom did not end, for he rose again on the third day.  When the Risen Lord ascended to heaven, the kingdom was not removed from us, it continues on to this very day. For two millennia, it has been the work of the whole Church, all of the People of God, every member of the Body of Christ, to show forth to the world the presence of our Savior and Lord, one of us who is also the Son of God.  You and I are called to be, in our very lives, an epiphany of the Lord to those we encounter, a bright shining light so that others might be led to him like the Great Star of Bethlehem led the wise men to Jesus on that glorious Christmas day.
Half way through another year.  It feels like just yesterday when we were all looking ahead to the new year with hopeful hearts and big intentions.
These hugely practical, send-you-on-your-way worksheets pack a punch---with all the tough love, humor, and down-to-earth guidance you'll need to navigate the Law of Attraction.

It falls to us now to manifest, to make present, by our fraternal love, the beginnings of the kingdom here and now. I would say my intention is to wake up every day and feel rested and to start exercising again.
Prepare to laugh, to take an honest look within, and best of all, to be taken off the market! breathing meditation
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