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This Desk-Size Turbine Produces Electricity from Carbon Dioxide and Can Power 10,000 Homes! Conscious rapper Kendrick Lamar took his recent Grammy performance as an opportunity to raise awareness about mass incarceration. Before the event, host LL Cool J also hinted that Lamar’s performance was going to be thought-provoking.
Lamar’s performance certainly lived up to expectations, and it will surely spark conversation. The performance began with Lamar walking out of the darkness in shackles, at the front of a prison chain gang. This was likely a compromise to appease the Grammy’s censors and legal team, but the message was powerful nonetheless. In addition to his explosive performance, Lamar also walked home with five Grammy awards, including best hip hop album.
This article (Kendrick Lamar Uses Grammy Performance to Expose Mass Incarceration) is free and open source. With green technology on the rise, new ideas are emerging that bridge modern technology with the awesome and sustainable feel of nature. Mapu Guaquen the sound of the earth project has created wireless speakers from handmade clay. The clay is crafted from traditional Chilean clay pots which are then outfitted with modern wireless audio technology. This unique design has a beautiful earthy sound that truly bridges the world of innovative technology with ancient clay tradition. As the project moves forward and the design is perfected we hope that it will one day be for sale worldwide showing companies that they can return to tradition while still enjoying modern technology.
Having an item in your home that is hand made feels completely different than buying something from a factory.
Doesn’t the idea of being surrounded in a world full of love and quality feel much better than the idea of being surrounded in high amounts of cheap quantity? Here is a quick video from the designer talking about how he feels that this is the most important project that he has ever worked on. About UsThe Mind Unleashed is a conscious news dissemination organization that seeks to inspire out-of-the-box thinking and act as a catalyst for people to discover the limitless potential that exists inside us all. We Are All OneThe tools and information used here are for research and educational purposes only. I always saw the photo as a powerful image of two barefoot black men, with their heads bowed, their black-gloved fists in the air while the US National Anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” played. Thanks to an old article by Gianni Mura, today I discovered the truth: that white man in the photo is, perhaps, the third hero of that night in 1968. The time for the finals arrives, and the outsider Peter Norman runs the race of a lifetime, improving on his time yet again. But that record wasn’t enough, because Tommie Smith was really “The Jet,” and he responded to Norman’s Australian record with a world record. It didn’t take long after the race to realize that something big, unprecedented, was about to take place on the medal podium.
Norman was a white man from Australia, a country that had strict apartheid laws, almost as strict as South Africa. The three went out on the field and got up on the podium: the rest is history, preserved in the power of the photo. The head of the American delegation vowed that these athletes would pay the price their entire lives for that gesture, a gesture he thought had nothing to do with the sport.
But time, in the end, proved that they had been right and they became champions in the fight for human rights. Four years later at the 1972 Summer Olympics that took place in Munich, Germany, Norman wasn’t part of the Australian sprinters team, despite having run qualifying times for the 200 meters thirteen times and the 100 meters five times. Norman left competitive athletics behind after this disappointment, continuing to run at the amatuer level. Back in the change-resisting, whitewashed Australia he was treated like an outsider, his family outcasted, and work impossible to find. A pardon that would have allowed him to find a stable job through the Australian Olympic Committee and be part of the organization of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. He was the greatest Australian sprinter in history and the holder of the 200 meter record, yet he wasn’t even invited to the Olympics in Sydney.
Norman died suddenly from a heart attack in 2006, without his country ever having apologized for their treatment of him. This House “recognises the extraordinary athletic achievements of the late Peter Norman, who won the silver medal in the 200 meters sprint running event at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, in a time of 20.06 seconds, which still stands as the Australian record”. However, perhaps, the words that remind us best of Peter Norman are simply his own words when describing the reasons for his gesture, in the documentary film “Salute,” written, directed and produced by his nephew Matt. There was a social injustice that I couldn’t do anything for from where I was, but I certainly hated it. It has been said that sharing my silver medal with that incident on the victory dais detracted from my performance. When even today it seems the fight for human rights and equality is never-ending, and innocent lives are being taken, we have to remember the people that have already made self-sacrifices, like Peter Norman, and try to emulate their example. So this October, when I’ll be in San Jose, I am going to visit the Olympic Black Power statue on the San Jose State University campus, and that empty podium step will remind me of a forgotten, but truly courageous hero, Peter Norman. After thinking about it for a moment you might realize that there are in fact no positive or negative experiences other than what we define as such. The connection between your mind and body is very powerful and although it cannot be visually seen, the effects your mind can have on your physical body are profound. Our emotions and experiences are essentially energy and they can be stored in the cellular memory of our bodies. When you have a pain, tightness or injuries in certain areas, it’s often related to something emotionally you are feeling within yourself.
