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Simkin is the 36-year-old behind New York City-based guided meditation series Center of the Cyclone and our first-ever meditation ambassador. For as long as she can remember, Simkin has been mastering the art of being present and practicing yoga. For the past seven years Simkin’s work has been breaking down the stigma around meditation, dismissing the belief that it needs to look a certain way.
In the early 2000s, Simkin was traveling the US making music and, in her words, “experimenting with delight.” At 18 she signed a record deal with Sony, and for the subsequent decade lived life with complete abandon. She’s currently producing a spiritual album, Lunar, with ambient sounds and soft vocals (as heard in the background of this podcast).
For now, though, you can find her guiding meditations with Center of the Cyclone at different events around New York City from private sessions on the morning of a wedding day to helping people take a moment away from their deliverables list at work. Check out Simkin in our Emerge Transformed video for Wanderlust 2015 and follow along her journey on Facebook.

I listened to this just prior to a training call that would normally cause me a lot of anxiety. The Meditation Freedom podcast contains interesting interviews with long-time practitioners, teachers, authors, and other folks who practice some form of meditation and mindfulness in their daily lives. And how does this all get applied into daily life today, right in the here and now, not thousands of years ago! If you are interested in staying in touch and learning with me, please subscribe to our newsletter as well! Get a free short eBook with Meditation Tips to keep you practicing when you Subscribe to the Meditation Freedom Newsletter! MF 43 – Guided Meditations to Help Develop a Regular Meditation Habit with OMG I can Meditate!
From her days as a rock and roller to her career as guided meditation leader, she’s confirmation that the practice of meditating doesn’t have to look any particular way. A lover of city life—openly revelling in pleasures of food, fashion and sex—Simkin firmly believes you can live a normal life and also meditate.

She was left feeling empty and striving for something more, asking questions and searching for answers. Get insights into why folks meditate (whatever form that takes), why folks practice mindfulness and bring that practice into their daily life. With practice and the right tools, she says, you can do it anywhere, anytime—on a New York City subway, on a date, while giving a speech, during a job interview, the first time you sit down to dinner with your potential in-laws, even during love making.
She’s a DIY aficionado, and believes the best and the most beautiful things in life are homemade.
Yoga was illegal in Communist Russia, so he learned hatha yoga from a secret teacher in the Russian woods. How does this ancient practice bring about more peace, contentment, equanimity, wisdom, compassion, authenticity, and freedom for anyone who is open to doing it?

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