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Positive people associate themselves with positive language and the same is true for those who embrace power and powerful thinking. In spite of all the definitive and exhaustive lists of words to connect with and in spite of your best efforts whether intentional or not, you will never be able to evade the words that invoke a host and range of emotional responses that people, both young and old connect with. Negative space, sometimes referred to as white space, is a concept that's been used in art, design, architecture, and sculpture for hundreds of years. When used properly, negative space provides a natural balance against the positive space in a scene. Our brains are full of preconceived ideas about the way objects look, in terms of their size, shape, colour, texture, and so on. The key to overcoming these problems is to ignore the objects in the scene altogether and instead concentrate on the gaps between and around them. When framing your photo, adjust your composition until the positive and negative spaces in the shot feel well balanced against one another.
Something I love to do from time to time is go through my old pictures in Photoshop or Lightroom, experimenting with different crops to see how they affect the overall feel of the shot. As a blogger or as someone that conveys a message to others through words, whether it’s spoken or written, people associate with your words and “how” those words are communicated.

It's equally useful in photography, and can be used to turn an average photo into an outstanding one. This definition is rather abstract, so take the following example; the power lines in this image form the positive space while the sky is the negative space. Unfortunately these preconceptions distort the way we view a scene, and this can lead to photos which look good in our mind but not so good in reality. This forces you to pay more attention to your composition, and helps you see shapes and sizes more accurately.
Be generous with the amount of empty space you leave, and don't feel you have to cram something interesting into every square inch of the frame. This is a great way to learn how to use negative space, and it's amazing how a small change in composition can make a big difference to the effectiveness of a photo. We're so used to focusing on the main subject in a scene that it can seem strange to treat it almost as an afterthought. However, doing so will make you consider each element in your scene more carefully, leading to much stronger compositions. The selection and careful arrangement of words that in all your efforts to communicate your message, to share your passion regardless of the topic find ways into the emotional channels of people that are strangers to you that often times turn into loyalty, friendships, fans and followers..

I did it because I had something to share that I thought may be of interest to other people. I write not only to share my knowledge, experience and thoughts to help others that blog, but because I know that through the power of words I'm helping someone along in their path regardless of what that is to success too.Thanks for reading. Blogging gives you a voice, but more importantly, the way you blog changes everything for someone.
Some may tell you that powerful words and power are synonymous and belong in their own arena. I can tell you that I believe that power and positivity are kin to one another in my perspective because I believe that they compliment one another, they feed off each other, they co-exist together and that with one it is very possible to find the other if not immediately.. Listening to the successes of other bloggers have given many people a reason to do something that they’ve never done before in spite of fears that exist due to starting something far outside their comfort zones. Confidence, belief and faith in yourself start to take form as a byproduct of such ingredients along the journey of experiences you have along the way on the path you’re on.

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