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The Mindy Project is really getting carried away with this whole move to Hulu — just check out these exclusive Season 4 posters and you’ll see what we mean.
The key art below shows series creator and star Mindy Kaling soaring above New York City with a bouquet of green balloons and a tagline befitting the lovably self-centered Dr.
Then, in the poster below it, Kaling offers up some prime real estate for her new network’s logo.
Scroll down to view both posters (click to zoom), then hit the comments: Are you planning on tuning in to Mindy‘s fourth season? Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. I don’t think I realized just how much I like the Mindy Project until I agreed to pay $8 a month to watch commercials.
This show is so hilarious and so touching that I’m literally baffled that Fox cancelled it. Yes, ofcourse I love, love this show and Mindy Kaling is a comedic it girl, and she’s so relatable and just makes you wish you were best friends. What I love about the posters is that they didn’t Photoshop her to look skinny, as Fox did in many of their promos. Mindy and Danny try to overcome a problem in bed, Mindy ends up in the hospital and Peter’s eyebrows get burned off. When Colin the optometrist confirms that Danny is not going blind, he owns up to his lie and that his slippage was intentional.
Mindy ultimately is worried that she’s boring in bed compared to all the women before Danny. Elsewhere in the office: Morgan is upset that no one in the office attended his nurse practitioners graduation. The entire office is #TeamPeter in this regard, and Jeremy, tired of being ostracized, isolates himself in his office, playing The Sound of Silence on the banjo.
That night, Mindy tries to seduce Danny – wearing a silky nightgown, drink his whiskey, listen to blues.
The sedative Morgan prescribed to Mindy to relax her for the night ended up sending her on a bad drug trip. Bonnie remains one of very few non-blood suckers on The Vampire Diaries, but she has still made her way through the supernatural catalog. You may think that one of the Salvatore brothers has the most diverse life experiences amongst The Vampire Diaries characters, since they’re each older than the rest of the characters combined, but you’d be wrong!
No matter what supernatural box she’s checking on her driver’s license at any given time, Bonnie is an integral part of the Mystic Falls crew, and has saved the lives of our other heroes countless times!
When we first met the young Bonnie Bennett, she was just beginning her deep dive into the magical realm. Before she had even heard of a Bennett witch, she was just a normal, happy, high school student, whose only concern was figuring out who the new cute boy in school was!
Her ability to interact with the dead supernatural beings allowed us some amazing glimpses of characters that we had loved and lost, and it was also interesting to explore Bonnie’s character without her magical abilities. This one goes in the middle because we’re still not quite sure what to expect from it, but we’re really excited for it! You may think this one should be at the bottom of the list, but in our opinion, Bonnie has faced some things that were much darker than death. So yes, technically, she was dead in 1994 too, but it was such a different death experience that we thought it deserved a separate category. We thought things were bad for her when she was being used by the sadistic siphon, Kai, but things got much worse when the extreme loneliness and hopelessness set in. The ASI, or as its creator Harold Finch (Lost‘s Michael Emerson) prefers to refer to it, The Machine, is a super system that learns patterns in people’s behaviors. But by season 3, when a rival ASI began to take on a life of its own, so did the long form story. Samaritan, the rival AI built from the scraps of work Harold Finch previously discarded, brought with it a new method of storytelling. The first few episodes of this season (I have seen four) maintain the feel of the previous seasons while also kicking off the final chapter in Person of Interest‘s story.
Father figures have always been an important aspect of the Harry Potter series, and Rowling always knew that a few of them (RIP Sirius, Dumbledore, Lupin) would have to be killed during the Chosen One’s seven-year journey. This is a hard pill to swallow, and the first time we’re explicitly hearing that Arthur living meant Lupin dying.
Now imagine you going through all that, except Arthur Weasley had also died in the middle of the book. This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and what better fictional teacher to appreciate than Remus Lupin.
Had Arthur died it would have been tragic, but his tightly bonded family would have had each other.
It turns out Mindy and Danny are both having second thoughts about the future of their relationship. The episode left the couple in different places — and with no official fourth season order from Fox, the finale left things very unresolved should the perennial bubble series fail to earn a renewal. THR caught up with Kaling to talk about that cliffhanger, the road that got Mindy and Danny there and what she's thinking about a potential fourth season.
Did the fact that the show was on the bubble affect the way you structured the ending at all? The way that I work is different from the way other people work — maybe because I refuse to create under the assumption of failure. The finale does leave Danny and Mindy in very different places, physically as well as fundamentally. There's an interesting comparison between Danny and Mindy, who are left in very different places, and Peter and Lauren, who actually have resolution to their romance. Peter was one of Mindy's best friends this season and last, and it felt unrealistic that he and Mindy would completely stop communicating once he moved to Texas.
If "Best Man" does have to serve as a series finale, are you satisfied with the scope of the story you got to tell overall?