When you get sick or are feeling a lot of tightness and pain, often times our body is asking us to observe yourself and find peace once again within yourself and your environment. Davis Suzuki wrote in ‘The Sacred Life’, ‘condensed molecules from breath exhaled from verbal expressions of anger, hatred, and jealousy, contain toxins. Many people would say my illness is unfortunate, I think it's a blessing as I have learned so much from it. There are a lot of misconceptions about Astral Projection floating around online and offline. Truth: Anyone can Astral Project but it requires some practice, consistency and open-mindedness. Truth: Astral Projection is a natural experience reported in every culture and society of the world. Truth: During Astral Projection, the physical body sleeps normally, so when you wake up, you feel very refreshed.
Truth: You can touch and feel Astral objects in the Astral just as you can touch physical ones in the physical plane.
Truth: Visualization is not a necessary ingredient for Projection, but if the projector can increase his ability to visualize, it will help him progress faster.
Truth: Some kinds of Drugs do induce projection, but I do not recommend any kinds of drugs because they harm your Astral vehicle. Truth: It is possible to meet other human beings (dead or alive) in 4D, but if you want to talk to them meaningfully and remember what was said, you should both be conscious while doing so. Myth 19: When we are Astral Projecting, if we think the name of a friend such as John, by mistake we can visit some other person by the same name. Truth: People who have experienced proper conscious OBEs even once start to strongly believe in life after death. About a year and a half ago, the famous comedian, actor and pro-marijuana legalization advocate, Tommy Chong, reported to the world that he had been diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer and that he was seeking unconventional treatment using Cannabis Oil. This case, and Tommy’s choice to seek this alternative, but, viable and natural treatment, highlight how important the battle for legalization is for many people sick with ailments that can be treated effectively without damaging invasive procedures or expensive and debilitating regiments of chemotherapy, radiation and pharmaceuticals. For someone in Tommy’s position, seeking alternative treatments outside of the Unites States was an open option, yet for many of the over 12 million Americans who are fighting cancer, leaving the US for treatment is simply not an option, even though the costs of one month of conventional cancer treatments can reach an absurd $10,000 or more, for a single month. In addition to the powerful medicine Cannabis, a proper diet is also critical to beating cancer.
The cat is out of the bag that Cannabis and good food cure cancer, and the race is on to see who can bring access to medical marijuana to the public. This article explores the most popular salt types… then at the end, gives you a direct comparison of their nutritional properties to help you make the right choices. Most of the world’s salt is harvested from salt mines, or by evaporating sea water or other mineral-rich waters. The reason salt is often perceived as unhealthy (in large amounts), is that it can bind water in the bloodstream and raise blood pressure. Bottom Line: Salt is made of two minerals, sodium and chloride, which are essential for human life. I personally take kelp tablets (seaweed) a few times per week because I rarely eat iodized salt. Bottom Line: Refined table salt is mostly just sodium chloride, with substances called anti-caking agents added in order to prevent clumping. Sea salt is often less ground than regular refined salt, so if you sprinkle it on top of your food after it has been cooked, it may have a different mouthfeel and cause a more potent “flavor burst” than refined salt. The trace minerals and impurities found in sea salt can also affect the taste, but this varies greatly between different brands.
The main difference seems to be the color, which can give a meal a nice look if you sprinkle it on top after it has been cooked. However, kosher salt is less likely to contain additives like anti-caking agents and iodine. Bottom Line: Kosher salt has a flaky structure that makes it easy to spread on top of your food.
Foodies and chefs primarily choose their salt based on taste, texture, color and convenience.
If you like to use your fingers to sprinkle salt on food, then dry salts with a larger grain size are much easier to handle.
Bottom Line: The main difference between the salts is the taste, flavour, color, texture and convenience. As you can see, celtic salt has the least amount of sodium and the highest amount of calcium and magnesium. I looked long and hard and couldn’t find a single study actually comparing the health effects of different types of salt. The main benefit of choosing more “natural” types of salt is that you avoid additives and anti-caking agents that are often added to regular table salt. Every fan of music knows the tremendous power it can have over both thoughts and emotions. Great music can transform an ordinary day into something magical, even spiritual. Practising the piano won’t just improve your musical abilities, it can also improve your visual and verbal skills.
