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When Shauna takes the office to the hottest nightclub in town, Mindy meets an unlikely potential suitor named Josh, who works as a lawyer for the New York Knicks.
When Josh invites Mindy to a Halloween party, Mindy stresses out about finding the perfect costume to impress him. When Mindy is tasked with hiring a new nurse, she has to consider Morgan (Ike Barinholtz), a reformed ex-convict while Jeremy tests his breakup skills when he fires a problematic, elderly nurse.
Mindy decides to cook Thanksgiving dinner at Gwen's house, but she is completely caught off guard when her former blind date, Dennis, arrives with his new girlfriend. Mindy is confronted with an awkward situation when her teenage neighbor comes to her for birth control.
Mindy isn't getting respect from Danny and Jeremy, so she goes off to experience life as her own boss. When Mindy throws an office Christmas party at her apartment, she is eager for her colleagues to finally meet her boyfriend, Josh, but her plans go awry when she discovers a secret that Josh has been hiding.
When Mindy's brother visits from college, he tells Mindy that he wants to drop out and start a rap career, immediately causing Mindy to panic.
Mindy wants a one-night stand with Brendan, the midwife who once stole her patients, but things go wrong when Brendan's brother, Duncan, and Morgan show up. Mindy thinks she finally meets the perfect guy, Jaime, only to find that he's way too close to his female best friend, Lucy. Mindy tries to solve Jaime's best friend problem by pairing up Lucy with Danny on a Valentine's Day double date. When Mindy is asked to host a medical segment on the local news, she turns to Maria Menounos for help; Beverly has a difficult time keeping up with modern culture and technology when she returns to work as an administrative assistant. Danny gets caught sneaking out the office supply of painkillers for his troublemaker childhood friend Stevie who has instant chemistry with Mindy. When Mindy goes on a date with a cute minister named Casey, she feels compelled to attend his church to show him that she is a good person. When Mindy decides to have a night out by herself in the city, she hits it off with a stunningly handsome man who turns out to be a prostitute. As the doctors of Schulman and Associates prepare for a medical conference in Santa Fe, NM, Mindy receives a message from her ex-boyfriend, Josh, who is now living there and wants to talk. When Mindy decides to go to Haiti on a volunteer mission with Casey, Danny and his ex-wife, Christina, throw a party for them that they will never forget. As Mindy and Casey adjust to their new life in Haiti, their blissful time is cut short when Mindy suddenly falls ill and is airlifted back to New York. Mindy hits it off with a journalist named Jason, but Jason is a bit snobbish and finds Mindy to be too mainstream.
When Mindy tells Danny she has a crush, he thinks she's talking about him instead of Cliff the lawyer. One of Danny's patients is a mommy blogger, so he invites her to write about Schulman & Associates on her website, only to find out that she is actually a white supremacist and paints the practice in a racist light. When Mindy's cheating ex-boyfriend Josh invites her to his wedding, Mindy panics to find a date and begrudgingly decides to take Peter, who is actually a great wedding date until he makes one big mistake.
Mindy plans an office Christmas party for the entire building, so she can spend more time with Cliff. When Danny's ex-wife, Christina, comes back to New York to confront Danny about an emotional letter he had written to her, Morgan confesses that he had sent the letter unbeknownst to Danny, causing Danny to fire Morgan out of anger. As Mindy adjusts to her long-distance relationship with Casey, she also must adjust to the fact that she is no longer the office's "Dr.
After returning from Haiti, Casey has an identity crisis and thinks being a disc jockey might be his new calling. According to Morgan, anyone who sleeps with him will find the love of their life immediately afterward.
Mindy's excited to join the guys for a "boy's night out" at MoMA, but quickly realizes she misunderstood their plans: They're not going to the museum, they're going to an MMA fight and Mindy couldn't be further out of her element. In an attempt to get in shape before a weekend away with Cliff, Mindy convinces Danny to be her personal trainer. Jeremy sends Mindy, Danny, Peter and Morgan to Los Angeles to receive cosmetic injectables certification. After Cliff breaks up with Mindy for lying about seeing Casey in Los Angeles, Mindy is more determined than ever to win him back. Mindy discovers an incriminating video of herself that is floating around the internet, and she enlists the help of Peter to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Mindy has a run-in with the law when a surly police officer admonishes her for giving his young daughter birth control pills. Danny offers Mindy the opportunity to buy the other condo he owns in his building, but gets jealous when she begins to date Charlie, the police officer. Mindy thinks she's met the man of her dreams after he writes a description of their encounter in a New York newspaper, leading to a surprising reveal. It is the beginning of 'firsts' for Mindy and Danny, as they try to set new relationship boundaries for each other in the office. Danny decides he needs to take Mindy’s chronic lateness into his own hands and tries to teach her a lesson about being on time. Mindy has no qualms about “borrowing” things that don’t belong to her, until she catches Danny’s mom shoplifting; Peter's dream girl is a nightmare. Mindy is forced to act as a mentor to the residents at the hospital, and Danny gets himself into trouble when he finds, and can’t help but read, Mindy’s diary.
