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Recently our documentary about one of the largest and longest aerial wars of history got released on DVD by the publisher Zweitausendeins.
The Major General of the Royal Laotian Army, Hmong leader, CIA proxy, opium and heroin dealer and one of the most divisive players in the Cold War arena of  Southeast Asia, has died in California, aged 81.Vang Pao was one of the most illustrious and charismatic figures of the cold war struggle between the US and communism in Asia. Vang Pao gave an interview in our documentary The Most Secret Place on Earth - The CIA?s covert war in Laos.
Our films THE MOST SECRET PLACE ON EARTH - THE CIA'S COVERT WAR IN LAOS and HOTEL SAHARA have been preselected in the TRT International documentary competition.
A feature-documentary by Paschoal Samora Stories of suffering and resilience, of hardship and hope. A Film about the unifying Power of Music Mali, situated in the heart of Western Africa, is often regarded as the cradle of today’s Blues and Jazz.
A film by Khalo Matabane Khalo Matabane asks global thinkers, Apartheid-victims and Mandela’s entourage to classify Nelson Mandela’s achievements, thereby providing a multi-facetted approach to his myth. 2013 the Culture Files about Wagner, Beethoven, Kleist, Pasolini und Zarah Leander were produces. The Secret War was the largest operation ever conducted by the CIA, yet to this day hardly anyone knows anything about it. Lifescapes Southeast Asian Film Festival was held from February 3 to 6 at Payap University in Chiang Mai.
There's a reason the Burmese junta wants the comedian Zarganar in prison – the people like him too much.
Scenes juxtapose Zarganar playing his traditional xylophone with footage of Burma's leaders staging military parades. Bloomstein kept the footage secret out of deference to the comedian being banned from speaking or writing or even having his name uttered. This Prison Where I Live documents Bloomstein's return to Burma with Mittermeier and their efforts to get as close as they could to the remote prison where Zarganar is being held. This Prison Where I Live aims to spark enough interest around the world to raise the call to free Zarganar.
Doi Saket International Film Festival, with Zarganar being honored with a special jury prize.
While news of the American war in Vietnam was broadcast on the nightly news in homes across the US during the 1960s and '70s there was secret sideshow conflict taking place in Laos, a country that remains overshadowed by its bigger neighbors. The idea of the secret war at first was to use the Hmong to fight against the communist Pathet Lao.
It was a wild time, recalls an Air America pilot, who chuckles as he remembers the girly bars around the airbase and being in awe of charismatic Hmong leader Vang Pao, an illusion that was shattered when he witnessed the general casually shoot a guy. As noble as the ideas were, things got way out of hand, with the war efforts being propped up by the heroin trade, and villages bombed out of existence by the Arc Light strikes by B-52 bombers, aiming to disrupt the Laos leg of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
Over 9 years America dropped more bombs over Northern Laos than were dropped in Germany and Japan over the whole of World War 2.
Central to that activity was an airbase at Long Tieng that was constructed and operated by the CIA. There is a fantastic You Tube documentary on what America and its CIA did here to annihilate the locals, to secure the supplies of opium and heroin that led to 30% of its armed forces in Vietnam being addicts, and culminated in the indiscriminate carpet bombing of the area by B52s as in a final act of spite, the US tried to annihilate a whole civilisation. We decided we would attempt to ride to Long Tieng and on to the Plain of Jars take a sobering look at what happened there. We are waved through our first military checkpoint and the second has the barrier down but is unmanned. We managed the first meal of the day at the standard rustic Laotian roadside cafe just beside the runway – noodle soup never tasted so good. But it made for a painful rest of the day for me as I limped the remaining 80 kms north to our overnight stop. After 30 years of conspiracy theories and myth making, this film uncovers the story of the CIA’s most extensive clandestine operation in the history of modern warfare: The Secret War in Laos, which was conducted alongside the Vietnam War. While we delve into the heart of the conflict, the film develops an overview of US geopolitics of the era.

