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The episode begins as Danny and Mindy are driving back from a wedding and Mindy gets pulled over. The next day at the office, Peter is upset because one of his fraternity brothers bailed on him for the Dartmouth alumni beer pong tournament.
Peter, Danny and Mindy all get a panicked text from Jeremy, asking them to come to the hospital to meet the new Chief of Obstetrics.
Back at the office, Peter is training Morgan to be his beer pong partner and it’s not going well. Jeremy meets Peter for the beer pong tournament – donning a Dartmouth sweatshirt and baseball cap. Once inside, Peter – or “Lefty” as everyone calls him because of an injury freshman year – tries to speak for Jeremy, but Jeremy interjects with an attempt at an American accent: “Hey dudes. Meanwhile, Mindy tells Danny that she’s “having a hard time finding a dress that [she doesn’t] look tempting in.” Danny tells her that she needs to tell the truth and face the consequences of her lies.
The beer pong tournament is in full swing and Peter has one cup to make to defeat Shonda Rhimes – which he does. As Jeremy and Peter celebrate their beer pong victory, Jeremy takes the mic and suggests that Peter be allowed to give himself a new nickname.
Craig Gillespie directed this true story about "the most daring rescue mission in the history of the U.S.
It would seem that recent rivals, Jeremy and Peter, have put their differences aside in order to take part in, what appears to be, an epic game of beer pong.
Episode 5 will also mark the first (and probably only) appearance of Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes. While season 3 has been amazing so far, it’s nice to see that an episode will see some character development amongst the other cast.

Bonnie remains one of very few non-blood suckers on The Vampire Diaries, but she has still made her way through the supernatural catalog. If there’s one subscription box that fans of graphic novels and indie comics need to check out, it’s Landfall Freight! Mindy assures Danny that she’s been pulled over hundreds of times and never gotten a ticket. Mindy tells him that she could be his partner because she’s basically a fraternity guy – she likes drinking and she hates nerds. Mindy says he knows that the only way she can be tricked into going somewhere is if she’s told Pharrell is there.
Fishman calls Mindy to ask her to dinner, but Mindy says that she’s staying home to catch up on her shaving.
Shonda comes over to congratulate them and Jeremy tells her that “’Scandal’ is his jam.” She says that writing is how she pays the bills, but her real passion is beer pong. So much of the current season has already focused on Mindy and Danny’s new relationship, that characters like Jeremy, Peter, Morgan, Tamra, and even Beverly, have been seriously lacking. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling), she is drunk and disorderly after an epic toast at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Coincidentally, Jeremy texts them again to say that Pharrell just showed up and Mindy insists they all go.
Fisher continues talking only to be interrupted again by Mindy’s phone ringing, playing “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea.
Mindy says she feels entirely responsible – and they all agree that she is – and says she knows exactly how to fix things: taking Dr. Fishman sees right through it and says she’s not going to give the practice a better shift.

But, Jeremy demonstrates his skills by throwing ice cubes into a coffee mug across the room – a skill he honed while putting ice in his father’s drinks as a kid. She then asks Peter about Lauren and when he says they broke up, several other people chime in about him being dumped again. Mindy tells her that she’s an amazing kisser, but she’s straight and she shouldn’t have led her on. But the incident is a rude awakening and this hopeless romantic vows to make some drastic changes to get her personal and professional life back on track in the series premiere “Pilot” episode of THE MINDY PROJECT airing Tuesday, Sept.
Mindy says that she just wants to get to know her better because she’s new to town and Mindy was named New York’s “It Girl” – by a magazine she made at a carnival.
When she explains what happened, nobody thinks much of it, saying they’ve all had gay experiences.
She says that Deb is considering leaving her and Mindy tries to make things even by lying and saying that Danny is so mad that he might kill himself. Fishman that she’s straight, which means she’s now got a case of “Mindy Fever.” Mindy decides to be her friend platonically until Dr. Fishman warns that if she is lying about Danny, their whole practice will have to find a new hospital.
Danny overhears and emerges from his bedroom, looking drunk, distraught and on the verge of suicide. Mindy steps in, saying that an innocent kiss is not worth ending a relationship – a statement pointed at Dr.

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