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Aaron Kennard is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Truly Amazing Life inc. Author Aaron Kennard exposes in frank and emotional detail how this secret revitalized his own life overnight. Would you consider the audio edition of The Positive Thinking Secret to be better than the print version?
If you find this review inappropriate and think it should be removed from our site, let us know. When you follow another listener, we'll highlight the books they review, and even email* you a copy of any new reviews they write. Aaron Kennard’s shocking transformation will inspire you to make each and every day amazing. It was just amazing to get to know Aaron and share some really deep stuff with each other and kind of get to know each other on a business level and personal level, and we just really hit it off. Aaron, why don’t we start off by sharing with our listeners the journey that you shared with me in terms of your health challenges recently?
In 2011 I was kind of feeling mediocre about life, wasn’t feeling that enthused or that fulfilled. I knew that we control our thoughts and things before this, but I realized how personally and how deeply I’m in control of my thinking and it shifted everything. It turned in to me asking why I felt so amazing, which turned in to this poster that I created, which is called The 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life.
But then one day, in July—it was actually last year, 2012—the day after my fourth child was born, my body shut down on me.
I took it to the next level, this level of pain, of “Can I really find joy despite this now intense pain?” Well, to fast-forward, what happened was, I found out, I got diagnosed with Crohn’s colitis, ulcerative colitis.
My wife had a newborn and three other kids at home, young kids, and she was pretty much going crazy.
I had all these questions of: How am I supposed to teach people that this is a truly amazing life when life is crumbling around me? Fast-forwarding again, three months of deterioration, I finally had to get rushed off to the emergency room, had emergency surgery removal of my colon because it had been destroyed by this disease.
And in the hospitals, all the doctors were telling me, “Food has nothing to do with your issue.” Literally, it was crazy, five different medical doctors telling me that food had nothing to do with my bowel pain.
What I found was that as soon as I had changed my diet according to the way the naturopathic doctor had told me to, two days later all the pain and bloating went away.
Nutrition is one really important thing, but the way we think and our positive energy has such a huge factor on our healing and on our ability to find joy and happiness in life. I published a book on that since then, and I’ve been blown away by the response from people, how it’s just impacted their life since, so I’m super grateful to be able to share that with people and be able to share that with you now.
Aaron: There were probably many, many great meanings, but…are you talking about getting this major illness and recovery? Yuri: Yeah, because you have a very unique ability to kind of take that in stride and be very empowered about it, whereas other people might be more victimized or constantly, the story is always like I’ve got this condition and blah, blah, blah, and it’s part of who they become. Aaron: Yeah, I think one of the main reasons I have it and one of the benefits in my perspective of why this happened to me and why I got this intense trial to test these beliefs was to really help the masses of people that are suffering out there, that are going through pain, because in life, it’s not just autoimmune disease, but we’ve got such health issues in our world right now.
That’s why I love talking to you, because you’re on the forefront of this health revolution, really, which is teaching people about natural health.
I know for a fact that I got that experience in order to bless people and help people and to give them a perspective while they’re working through it, because it’s important to get the health, it’s important to take your advice, Yuri, and to do the things to get yourself healthy, but there’s this other aspect of it, the mental suffering and the perspective that people really need to hear as well as that, because the pain doesn’t just necessarily go away immediately from the effects that are heaped upon us from the unhealthiness of our society. How do you approach somebody who’s going through or is about to go through a certain amount of pain, whether it be a pregnancy or surgery or some kind of condition, and get them to the level of mental peace of mind that you’ve had in terms of being grateful for the situation or being able to get in a position where you can kind of just be at peace with the pain and kind of move through that?
If you didn’t feel pain, if you didn’t have these nerve endings in your hand, for example, and you stuck your hand on a burning-hot stove, your hand would burn and your cells would die because you didn’t have any feedback. When the hard things happen, you look at them through that lens like, “Normally, I would’ve thought this was horrible for me.” Me getting a disease and getting knocked out and almost dying, that looks really, really bad. Just me choosing to believe that, making that decision changes the way that I think about everything and it changes the way that I approach everything and it relieves the suffering, because now I’m not looking at how everything is so bad. There are probably, even if there’s just one person that it changes the life for, it’s worth it.
