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Learn about recent research about how the mind can influence the behavior of subatomic particles and physical matter.
Working with our thoughts consciously allows our awareness and experience of life to unfold its potential.
Our past is but a memory and the future is in our imagination, right now in the present moment is our true point of power. You are reading a partial sample of writings from the #1 National Best-Seller, "Simple Reminders." Click to learn more and ORDER your copy today!
When we feel powerless in a hostile world we can at least practice quelling the enmity in our minds.
Each positive thought is your refuge and your sanctuary, where in that thoughtful moment, you are safe. I find that now i've woken up if i'm negative things r worse i guess it's cos u get a certain knowing. I hv no words to praise what is written but I am sure if we can control our thoughts we can achieve what we want in life. Amen Peace Warden, We have learn how go make peace with ourselves first, then Maintain peace in all other relationships. I have come to realize,,,, sending love to the people that try to cause misery,,,, return with love and calm is !

I need more information and it is very interesting expertness I would like to concentrate more about it . Thank you so much because I absolutely Love all things or Statements of anything that's positive & uplifting of self esteem. The challenge is in harnessing our ever shifting perspectives so that we can focus upon the thoughts that can make a positive difference.
Joseph Murphy's book on the power of the Subconscious Mind is a practical guide to understand and learn to use the incredible powers you possess within you.
I had ridden once in September 2013 in a jeep with my daughter to 54 km away from our town. I have also noticed that judgment and blaming is in that mix way to much in the African Community better known as the Ghetto as why we are and why we live as we do.
This is the work of PBIS Africa that I will take with me as I move forward into a new phase of my life.
I didn't know why a 3 or 4 yr old little boy beside me asked her mother these words, "Mom, we will encounter an accident today, won't we?" Oh..that shocked me and an ill feeling creeped all over me! I have pretty much cut myself off from any associations due to the poverty mind set, it is the white man's fault, and you have to die from something, and many other little sayings that can wreck your positive mindset if you are around it too long. U get what u focus on i guess, a lot of people i know focus on the lack of what they have an just keep going round in circles, when i try 2 talk 2 them they think i'm mad.

I am choosing to be healthy, radiant, prosperous woman of color who lives in a universe ready to meet my every need because I know my Creator says it is so.
I was awakened when i had a nde in my 20s so i'm not scared of dying i know that a better plane of existance is there when we go home.
This game of life we r playing gets tedious at times, but we keep focused on what we know is our truth.
The van we met was supposed to be bumped to our vehicle, it had just scaped for a matter of half or less meter distance. I realized at that moment, to be positive is just like you are praying and what you believe about of what you have said would be possible and it would happen indeed.
Ask for forgiveness — forgive yourself for the terrible things you have thought about yourself.

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    City-based yoga and meditation teacher at New York.
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    Strategy to convey the teachings to life via everyday dwelling tell me that.