A study of 8 to 11-year-olds found that, those who had extra-curricular music classes, developed higher verbal IQ, and visual abilities, in comparison to those with no musical training (Forgeard et al., 2008). This shows the benefits of learning an instrument are not purely musical, but extend into cognition and visual perception.
In the study, people high in openness to experience were more likely to play a musical instrument, and more likely to rate music as important to them.

In research by Ferguson and Sheldon (2013), participants who listened to upbeat classical compositions by Aaron Copland, while actively trying to feel happier, felt their moods lift more than those who passively listened to the music.
This suggests that engaging with music, rather than allowing it to wash over us, gives the experience extra emotional power. A review of 23 studies covering almost 1,500 patients found that listening to music reduced heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety in heart disease patients (Bradt & Dileo, 2009). Music may make you feel different, but as little as 15 seconds of music can change the way you judge the emotions on other people’s faces as well.
In other words: people projected the mood of the music they were listening to onto other people’s faces. A follow-up study showed that these music-to-colour associations were seen because of the emotional content of the music. This leads to ‘visual neglect’: the patient loses awareness of objects on the opposite side to where the brain has been damaged. But, studies have found, when patients listen to their favourite music, some of their visual attention is restored (Tsai et al., 2013). Infants as young as five-months-old respond rhythmically to music and seem to find it more interesting than speech.
In a study by Zentner and Eerola (2010), the babies spontaneously danced to all different types of music, and those that were most in time also smiled the most. Ross Hall:Aug 14, 2014 at 12:09 amIs this the same feeling when we take a shit or is that different? The concept of teleportation mainly stems from science fiction novels and movies, but what was once considered fantasy has been validated as reality in 2014. Without using a physical link, the scientists were able to transfer key properties of one particle to another. This is possible due to the strange behavior that exists at the atomic scale; it’s a phenomenon called entanglement, or what Einstein labeled as “spooky action”. A similar study was published by a team at the University of Queensland in the journal of Nature 2013. While the above examples all refer to quantum teleportation, another form of teleportation is psychic. Eric Davis from FBIS shared his insight, “It became known to myself, along with several colleagues both inside and outside of government, that anomalous teleportation has been scientifically investigated and separately documented by the Department of Defense.” No longer is it a mysterious fantasy reserved for movies, but a reality which will most likely become further explored. In certain areas of the world, China, specifically, psychic teleportation has already been documented. Never were the objects touched beforehand, and the experiments were done under both blind and double-blind conditions.
More research was done by the Aerospace Medicine Engineering Institute in Beijing, the July of 1990. Interestingly, it was reported that all of the test specimens remained in their original state after teleportation, including the insects.
This has created a new movement in the scientific community; some researchers believe it’s time to think outside of the box and possibly accept there’s more to life than what meets the eye. These examples all demonstrate the validity of consciousness, and the many different influences it can have on our physical material world.
Lamar’s performance was artistic, powerful, and controversial — qualities many people have come to expect from the platinum-selling recording artist. It’s not about whether you agree or disagree, it’s about it stimulating conversation and provoking people to have conversations about society,” LL Cool J said earlier this week. Lamar closed the set with a unreleased and untitled track about death and “modern-day slavery.” As he walked off stage, a massive light screen in the shape of Africa was displayed on the wall. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to John Vibes Not only do you know that you are supporting someone’s artisan craft but you can feel the hours of love that they fold into the design.
It was a strong symbolic gesture – taking a stand for African American civil rights in a year of tragedies that included the death of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. For this reason I never really paid attention to the other man, white, like me, motionless on the second step of the medal podium.
His name was Peter Norman, he was an Australian that arrived in the 200 meters finals after having ran an amazing 20.22 in the semi finals. He finishes the race at 20.06, his best performance ever, an Australian record that still stands today, 47 years later.
Smith and Carlos decided they wanted to show the entire world what their fight for human rights looked like, and word spread among the athletes. There was tension and protests in the streets of Australia following heavy restrictions on non-white immigration and discriminatory laws against aboriginal people, some of which consisted of forced adoptions of native children to white families.
They would wear the famous black gloves, a symbol of the Black Panthers’ cause. But before going up on the podium they realized they only had one pair of black gloves. There happened to be a white American rower with them, Paul Hoffman, an activist with the Olympic Project for Human Rights.
Smith and Carlos were immediately suspended from the American Olympic team and expelled from the Olympic Village, while the rower Hoffman was accused of conspiracy. With their image restored they collaborated with the American team of Athletics, and a statue of them was erected at the San Jose State University. For a time he worked as a gym teacher, continuing to struggle against inequalities as a trade unionist and occasionally working in a butcher shop.