As the conflict in Vietnam grew, the objective in Laos changed from a cost effective low-key involvement to save the country from becoming communist into an all-out air war to cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail and bomb Laos back into the Stone Age that it had never really left in the first place. The story is told with archival images, interviews and contemporary shots of both Laos and the US. However, next door in neighbouring Laos, the longest and largest air war in human history was underway, one which eventually made Laos the most bombed country on earth. For centuries music has strengthened Mali’s cultural identity, musicians are holding strong positions in society. His recent death at the high age of 95 offers the opportunity to reflect upon his legacy beyond sainthood. Culture Files is a European crossmedia project, including a 5x52’ TV series, a comic release and the documentary game. However, next door in neighbouring Laos, the longest and largest air war in human history was underway. Critics call it the biggest war crime of the Vietnam War era and point to striking similarities in the present conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, similarities that were tested and used back in Laos in the 1960s: Then, like now, the use of private contractors, mercenaries, as well as the exclusion of Congress and the press gave the executive branch a free hand to wage unlimited warfare as they saw fit. And in a country that desperately needs someone the people can look up to, Zarganar poses a grave threat. In 2007, British director Rex Bloomstein visited Burma and filmed Zarganar at his home in Rangoon.
Critics adding balance to the proceedings are historian Alfred McCoy and journalist Fred Branfman. From here the “secret war” was conducted in North Eastern Laos which was defined as the buffer zone between the forces of communism and those of the so-called free world. It is remote and difficult to access and the Laotian Army has been determined to keep people away. Most of us who lived through that 1965-1975 period had no idea about the CIAs secret war until the carpet bombing finale broke into the headlines in the mid-1970’s. We had asked local drivers the night before about access to the valley and the response was, ‘no’. After a couple of hours reflection and recovery from the ride we then set off for the Plain of Jars. In Key players of the secret war – CIA agents, pilots, Laotian and Thai fighters – take us into the physical heart of the conflict: Top secret airbase of the CIA “Long Cheng”.
This film is the uncovering of the largest and one of the most deadly airwars in human history. By what means did the CIA pull off this war entirely unknown to US Congress and the world’s public for so many years? Never before seen private archive material of the war and exclusive new footage from Long Cheng illustrate an audacious and tragic chapter of US history that cost hundreds of thousands of lives. While the world’s attention was caught by the conflict in Vietnam, the CIA built the busiest military airport in the world in neighboring and neutral Laos and recruited humanitarian aid personnel, Special Forces agents and civilian pilots to undertake what would become the most effective operation of counterinsurgency warfare. Some of the archive footage is previously unpublished and comes from private collections of former US personnel stationed in Laos, and from the Lao Film Archives – these had never before been screened.
The film reconstructs the gripping story of the operation and illustrates its relevance to current American military conflicts. This film is an attempt to give them voice and let them be heard far beyond the barbed wire fences that encircle the camp. Following Fatoumata Diawara, the young shooting star of the global pop scene, MALI BLUES is a musical journey, discovering the country’s rich musical culture and it’s threat by radical Islamists.
Amongst others, Matabane interviews the Dalai Lama, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Peter Hain, Albie Sachs and Ariel Dorfman. The project brings the life and work of European cultural icons from a range of disciplines reflecting Europe's cultural identity and heritage to a young audience on several platforms. During the Secret War, a bomb load was dropped on Laos every eight minutes over a period of eight years – in total, 2.1 million tons of bombs fell onto this small, landlocked South East Asian nation, more than on Europe and the Pacific theatre combined during World War II.
As the war dragged on, Long Cheng became the busiest airbase in the world and a major centre for the global opium and heroin trade.
A sharp-witted satirist who can effectively communicate across all media, be it stand-up and sketch comedy, film, television, theater or poetry, Zarganar always made fun of the military government, which got him jailed repeatedly.

A chance call from German comedian Michael Mittermeier, who was interested in Burmese causes and felt a kinship with Zarganar, made that documentary possible. If you're seeing this post anywhere besides your personal feed reader or a couple of social-networking sites, then it might be being misused against the spirit in which it is made freely available.
It, and the nearby Plain of Jars is home to the Mong people who were used by the CIA to fight the Pathet Lao and Viet Cong as America tried and failed to hold the line.
The consensus was that if the military don’t stop you, you’ll find the road too rough anyway so forget it. The road reduces to a jungle track and there’s no traffic so we are pretty nervous but press on.
Then I had an involuntary dismount and as always seems to happen the right leg got trapped under the pannier and by the time I extricated it and determined I hadn’t broken the ankle but it would be swelling and remain pretty sore, Joanne and Dave were on the scene for the obligatory photo and to help strap it up.
It was located in a valley at 3,100 feet elevation, high enough to have chilly nights and cold fogs. The interviews are conducted in a way to characterize the interviewees in their respective roles within the film. On our way we meet other committed musicians, who are fighting for unity and the freedom to express themselves through their music, like world famous Ngoni player and traditional Griot Bassekou Kouyate, street rapper Master Soumy and Tuareg band leader Ahmed Ag Kaedi.
Even today much of the countryside is poisoned by Agent Orange and littered with unexploded devices. Candid interviews with past and present players combined with previously unseen footage from the war as well as from the current struggle in Laos tell a story that hasn’t been documented in history books. The main problem these days is that there’s a Hmong insurgency – and we observed automatic weapon-carrying Hmong hill tribe insurgents along our route. After about an hour of solitary traverse of the jungle trail we emerge on to a new road construct that is still being intensively worked up to a passable road by road gangs. The accident was just the standard front wheel tuck under that can happen if you take you mind of the job for a second or two and find your front wheel in a hard caste mud rut when you’re on a downhill trying to turn, brake and going a little quick,. It was surrounded by mountains and on the northwest side of the runway were karst outcrops several hundred feet high. How do they interpret his message of freedom, forgiveness and reconciliation in the world of today?
To date, the country has still not found peace, and remnants of the CIA’s secret army of Hmong hill tribe guerrillas continue to clash with Lao government troops. As we journey into Long Cheng for the first time – the site has been off limits to the outside world since the end of the war in 1975 – the film reconstructs the gripping story of the operation and illustrates its relevance to current American military conflicts. It’s this group who have been ambushing buses and firing on workers at the Australian-owned copper and gold mine that’s a couple of hours south of Long Tieng, and set upon a group of bikers who were attempting to climb one of the spectacular karst outcrops in the vicinity. The investigative story telling is rendered by declassified documents, maps and newspaper clippings. At midday precisely we ride down into the Long Tieng valley and there’s the runway – the CIA’s most secret place on earth has been revealed to us.
Jerry Daniels, a CIA officer codenamed “Hog,” is said to have named Sky after his home state of Montana, known as “Big Sky Country.” Long Tieng was protected on three sides by limestone mountains. Long Cheng was an almost uninhabited valley deep in the jungles of central Laos when the CIA built its headquarters there in 1962.
We’re ecstatic and get the mandatory photos and poses in front of the karst outcrops at the end of the runway affectionately known as the “vertical speed brake”. Four years later, 40,000 people lived in Long Cheng, the location whence the Secret War was largely planned and executed. It’s hard to believe that once there were 50,000 people here – Americans, Thai military and Hmong tribesmen all fighting the Vietcong and Pathet Lao – and that by the mid-1960s it was one of the busiest airports in the world as the Americans sought to bomb the Ho Chi Minh Trail out of existence.

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