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This wartime drama from 1964 features an all-star cast including Stewart Granger, Raf Vallone, Mickey Rooney, and Henry Silva. British Major Mace (Stewart Granger) picks the four miscreants, Rocca (Raf Vallone), Scanlon (Mickey Rooney), Fell (Edd Byrnes), and Durrell (Henry Silva) each for their "unique" talents. They're captured themselves as they try to execute their plan, and have to improvise an escape on top of the rescue mission. And how can we forget the also-typical 50s and 60s war movie mantra of "fire as many bullets into everything as possible" bit.
It is somewhat interesting that the concept we'd remember more in "The Dirty Dozen" had already been done, just a mere three years earlier. Roger Corman's 1964 The Secret Invasion is a variation on the theme of misfits pooling dark skills to help defeat the Nazi menace in World War II. I fully share Mr.Walter Goodseal's sentiments about this great film finally making it out of those Hollywood's possessive shelves.

It's sort of a similar picture to The Dirty Dozen, except instead of twelve convicted criminals hand-picked for a suicide mission, this time its four.
To rescue an imprisoned Italian General from the Nazi prison in the Balkans, and return him to his followers who, its hoped, will turn against the Germans. And much like the Dirty Dozen, they waffle back and forth between attempting escape, and following through loyally with their mission. I'm not sure where the fault really lies here, in the direction, the writing, or the ho-hum-ness of everyone's performances. After so many times of hearing the same bleeding rat-tat-tat sound effect it really starts to wear on a guy. Its not even fun, rather just a way to blow away a couple hours in a semi-mindless machine-gun fest. This great film features screen giants like Stewart Granger, Ralph Vallone, Mickey Rooney, Henry Silva, William Campbell, Spela Rozin and Enzo Fiermonte as the Italian General Quadri, to name a few of a great cast.

There are a few moments where it actually diverges into some interesting themes, but the typical 'hits' are all there, in spades. A great film which should've been released a long time ago and we, its fans, have been waiting for it for decades, but at long last we will finally have a copy of it on DVD and watch it with pleasure.
And why is it that the good guys don't seem to get shot at by the friendlies even though they're wearing the SS uniforms they escaped with!?

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