It was the American Olympic Committee, that once they learned of this news asked him to join their group and invited him to Olympic champion Michael Johnson’s birthday party, for whom Peter Norman was a role model and a hero. At his funeral Tommie Smith and John Carlos, Norman’s friends since that moment in 1968, were his pallbearers, sending him off as a hero.
He was a white man, a white Australian man among two men of color, standing up in the moment of victory, all in the name of the same thing”. If you resonate with what you see here, you can follow us by clicking any of the social icons below. Tommie Smith and John Carlos were San Jose State University student-athletes when they won in the Olympics. Sure, you could say there is to a degree, but mostly we spend a lot of time defining and judging what is to be considered as positive and what we consider to be as negative. Therefore our very perception of an experience or situation has the ultimate power as to how we will feel when it’s happening and how our bodies will be affected. We can have an overall positive mental attitude and deal directly with our internal challenges and in turn create a healthy lifestyle or we can be in negative, have self destructive thoughts and not deal with our internal issues, possibly even cloak those issues with affirmations and positivity without finding the route and in turn we can create an unhealthy lifestyle. Have you ever experienced something in your life that left an emotional mark or pain in a certain area of your body? At first glance it may not seem this way because we are usually very out of touch with ourselves and our emotions in this fast paced world, but it’s often the truth.
Accumulated over 1 hr, these toxins are enough to kill 80 guinea pigs!’ Can you now imagine the harm you are doing to your body when you stay within negative emotions or unprocessed emotional experience throughout the body? Instead of labeling with perception the concepts of negative and positive as it relates to each experience you have in your life, try to see things from a  big picture standpoint. Instead of labeling with perception the concepts of negative and positive as it relates to each experience you have in your life, try to see things from a big picture standpoint. I realized that the more positive I was, the more knowledge I gained through books and articles such as this one the less my back would hurt throughout the day. There is scientific evidence that negative emotions do indeed affect our health, especially concerning our immune system, causing people to be more susceptible to colds, flu, and other viruses and bacteria. We have been dupted by a world of pharmaceutical greed into believing they hold all the answers and this is simply not true. Five to ten percent of the world’s population has experienced a conscious out of body experience at least once. Just like you learn to walk, ride a bicycle or swim, Astral Projection is a skill you need to learn. It is safe for most people but anyone who has acute psychological problems should avoid it.
However, it is important to note that there are certain areas that you do not readily have access to unless you have spiritually graduated to those areas.
The key to a productive out-of-body experience is complete control, and control is the first thing lost when you use any kind of mind-altering substance.
If we find them in 4D while they are asleep and dreaming, they will usually appear drunk to us because they aren’t actually conscious. Already, pharmaceutical companies are rushing to patent various chemical components of the plant, so it is already clear that the future of modern medicine will have to include this humble plant. Rick Simpson that sold the cannabis oil for us that we used in curing my Husband colon cancer. Rick Simpson for his wonderful cannabis oil we are now happy family with my husband back alive ,strong and healthy.
But first, let’s take a look at what salt is and why it’s such a controversial ingredient among health experts. If you eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods then you don’t need to worry about adding some salt to your meals. Too much salt can raise blood pressure, but there is very little evidence that eating less salt can improve health. This was a successful public health preventative measure against iodine deficiency, which was (and still is) common in many parts of the world and a leading cause of hypothyroidism, mental retardation and various health problems (3, 4). There is very little difference compared to regular salt, although it is less likely to contain anti-caking agents and added iodine. The impurities, including the trace minerals, can affect both the color and taste of the salt. People who are high in one of the five personality dimensions called ‘openness to experience’, are likely to feel the most chills while listening to music.
But, it’s still odd that, for some people, sad music can, under the right circumstances, improve their mood. His Before & After Photos Will Shock You.Next articlePineal Gland – A Portal To Higher Dimensions The Mind UnleashedThe Mind Unleashed is a News and Consciousness dissemination organization that seeks to break the chains of conventional thinking. Feeling the chills - Not just a chill, this is an activation of an intense energy, which may considered or related to awakening the kundalini. For some time, developments in quantum theory and general relativity physics have been made, leading up to recent breakthroughs which have opened up a wide arena of study in the future. In this case, the teleportation occurred in the form of transferring quantum states between two atoms, which include the atom’s energy, motion, magnetic field, and other physical properties. The physicists demonstrated that successful teleportation with solid state systems is possible.