Mindy sets up Danny's mom, Annette, on a blind date that leads to a crazy sequence of events culminating in a date - and possibly even true love. Mindy is so determined to help Peter with his living situation that her own relationship with Danny gets a little complicated.
As the holidays approach, Mindy wonders if Danny is about to propose, and a case of mistaken identity leads Morgan on the perfect date.

While trying to make friends in her new city, Mindy runs into a nerd-turned-billionaire ex-flame from Princeton. Rob (guest star Tate Ellington) gives Mindy an opportunity to start up her own practice in San Francisco, and she struggles to tell Danny, especially when Danny shows her the brownstone he bought for the two of them in New York! Mindy has some big news to tell Danny but, just as she is getting ready to tell him, his father (guest star Dan Hedaya) and half-sister (guest star Madison Moellers) show up for an unexpected visit. Mindy has made up her mind to move to San Francisco and start a practice with Rob, but her credit history jeopardizes their ability to get a loan. Mindy's fertility clinic opens, but with zero track record in the fertility field, attracting new patients is tougher than she imagined. When Danny's priest dies after hearing Danny's confession, he frantically tries to find a new priest so he can atone for his sins.
Mindy starts to question Danny's commitment to their relationship when he's a no-show for dinner with her parents.
Mindy struggles with her body image as her baby bump begins to show, so she agrees to meet with Sheena (guest star Laverne Cox), an aspiring personal stylist.
Mindy and Jody host a group of wild college girls, in town for spring break to get their eggs frozen.
Mindy Lahari (Mindy Kaling) wears this black quilted bag in this week’s episode of The Mindy Project. To make matters worse, Dennis -- who Mindy went on an unsuccessful date with in the show's pilot episode -- has reappeared, and he has a new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Mindy goes on a mission to seduce Dennis only to be caught by Gwen, who introduced Dennis to his new girlfriend.
Mindy, to Dennis: "You know, I've always thought Thanksgiving was kind of a romantic holiday actually. Betsy to Jeremy, while driving to her family's house for Thanksgiving: "My family isn't sophisticated like you and me. Betsy's dad to Jeremy, after he eats what he thinks is bad chocolate: "In this country we have something called the FDA. Mindy, while spinning a globe and hoping to come off as carefree and adventurous: "Ah, here.
A sitcom about an ob-gyn who wishes her personal life were as successful as her professional one and matched the fairy-tale endings of her favorite romantic comedies. Now that Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny (Chris Messina) are officially dunzo on The Mindy Project, it's time for Mindy to start dating again.
When Mindy realizes she doesn't have her financial affairs in order, she goes to Jeremy's ex, Whitney, to help clean up her mess. Mindy tries to get back into the dating scene and meets a good prospect (The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand). Premise: A sitcom about an ob-gyn who wishes her personal life were as successful as her professional one and matched the fairy-tale endings of her favorite romantic comedies. President Barack Obama has repeatedly tried to persuade Congress to close the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Growing up in a musical family that admired bands and artists such as The Beach Boys and David Bowie, Ryan, going by his artist name of RYNO, always felt like a career in music was his calling. Meanwhile, Jeremy attempts to hit on a bride-to-be, and Morgan unexpectedly makes some extra cash as the club's bathroom attendant.
Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy leave work early to finally take their driver's license tests, much to Danny's embarrassment.
Eventually, he accepts - on the grounds that Mindy will feel too uncomfortable to go through with the exam. Meanwhile, a lonely Danny mans the empty office while Betsy and Jeremy visit Betsy's eccentric family for the holiday. Meanwhile, Danny receives an anonymous complaint that Morgan has been inappropriately ogling Shauna. Meanwhile, the group fights back when they discover that holistic midwives are stealing patients from Shulman & Associates.
Meanwhile, Jeremy deals with doling out the office holiday bonuses, much to everyone's chagrin. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy lift the spirits of their elderly landlord with the hopes that she will reduce their office rent. But Mindy's plan veers off-track when Morgan and Danny help to build the bed, and it collapses, injuring Gwen in the process. Then, when Danny gets dumped by Jillian, he tries his best to get her back with the help of Morgan. However, Danny and Lucy hit it off immediately and sparks fly, ruining Mindy and Jaime's date. The two reminisce about their time at Jewish summer camp, and soon rekindle the sparks of their teen romance. And, after storming out, Mindy stumbles upon a new group of friends with whom to celebrate. Meanwhile, Mindy is in for a shock when Heather, Josh's ex-girlfriend who ruined Mindy's Christmas party, shows up at her doorstep to ask for her blessing to move into her apartment building. But when Casey admits to Mindy that he thinks she's a selfish person, she decides to go on the practice's volunteer trip to a women's prison to prove him wrong. But when Casey and Mindy unexpectedly hit a rough patch, she decides to drown her sorrows at a frat party where she reunites with her old flame, Tom, and all hell breaks loose.
To show that she's more cultured than he thinks, Mindy invites Jason to Christina's art show, where nude photos of Danny are on display.