I will always be proud of the show no matter what, but there are so many stories yet to be told. When the Hulu comedy returns, it does so with Season 4 addition Fortune Feimster — who plays Jody’s nurse sister, Colette — as a series regular. This has got to be related to Chris Messina’s movie with Ben Affleck going over schedule, right????
I’d feel like wasted my time if after following this couple for more than 3 years and a baby they split. Danny belittled Mindy in almost every episode but we have been trained to see that as charming.
Returning shows are to the fall TV lineup what The Phantom of the Opera is to Broadway: unglamorous and ignored by critics, but a reliable known quantity that many people still actively seek out.
In May, The Mindy Project was killed by Fox only to be brought back from the dead by Hulu, where Season 4 premieres on Sept. For three seasons, I wondered if these wild swings were the result of inconsistent characterization or if Mindy Kaling (who is also the showrunner) was trying to demonstrate that we’re all a combination of sweet, sour, and intensely irritating. TV Line reports that Hulu has renewed The Mindy Project for a 26-episode fourth season, saving the sitcom after Fox cancelled it on May 6.
And I was so happy that Hulu saved the show, because that’s how I was watching the show anyways!!! She turns to Peter for advice, as she has been doing a lot as of late when it comes to relationship woes. Peter and Jeremy, still feuding over Lauren, didn’t attend because they thought the other would be there. Danny rushes her to the hospital where the nurse, suspiciously eyeing Danny, informs her that she was roofied. It’s actually the mortal Bonnie Bennett that is really getting the full look at what this life (and death) has to offer. Ever since she learned she was a witch, she has only grown stronger in her powers and better at wielding them. Bonnie Bennett’s witchiness has always been one of the coolest parts of The Vampire Diaries mythology, and has lead to some of the most exciting and entertaining story lines on the show. She had discovered that her ancestors were from Salem, and that the women in her family were supposedly witches, but she still thought she was just some sort of psychic.
Rayna got a bad reputation because she was trying to kill everyone that we cared about on The Vampire Diaries, but her mythology was interesting and it’ll be cool to see Bonnie try to figure it out. On top of all the cool huntress stuff that we saw in Rayna, Bonnie will be bringing her magic to the table, as well, which will make things even more entertaining.
That’s especially true because Bonnie looked pretty damn good for a corpse, as evidenced by the above picture of her in this state.
She died for something that she believed in, and mostly remained optimistic that she would get to come back, somehow.
She is always trying to help her friends, and do the right thing, even if it leads to her death (and it seems like it usually does).
Sure, it was all fun and vampire pancakes when Damon was there, but things got pretty depressing for BonBon after he returned to the land of the living. The days leading up to Bonnie’s eventual rescue were by far her darkest on the series, and it was extremely difficult to watch her go through that much pain. Its objective is to seek out potential danger and identify the perpetrators to the authorities. Each week The Machine would provide a new number (the social security number of a person who was either in danger or about to cause harm to someone else), Reese and Finch work to identify the person through surveillance and electronic records, the NYPD contacts provide assistance in acquiring case histories and diverting police vehicles, and bing, bang, boom by episode’s end the photo pinned on the wall would be taken down. Numbers, belonging to victims and perpetrators still trickled out here and there, but a larger war began pushing them out of the limelight.
In season 3 Person of Interest slowly shifted to a more serialized show, ending a season-long battle against an organization known as Vigilance. Even though CBS sees Person of Interest as an Irrelevant, I see it as being one of the most “Relevant” shows on television. Rowling commemorated the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts by apologizing for killing Lupin, and telling us that the Grim Reaper almost chose Arthur instead.
The year is 2003, and you’ve been up for 72 hours straight, ploughing through the overwhelmingly long Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Rowling should just have kept them both alive, but at the end of the day, it was important for her to kill off one of the series’ two fathers, to achieve the symmetry of leaving a child without its parent(s) like Harry had been.
Teddy Lupin would still get to grow up with people who loved him, knowing that his parents died heroes, while Harry and the Weasleys (who’d already lost Fred) would get to keep their family intact. His name is Remus Lupin, not just Lupin, the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher that Harry and company ever had. He never underestimated his students, he challenged them to do more than they ever thought possible. Ultimately, Mindy and Danny come to a compromise, and Mindy opts to save the email to her parents explaining who Danny is rather than sending it.
Why did you choose to leave Danny and Mindy so unresolved, especially with the show's future so uncertain? Is his action one that should be seen optimistically, because he's literally gone the extra mile for her? Why was it important for you to have Peter around for the whole season in order to do this?
I haven't thought more practically about it than that, but I think there is a committed audience of people who want to see more. Lahiri, she had crept out of bed and returned to her single gal apartment, where she checked to make sure her old closet was big enough to serve as son Leo’s nursery. The only time most established shows are discussed is when the following year’s schedule is announced, and then all anyone seems interested in is whether they were renewed or canceled.