Everything is choice and it’s so amazing when you have that awareness, because you understand that you are in control of your life. Yuri: We’ve got a couple minutes left here, but before…I could talk about this stuff all day. That can take on so many meanings for people, celebrating life, and I kind of like that it’s open that way because it allows for people to interpret and find that however it means for them.
Yuri: I just want to jump in there because I think a lot of times, myself included, especially when I was younger, playing soccer professionally, as well as amateurly, I was very critical of myself. I think a lot of people are probably like this too, where they tend to berate their shortcomings as opposed to celebrating all the amazing things they’ve accomplished or done or who they are.
Regardless of whatever is happening in your life, the pain that you’re in—and I tested this out, by the way, as I explained, through massive amounts of pain. An example of that that I’ll just tell you that I do for myself to live that pillar, this is what I do that anybody can do in any circumstance, no matter how much pain you’re in. If I’m in a public place, just the people around me, instead of just looking around and seeing them or thinking about what pain I’m in or whatever, when I’m in the hospital and the nurse walks in, I think, I love you.
Again, I wasn’t always perfect in doing this, but this was the action, and when I would do that, within moments, my heart would start to shift, my feelings would start to get better, and the energy would just change.
For whatever reason, if people don’t choose to do that, then that’s obviously their choice, but I would interested in figuring out why they wouldn’t be open to doing that.
Yuri: One of the first times I heard that or something similar to this was from Louise Hay and her book How You Can Heal Your Life. She’s worked, I guess her specialty is working with people on that kind of spiritual level and kind of deeper emotional stuff, and she found that, consistently, people who developed cancer and all these other conditions had specific emotions attached to them, whether they be resentment or guilt or anger or whatever. This is where I really think it applies to your audience, when we’re talking about health and nutrition. And the water that had loving thought toward it—because thought is energy; that’s a proven fact, thought is energy and it’s proven largely by this experiment. They give the example of how your body’s made up of however huge percentage of water, and you’re thinking hateful thoughts toward yourself.
Yuri: He basically was saying you could put just a little label, just “I love you” or “Love” at the bottom of a water bottle.

Aaron: Yeah, this stuff is really fascinating because it’s not so cut-and-dry like you take a pill and this thing happens, but there’s so much to the energy of thought and stuff and the power of self-healing, like our other friend Fab wrote about. Yuri: Yeah, and I really do believe that this is the stuff that does make the biggest difference, and it’s the stuff you’ll get the most flack for from the medical community.
And then, obviously, you can grab a copy of his book on Amazon; it’s Positive-Thinking Secret. Super Nutrition Academy is the ONLY nutrition course that makes it easy for everyday people to understand the complex relationship between nutrition and health. What a data of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable experience on the topic of unexpected feelings. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
It sustained him with the peace, hope, and faith required to navigate torturous unimaginable pain and disease while feeling immense gratitude for it all.
My criticism is purely the lack of the 'heads up' that the review gives no indication that there is a religious basis behind the book.
We connected a couple weeks ago, depending on when you’re listening to this, a little while ago at Awesomeness Fest, which is an amazing, probably one of the best events that I’ve been to, on so many different levels. I had this experience one day that shifted everything for me, an experience with gratitude when I felt the desire to be grateful for this sore throat that I had rather than just being bummed about it. I started teaching these things about how to live amazingly despite your circumstances and how to really be happy.
Within a matter of three months—immediately, I started having massive pain, and over the course of the next month seeing doctors, nobody was able to tell me what was going on, but I was having massive bowel pain and pain in my butt and stuff, just really, really intense pain.
The kids started experiencing emotional trauma as they’re watching me go through this really, really traumatic situation, watching their dad die before them, and I couldn’t do anything.
The reason why I share this story—and this is the subject of the book, The Positive-Thinking Secret, I’m giving you kind of the short version—is that throughout that process, I never really believed that it was a bad day.
Even though I was now in pain and in bed and fearing death, I believed that it was all happening for my good.
Luckily, that saved my life in November, but I was in the hospital for almost a month after that, just dealing with emotional trauma and depression because, seeing how my life was so good before, now it seemed to be crumbling.
He basically led me to the Paleo diet, not exactly, but a mix between the Paleo and the SCD diet, which you’ve talked about on previous calls.
