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Achieving personal success and reaching your personal goals begins with a mental strength mindset of empowering beliefs. Reaching your personal goals and personal success starts in your mind…and finishes with taking inspired and massive action.
This is one in a series of virtual success coaching and mental strength tips to help kick-start your week.  It is intended to enthuse and inspire you to take action so that you can reach your personal goals and personal success. I take one mental strength tips and run though a brief overview of it, then ask some very direct success coaching questions.  The intention of this virtual success coaching session is for you to write and answer these questions in your success journal and then reflect on them to gain insight on yourself, your dreams and what’s holding you back. These series of posts are for YOU!  If I’m not able to success coach you personally one-on-one over the phone or in The Warriors Quest, I want you to at least get the benefit of a virtual mental strength and success coaching session. To help you understand that happiness is the result of becoming the person you were meant to be.  By walking the path the heart, the Warriors Path and pursuing your passions that are aligned with your Spirit. Happiness, although self-initiated, is result of living your life with purpose, power and passion.  You can only live this type of life when you fully engaged in activities that have meaning to you. Keep in mind that most people have never been taught anything about the science of happiness.  They therefore tend to engage in pleasure-seeking activities, which only creates short-term pleasure, not happiness. My job as your virtual mental strength and success coach is to help you realize that being and becoming the person you were meant to be is the real secret to sustainable, long-term happiness that is immune to outside influences. Happiness is the ultimate outcome in this game of life, so this virtual success coaching session could be one of the most important sessions you’re going to read.
When you live your live with power, purpose and passion you will automatically create happiness. If you’d like to get busy on understanding how you live a life with power, purpose and passion, pick up you copy of “Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior” today HERE.

By George Ambler, November 30, 2014 Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Google+It was the German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche who observed that “he who has a why can endure any how”. Consider some of the leaders of the past who persevered in the face of difficult circumstances. Whilst great leaders of times past were purpose driven, it may surprise to know that many leaders today lack clarity of purpose. Purpose is the intentional expression of who you are, what makes you unique and the contribution you make to the world.
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Javascript is currently disabled in your browser, please turn it on to avoid loss of functionality. Welcome, to enhance your experience we have divided our site into the following sectors. Leaders who know their why are better able to navigate and achieve success in the fast changing and uncertain world of today. Leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jnr. It would be interesting to know if a bigger percentage of business owners (as opposed to leaders) have a clear sense of purpose. The SteamMachine is the absolute fastest and easiest way to remove wallpaper, plus its chemical free! The high pressurized steam blasts the surface clean and the cleaning pad wipes the surface clean.

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The SteamMachine leaves behind no chemical residue and kills 99% of all germs and bacteria. You may feel social pressure to achieve a specific goal as opposed to a personal drive to do so. It could be that you’re waiting for just the right time, place, environment, system, mood or whatever else needs to be in place for you.

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