So she makes it her mission to prove him wrong, and goes on a date with her complete opposite: a wild and crazy skateboarder named Graham.
Meanwhile, Morgan and Peter find Mindy's phone and respond to a text from Cliff, which starts off innocently, but escalates into something that may lead to unintended romantic consequences.

Desperate to control the situation, the team hires PR guru Priscilla, who begins to give Danny media training but ends up seducing him. However, things don't go Mindy's way when Brendan Deslaurier's date steals Mindy's thunder by performing a seductive "Santa Baby" dance for the party guests.
But they discover that redefining their relationship isn't as easy as they thought it would be, especially when the pharmaceuticals representative whom Danny used to date re-enters the picture. Meanwhile, the rest of the staff compete in a triathlon and go head-to-head with the midwives, who have hired Morgan to work for them.
When Mindy and the office go to a music festival for their “work retreat” to see Casey perform, the substance-filled surroundings lead to a series of disasters.
Curious to test this theory, Mindy takes Morgan up on his offer, but backs out at the last minute, humiliating Morgan and prompting him to sue Mindy for sexual harassment. Meanwhile at the office, Peter finds himself in over his head when he has to act as managing partner while Jeremy is out sick. Once they arrive, Peter attempts to track down the object of his affection, Maria Menounos, and Mindy runs into Casey.
However, instead of taking Mindy to the airport, Danny tricks her into going with him to the desert to see his dad. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Peter devise a plan to poach patients from a competing practice that has shut down. To test his advice, they head out to a bar, where they meet Lee, a smooth-talking first-grade teacher who is up to no good. Meanwhile, Danny befriends a rabbi who offers to refer his congregation to Schulman & Associates because he thinks Danny is Jewish.
Meanwhile, things get a little complicated when Jeremy tries to organize a charity event with Peter's girlfriend, Lauren. Meanwhile, things go haywire for Jeremy and Morgan when they're left alone watching Lauren's baby boy, Henry. She imagines the life of riches she could have had with him and questions her relationship with Danny. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Peter grapple with the fact that Lauren is moving to Texas and leaving them both behind. Meanwhile, Danny tries to let the office know that he is moving to San Francisco with Mindy, but they're convinced his "big news" is something completely different. Meanwhile, at Shulman & Associates, the nurses try to raise money for obese nurses while trying to get to know Dr.
Meanwhile, when Morgan thinks he overhears Mindy saying Danny is not the father of her baby, he gathers all the guys with whom she's ever slept, in an attempt to figure out who is the real father. Meanwhile, Jeremy, heartbroken over Lauren, tries to dive back into the dating pool, and unexpectedly runs into Morgan's girlfriend.
When Mindy gets distracted by a romantic night with Danny, the girls wreak havoc on New York City. Not only does her pseudo-boyfriend Josh tell her he's not ready for exclusivity after making her dinner bathed in Red Bull sauce, but she's spending Thanksgiving with her overly perfect BFF Gwen and Gwen's rich husband who looks like Mitt Romney.
Betsy tells her family to stop treating her like a child -- she has a point, they give her a strawberry milkshake instead of beer -- and Betsy's family is disgusted with the fancy chocolate Jeremy brought as a gift.
Choosing to spend Thanksgiving alone, he finds himself playing the piano, eating fast food and feeling a little sorry for himself. Josh tells Mindy he wants to be exclusive, Gwen and Mindy become BFFs again and Mindy decides she never made out with Dennis. But Mindy’s plan veers off-track when Morgan and Danny help to build the bed, and it collapses, injuring Gwen in the process. When he fast tracks their relationship, Tamra suspects something is up, and she and Mindy set off to figure out his deal. We rewind to Mindy’s first day at Schulman and Associates to see just how much her relationship with Danny has changed in the last few years. However, because there are so many prisoners there who would need to be redistributed to prisons on US soil, the lawmakers have denied his request. Having already opened for Sir Paul McCartney as a member of his previous project, he’s currently developing his own unique sound and style.
Meanwhile, Shauna and Betsy find some surprising items when they snoop through the office in an attempt to find out who's stealing the People magazines.
Meanwhile, on his way to his hot Valentine's hook-up, Jeremy helps Morgan with his pickup skills.
But when she ends up in a fight with her new pals, she receives help from someone in her recent past.
Meanwhile, Morgan helps Jeremy work on a potentially career-changing presentation, which doesn’t go according to plan. Meanwhile, Jeremy receives a visit from his father, who seems to prefer Peter over his own son. Meanwhile, back in New York, Jeremy hires a new doctor, whom Mindy doesn’t particularly like after he saves the day during an emergency delivery.
In order to get out of the lawsuit and get back into Morgan's good graces, Mindy makes him an offer he can't refuse. Jeremy ends up decked out in one of Betsy's dad's Hawaiian shirts, and the separate holiday camps send a few happy photos to each other via their smartphones.
Jody accidentally invites everyone over for a viewing party of the office’s favorite TV show. Meanwhile, Jeremy tricks Morgan and Betsy into helping him break into Mindy's apartment to retrieve a valuable item.

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