It’s really crazy that the medical system is set up in a way that…there’s a lot of amazing things about it, but there are some issues with it, as I know from personal experience. Within six weeks, I’d gained back all of my weight, and I ran to the top of this mountain by my house, whereas I couldn’t walk eight weeks earlier across the hospital room. I’m healed from this supposedly chronic disease, meaning I don’t have any drugs, no pain at all, and no symptoms, and it’s because I’ve learned the truth about nutrition and health, which is just amazing. Like you said, I’m not the expert on the health aspect of things, but what I am the expert at, I guess what I am known for is how to think about our challenges and how to find joy despite pain and how that leads us, how the way we think about things and our attitude, I firmly believe that my attitude about that was a huge factor in the healing process because it allowed me to remain positive rather than getting sucked in to the depression and negative thinking, which has such a massive impact.
It’s really cool to see how you’re completely at the other side of the spectrum with this.
That’s why I love the fact that I could be on your show, and I’m honored to because I totally support what you’re doing here in teaching people. The state of our food system and the fact that we’re getting these types of diseases, it’s just super common.
I think that’s probably different for every person, so that’s my life’s work is to how do to do that really, trying to figure that out.
Pain is simply feedback telling us…saying you hate pain is like saying, “I hate the gas light in my car. The thing that’s helped me the most is just to believe and trust and to make the decision to believe that everything is conspiring for my benefit.
You can say, “I’m just going to decide that everything that happens to me is absolutely going to benefit me, and I’m going to find a way somehow.” It doesn’t have to be more complex than that, but if you can get yourself to really make that decision, then it doesn’t matter what happens. There are people that you’re probably affecting on the other side of the planet that you’ll never meet, but something in your book, something in your message resonates with them and completely transforms the trajectory of their life based on a simple choice of, “Hey, you know what? I think celebrating life is different for everybody, but for me, that’s just being grateful. Over the last couple years, this is something that’s really been a bigger component of my life, because it’s very easy to be depressed all the time if you focus on what you haven’t done, and it’s very easy to feel better by focusing on the things that you can celebrate and that you’re grateful for and stuff, so that’s really cool. I was like, “I’ve got to remember this somehow,” and that’s why I compiled all of these over the month. You can still celebrate; you can still choose to look at that day, that moment, whatever it is, and find something to be grateful for and something to celebrate, no matter how hard and no matter how painful it is. When you just think these loving thoughts toward yourself or toward other people, it just does amazing things. If you looked at quantum physics and all these other movies and things that have been presented, I’m not the expert in telling you why; I just know that it works amazingly. One of the things that I’ve found with that is automatically suspends judgment of other people. How can you be thinking, if I think to you right now, Yuri, I love you, first of all, I’m not thinking about myself.
If I’m walking down a street and there’re a lot of people and it’s really busy, instead of being annoyed with all the busyness and people bumping in to you and stuff, just a quick shift of thought and just saying I love you or those types of thoughts, it’s amazing what that does.
I think for me in the past, before I realized this stuff, I kind of didn’t feel like that loving of a person. She talked about just looking in the mirror and looking yourself in the eyes in the mirror and just saying, “I love you, I love you, I love you” and just doing that several times a day to the point where you actually believe it. And I want to bring up a point on that because it reminded me from the healing standpoint, if people were to watch the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? That gives an example where they did this study where these people would think thoughts of love toward water, and then they froze it and sliced it after it was frozen. What effect are you literally having physically by thinking hate on those cells versus thinking love upon yourself physically? I want to thank you, Aaron, for raking the time to come on here and share your story and your wisdom with us. Once again, for everyone listening, if you want to learn more about what Aaron’s up to, at the very minimum, get the poster. And if you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been discussing, you’ll probably want to go a lot deeper with it, so you can learn more about Aaron and what he’s up to.

Thank you once again, everyone listening, thank you, Aaron, for joining me, and I look forward to seeing you guys on the next episode. If you're tired of all the conflicting health information out there and want a clear-cut, evidence-based understanding of the nutrition and health topics that matter you, then get started today. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. I’ve listened to your podcast, and I just love what you’re doing, so thank you so much for having me on your show. For those of you listening, Aaron is not some kind of nutrition or health expert, but he’s gone through a pretty epic health journey himself. I thought, Every time I’m going to swallow, I’m going to say ‘Thank you for this pain’ and see how that works. I felt really empowered, and I felt like I knew that I could control my outcomes despite my circumstances, that I could control my feelings. I started feeling the desire to teach that to people, to teach people that your mind-set can really affect your whole life, how you feel and everything, so I started teaching that. In fact, I believed all throughout that time that the more challenging the circumstance, the more benefit is coming my way. But that belief that it was all happening for my good, it really pulled me through that time, and it proved to me that because of the many experiences of joy that I experienced through all of this pain that I absolutely am in control of my thoughts and that my circumstances don’t dictate my happiness. For you, what do you think was the greater good, the bigger meaning out of this whole situation for you?