He demonstrates some sex positions for her, playing the part of Danny, and a skeleton playing the part of Mindy. Mindy has to reassure her that she did this to herself, and that Danny was not trying to drug her.

From human, to witch, to anchor, to more than her fair share of deaths, she’s tried on almost every supernatural hat available. That being said, she has definitely gone through her ups and downs, and some of her supernatural titles have fit her way better than others.
Just because we imagine her as being much less burdened as a human, we’ve ranked this one pretty high! We still got to see Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries through Jeremy’s eyes, since he gained the power of seeing ghosts the first time Bonnie brought him back to life. She made many questionable choices and participated in some very dark events during her time using expression.
It’s hard to imagine why CBS, a network with a flare for running procedurals well into double digit seasons, is not paying attention to Person of Interest. For those unfamiliar with the show, the opening title sequence begins with, “You are being watched. Across the seasons there are episodes that I feel comfortable enough calling some of the best I’ve seen on TV. Without Remus Lupin the trio would have been dead: no Expecto Patronum, no recognizing Bogarts, no practical experience with Grindylows, Red Caps, or Hinkypunks.
He didn’t just spend time with shining stars like Hermione, but he made time for people that no one else cared to. Remus Lupin could talk about James and Lily from first-hand experience: funny stories, hopes, sadness, all of it. Mindy, meanwhile, had been waiting to tell her parents about Danny until said meeting, because she didn't want to introduce them to yet another man who would be out of her life just as quickly as he came into it. Meanwhile, Danny hops on a last-minute flight to meet her parents and declare his love for their daughter.
Obviously the person who wrote the finale that ends the way that it does has more they want to see! Then later, when she was succeeding with her fertility clinic, she finds out she's was pregnant.
Though Mindy was back by Danny’s side before the closing credits, the move certainly felt like she was seriously considering ending things with Dr. Please help us serve you better, fill out our survey.Use of this site signifies your agreement to our terms of use.
Furious at him for not warning her, he tries to pass it off as a mistake – he’s going blind!
First, the episode order was cut, then months of radio silence on when the show would fit into CBS’s calendar.
The government has a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of everyday.” Coming into the show today a new viewer would think, “Uh, duh!” But at the time of Person of Interest’s premiere the idea that the government was making use of the nation’s surveillance systems and listening in on calls to prevent terrorist acts was a cloudy idea. But when he learned that the government would assess and deploy prevention tactics only to stop major crimes and acts of terror, Finch created a back door and took the cases considered “irrelevant” into his own hands. Other procedurals across the networks tend to operate in the same way season 1 and 2 unfolded.
Not only is the topic eerily relevant to the current technological climate, but the show has some of the strongest actors and performances week in and week out.
Rowling went to to effectively end Harry’s childhood (killing Sirius, Dumbledore, and Hedwig), leaving both Weasley parents alive allowed us to end the series on a hopeful note. Harry and every student in his year was left with a substandard skill set thanks to Quirrell and Lockhart. Would Neville Longbottom have ever had the confidence to succeed in leading Hogwarts without Harry, Ron, and Hermione without Remus Lupin having taken a personal interest? We knew that it was a big choice, but I never thought it was a miscalculation; I was always excited about it. So, yeah I do think there’s more to tell, and I think fans would be disappointed not to see more adventures with these characters. Finally, word emerged that the show’s final season would air two episodes per week and disappear from CBS’s lineup as quickly as possible. They provided assistance or disruption time and again with Carl Elias heading up the organized crime unit steering the ship and contributed to the long form stories Person of Interest wove into the mix. Elementary reserves their B storyline for planting seeds across a season in order to open up three episodes at the end to a serialized story. Just like that, the man who could have been Harry’s adoptive father, his way out of the hellish Dursley household, is gone.
Without question, Remus Lupin laid the groundwork for the success that was later achieved by Dumbledore’s Army. But I came from a show [The Office] that I was on for eight seasons, and it continued for another year after that, so I am accustomed to long runs of television shows. He couldn’t make up his mind about her until she was pregnant and then he started to get really controlling.
NCIS and all its spinoffs, also tell narratives across episodes, typically focusing on one or two characters. Watch the cold open to the episode below, but be warned that it does reveal a major character’s death.
He made up for lost time, in a positive and uplifting manner, and was the friendly guidance the students needed.
Person of Interest decidedly turned the show on its head, even changing the opening credits to reflect a greater power taking over their world.
The slow burn of the more personal stories and skeletons lurking in Reese, Finch, Shaw, and Root’s closet makes for some of the most compelling narratives on TV. They would have watched their boys grow up together and been there for each other as parents in the post-war world. Another being inside the show was here to shake things up and the only way to tell its story was to let Samaritan win for a while.

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