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The Meta Secret, which is the extension of The Secret itself, reveals the seven ancient Hermetic Laws.1. In addition, the very best Success Gurus, Business Wizards, Authentic Metaphysical Teachers and Enlightened Wise men of the East add a further multi-cultural and more holistic perspective dimension. THE META SECRET, a movie about a Secret beyond All Secrets, delves deeply into the Laws of Attraction.
This is my story of what happened when I died for 19 minutes after a hiking trip accident in Malaysia when I was young.
The Meta Secret is a number one best seller in over 15 countries in Europe and Asia, and now I am bringing it back to the US. People's lives are transformed reading the meta secret, as it enables them to improve their relationships, health, vitality, and abundance. The Meta SecretThe Meta Secret is a book that reveals a deep secret that explains the Laws of The Universe including the most talked about and most important one called 'The Law of Attraction'. The Law of Attraction, the most talked about law, written about and researched about for many years, is still not understood by many.
The Meta Secret Book And DVD ReviewTestimonials"The Meta Secret" is going to take you inside yourself and show you all the riches of life! The Law of Mentalism“Stress is caused, in my opinion, when we take our power and give it to the problem.

These are the lessons I learned in those minutes and have been deciphering and remembering over my life time. It contains material from some of the original teachers from the secret such as Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale and Jack Canfield.
It lays down step-by-step techniques that you can follow in your search for love, happiness and wealth in your lifetime. The Meta Secret will once and for all explain what it means and how you can uncover this deep secret by first understanding how the universe works. Our bodies are multi-dimensional rhythm machines with everything pulsing in synchrony, from the digesting activity of our intestines to the firing of neurons in the brain. It is transformational, as it fills in the gaps where the original book left off, and helps people manifest what hey are truly seeking in their life. It is not fiction but based on real events of Dr, Mel Gill, the author and his friendship with the Masters of Wisdom from all over the world.
Within the body, the main beat is laid down by the cardiovascular system, the heart and the lungs.
The heart beats between sixty and eighty times per minute and the lungs fill and empty at about a quarter of that speed, all of which occurs at an unconscious level. To reap the full potential of the Law of Universe, you will have to find out how the laws can work together without which you will not find what you are looking for including happiness, love and wealth.

I am not going to let the condition, the circumstance, or the challenge that I may be facing control me! Do you know that 99 % of our population has been programmed to let the outside world control the inside? Just remember that when you're in a totally relaxed state the solution to your problem comes!Quit getting involved in these sophisticated stress management deals. If we go inside ourselves, we can find the answers to everything, because everything we need is already inside us. Visualize a beautiful lavender energy flowing right into the crown of your head and circulating right through your body and then start to imagine every molecule of your body vibrating in perfect harmony with God's Laws. There is no stress where there is relaxation.Take control of your life and its starts in your mind.
Be gentle with yourself and know that it will take practice to encourage the positive thoughts and actions. When the unnecessary thoughts pop in, simply let them pass through and get back on track with the productive thoughts.

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