The reason I’m bringing that up is, I’m in the position with this story to show people how to deal with this because the issue’s not going away. I’m getting e-mails from people daily, literally, that are suffering through depression and illness and cancer and all of these things now that I’ve published this book and heard these things.
I don’t necessarily know how to help every person with that, but here’s what I’ve done for me that I’ve gotten testimonials from people responding back saying it’s helped, from what I write in the book. No, I don’t love being in pain all the time, but I do love pain for what it does for me, because I know that it’s essential, and I trust that when I have pain, it’s happening for a reason, so I can learn and so that I can change and so that I can do something.
You don’t have to prove that that’s true or false; it’s not like some doctrine or something that you have to agree with or disagree with.
Basically, he’s an Auschwitz concentration camp inmate and a survivor, and the whole book is about how no matter what the Nazis did to him, they could not take away the meaning that he gave to those situations. I remember getting your business card, and I was like, “This is awesome.” On the back of it, you have your 12 pillars of a truly amazing life, which is just so really nicely designed and laid out. I give it away and, in fact, I actually ship the 18-by-24 inch version of these posters for free. It kind of led the charge for me on why that is, because before I was, there were times when I found myself going through the motions. If we move over to love, like you were talking about, that one is probably at the base of the 12 pillars.
That’s the ultimate reason why I have joy and why I’m happy and why I don’t experience suffering despite the pain and the physical challenges, why I’m able to overcome those, because of giving love unconditionally. That is just sitting wherever you are and thinking thoughts of love toward anybody and everybody. I think that thought toward the other person, and then I think it toward anybody else that walks in.
If you just express or say “I love you” internally, it just dissolves everything over time. And then they had other water where they had people specifically thinking thoughts of hate toward the water, and when they froze it and sliced it, it showed this massive, jumbled mess of lines.
We’re moving pretty exponentially in the right direction technologically with all these innovations. I’ll let him share that in a second, but I think what you’re going to discover in this episode are some really fundamental takeaways that can improve pretty much any area of your life, specifically, obviously, your health as well. I’ll give the journey and feel free to jump in with any questions to clarify here as I go along, but I’ll try to give it as succinct as possible here.
It hit me that night, this was this epiphany moment that night where I realized that I was in control. That belief really just pulled me through, and it gave me some amazing experiences with joy through that experience with pain that are really hard to describe but really just mind-blowing how I could be in such intense pain and experiencing joy at the same time. I credit my ability to handle that situation and to help people now largely to Victor Frankl.
I’d go to work and I just wasn’t really fulfilled and passionate, so when I found myself living happily and finding fulfillment, I found that what I was doing was celebrating life and helping others find joy and that my joy was directly proportionate to the joy that I brought others. It’s celebrating each moment and being grateful for each moment and seeking to bring others joy in each moment. But that whole celebrating thing is the choice, and every single one of these pillars is all a choice that you can do regardless of your circumstances.
I suffered through some depression in the midst of that, even believing these things, but what pulled me out of that depression was holding on to the truth that I could take action on these things no matter what my circumstances were. And how can I judge you, thinking, Man, you have so many problems, if I’m thinking that I love you in my head?
I’m happy that our audience that listens to this is very open-minded to a lot of this stuff because, again, we could talk about food all day, we could talk about exercise, but this, I really do believe that the mind-set and the emotions and all this stuff is probably more powerful. When it came down to realizing I don’t have to do anything to be loving unconditionally, because it starts with just thinking; actions will flow out of that naturally.
Here I was teaching people that this is a truly amazing life, that everything is conspiring for your benefit and how to really have a positive mind-set and I had this poster on my wall and all of a sudden, my body was in just massive pain daily.
Embrace pain as an amazing gift, because it is an amazing gift, and if you didn’t have it, you literally would die.
Even stayed up past midnight one night listening, which is rare for me since I'm such an early bird. It is a helping hand for the broken or downtrodden spirit though it is possible this secret may aid in physical healing.

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