Exploring matter at this depth is intriguing for all those curious as to the capability and potential of the Universe. In 1981, the journal Ziran Zazhi (Nature Journal) titled, “Some Experiments on the Transfer of Objects Performed by Unusual Abilities of the Human Body” reported that “gifted children” were able to cause the teleportation of small, physical objects from one place to another. These examples show the mysterious qualities of the Universe and the potential capabilities all human beings may have, yet lack the insight on how to perform. While the studies show the scientific procedure for measuring the repeatable and objectively documented experiments (with any possibility of fraud ruled out), most are still stumped at how these phenomena were able to occur. No doubt findings will be released in the future that more deeply comprehend the phenomena and lend insight into the many mysteries of human life and the cosmos.

If a concept like teleportation works just based on faith (having to believe it) we can't share the possibilities of this concept (I need more than faith, I need to see constructivity). He began with his poetic track, “Blacker the Berry,” and eventually transitioned into his newest hit, “Alright.” For the second portion of the performance, Lamar stood in front of a massive bonfire with tribal dancers situated all over the stage.
It represents John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s rebellious gesture the day they won medals for the 200 meters at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, and it certainly deceived me for a long time.
I considered him as a random presence, an extra in Carlos and Smith’s moment, or a kind of intruder.
John Carlos, years later, said that he was asked what happened to the small white guy – standing at 5’6”tall, and running as fast as him and Smith, both taller than 6’2”. They asked him if he believed in God, and he, who had been in the Salvation Army, said he believed strongly in God. Do you have another one of those for me ?” he asked pointing to the Olympic Project for Human Rights badge on the others’ chests. An injury caused Norman to contract gangrene which led to issues with depression and alcoholism. There’s no one more than him that Australia should honor, recognize and appreciate” John Carlos said.
After all, our body releases different chemicals when we experience various things that make us happy and each chemical works to create a different environment within the body.
The brain is a very powerful tool and as we define what something is or should be, we begin to have that result play out in our world.
When I’ve had chronic pains in my back, knees, neck or shoulders, it wasn’t exercise, physio or anything in a physical sense that healed it, it was when I dealt with the emotions behind it. Improving my thoughts, making them more positive and expanding my knowledge base on many and any subjects; did way more for my chronic back pain than any pill, chiropractor or physical therapy session ever did.
We also can hold tension in our muscles causing us pain, but this notion that (according to the chart) a broken bone is due to resisting authority is beyond absurd. Ancient vedic yogic wisedom has had a system of selfawareness and mind management for 5 thousand years and it has been my experience, as both a western trained therapist and eastern trained yoga practicioner that this model, if practiced regularly, has great benefit for mind, body and spirit.
But I can quite literally feel the difference between the emotions and have learned over many years how the way I think effects my physical health. This means around 6 million people in the U.K, or as much as 30 million people in the United States. The reason is that children are innocent and they believe everything is possible, so they achieve Astral Projection more easily. According to that study, out-of-body experiences did not seem to alter one’s religious beliefs.
They may not recognize us, but later when they awake, they may remember seeing us in a dream.
You can contact him personally for yours (at) [email protected] thanks to Dr Palmer whom took his time to see us through and also to Rick thanks a million. Salt is also used as a food preservative, because bacteria have trouble growing in a salt-rich environment.
Therefore, if you choose not to eat regular iodine-enriched table salt, then make sure you’re eating some other foods that are high in iodine, like fish, dairy, eggs and seaweed. However, depending on where it is harvested and how it was processed, it usually does contain some amount of trace minerals like potassium, iron and zinc. Himalayan salt often contains trace amounts of iron oxide (rust), which gives it a pink color. Kosher salt has a flaky, coarse structure that is particularly efficient at extracting the blood (6). Celtic salt contains trace amounts of minerals and is a bit lower in sodium than plain table salt.
The energy will begin from the bottom of your spinal, and shoots up towards the crown of the head, and expands to your arms and legs. He and the others on his team were able to successfully perform teleportation on atoms for the first time. This is a process by which, again, quantum information can be transmitted from one place to another without sending a physical carrier of information.
Some of the items included watches, horseflies, insects, radio micro-transmitters, photosensitive paper, and more. It’s an exceptional case which has been showed to the public because of its necessity, according to the paper published in the People’s Republic of China. All of the experiments reported using gifted children and adults to cause the teleportation of various materials. Anyway, as with all paranormal, I think people really have to experience it for themselves before they believe. Actually, I even thought that that guy – who seemed to be just a simpering Englishman – represented, in his icy immobility, the will to resist the change that Smith and Carlos were invoking in their silent protest. For example if your brain releases serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin, you will feel good and happy. Have you ever noticed, for example that someone driving can get cut off and lose their lid, get angry and suddenly they are feeling negative, down and in  bad mood? It is likely because in that area of your body you still hold energy released from that experience that is remaining in that area.
I know this because I spent the time and money going to physio and even though I wanted and believed I would get better, something wasn’t being addressed still. I have also seen this in others and am a great believer in shifting the perception of what we think is negative. Since after every night’s sleep we can easily get back into the body, we can do the same after Astral Projection too. In fact, most people reported that their religious beliefs were confirmed and strengthened by their out-of-body experiences.
Through the Silver Cord, the transference of energy takes place that gives life to the physical. When we see people in dreams, most of the time, they are in our dreams because we put them there. THERE ARE AT LEAST 10 DIMENSIONS IN WITHIN THIS PLANET ALONE ACCORDING TO STEVEN HAWKING AND OTHERS. The darker the sea salt, the higher its concentration of “impurities” and trace nutrients will be. For example, the 0.3% content of Magnesium for celtic salt implies that you would need to eat 100 grams of salt to reach the recommended daily amount.
Their work was published in the journal Nature, and lends interesting insight into this phenomena. Word of mouth might eventually turn the tide of dogmatic science materialists that dominate the public consciousness, I suppose. Plus this will be also the #1 person ever in history that will be of such influence that makes the work of Newton, Einstein, Watt, Faraday, Maxwell, Marconi, Bohr and Galileo cute little child's play.
That winged horse on which Muhammed flew away up to the heavens is of the same use as the teleportation now; just a subjective story with perhaps some symbolism. Convexly, if your body releases cortisol while you are stressed, you will have an entirely different feeling associated more with the body kicking into survival mode. Whereas someone else can get cut off while driving and simply apply the break slightly and move on with their day as if nothing happened. I came across an interesting chart that explores some possible areas that various emotions might affect the body.
The more I addressed the unconscious thought pattern and emotions throughout my body, the more thins loosened up and pain went away. By not being afraid, you can make these entities vanish or turn them into something more pleasant.
SOMETIMES, we see people in dreams because their souls are actually with us in the 4th dimension.. Not only do they differ in taste and texture, but there are also some differences in mineral and sodium content. For this reason, various substances called anti-caking agents are added so that it flows freely.
However, keep in mind that due to the pollution of oceans, sea salt can also contain trace amounts of heavy metals like lead (5).
Chefs find that kosher salt, due to its large flake size, is easier to pick up with your fingers and spread over food. However, if you allow the salt to dissolve in the food, then there shouldn’t be any major taste difference between plain refined salt and the other “gourmet” types of salt. For this reason, the mineral content of the various salts is actually not a compelling reason to choose one salt over the other. If it's documented so well it should make it possible for people now to at least simulate something similar. You need to come up with actual evidence, facts, a theory that explains the phenomenon so that everyone can understand. Age in itself is never a roadblock for Projection; the only hindrance is your level of belief. You are safe because entities need physical matter to tether to, and while projecting you have no physical matter they can tether to. If any of these entities do scare you, at the most you will slump back in your physical body. The lower Astral is very unlike the vibrant, progressive, positive Astral we are seeking to achieve. A lot of people prefer the flavor of himalayan salt compared to other types of salts, but personally I haven’t been able to notice a difference. Kosher salt will have a different texture and flavor burst, but if you allow the salt to dissolve in the food, then there really isn’t any difference compared to regular table salt. Your Astral Body is connected to your physical body by a Silver Cord, which ensures that you can always get back in. Sometimes it is so intense that I come to believe that god put weed on this earth to serve spiritual purposes.
You will find you have the tools to process emotions and illness quickly when you see them for what they are and explore why they came up. If you believe you will get sick all the time, and believe you have pain because it’s all out of your control, you will continue to have it all in an uncontrollable manner until you realize the control you have over much of what we attract within the body. In order to avoid bumping into any of these entities, you should attempt Projection in a good mood. If there is real desire to experience Astral Projection, then that desire along with consistent practice will get you there.
Pretty sure his loose joints, aching knees and mitral valve prolapse, lower back pain and all the other little things he deals with have nothing to do with whatever he is thinking about. If you are in a negative or bad mood, you will attract negative thought-forms, but if you Project with positive and loving thoughts, you will most likely attract positive and loving entities.

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