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Located on the Shawmut Peninsula, the town was surrounded by dense forest, above which rose three tall hills.
Salem lies on America’s east coast in Essex County, Massachusetts, bordered to the north by the Danvers River and to the south by Marblehead and the Forest River area. Puritan history and beliefs provide the backdrop against which the events of the novel take place.
Facing persecution by both church and sovereign, a large number of Puritans fled England during the Great Migration of 1620-40, with some 20,000 settling in New England. Though hysteria driven by fear of witchcraft would not erupt until some fifty years after the period in which The Scarlet Letter is set, Hawthorne draws heavily upon Salem's dark history for his depiction of rebellion against Puritan society.
Fears were sparked in 1692 when young girls of Salem Village began to exhibit bizarre symptoms, such as uncontrollable screaming fits, peculiar bodily contortions and sensations of being pricked all over by pins.
National Geographic and Gunnar Games have produced enjoyable, historically accurate computer games based on the Salem witch trials, both of which are available as free one-hour trials. Along with DailyLit, Creative Action Network is crowdsourcing new cover art for 50 literary masterpieces. The ARTery offers the best of Art news, reviews and features in sounds, words, sights, stages, screens and experiences in and of Boston.
A decade on from its initial settlement by Puritan colonists, it bore little resemblance to the metropolis of today.
First colonized by Europeans in 1626, Salem's seaboard location made it an ideal center for maritime activity, and by the end of the eighteenth century it had become the richest port in America.

Here they sought to establish a new kind of society, structured according to the dictates of the Bible, a living monument to God and a shining example to backsliding Europeans.
With no physical cause being obvious to contemporary physicians, these fits were attributed to witchcraft and the blame was laid on women whose poverty, unpopularity or slave-status placed them outside of the social order. In Lost Chronicles, you play a girl whose mother has been accused of witchcraft; in Salem Secrets, you must unravel the mystery surrounding four girls who are allegedly the victims of black magic. The ARTery, presented by WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station, is powered by critic-at-large Ed Siegel and reporter and critic Greg Cook.
In 1640, Boston was home to 1,200 colonists who clustered about the southern shores in simple wooden houses. Political machinations and military clashes, however, brought an abrupt halt to this prosperity, and by Hawthorne's time Salem was in a state of flux. They held that the Reformation had not gone far enough in purging Catholic influence from the Church. Great emphasis was placed on industry, education and self-examination, but these laudable values were accompanied by a persecutory spirit that saw nonconformists subjected to atrocious punishments.
Accusations and counter-accusations mounted until some twenty individuals had been executed.
Their lives were structured on the Puritan ideals that had informed their migration, and all strived to make the “City upon a Hill” the model of the perfect communion with God that its founder, John Winthrop, had envisioned. While the past successes of its sea merchants had bequeathed it a good deal of fine architecture, the wharves and harbors were slipping into forlorn disuse; the manufacturing industries that would bring future wealth to the city had not yet been fully established. Believing that the purpose of life was to serve the glory of God, they sought to banish all hints of worldliness both from religious practice and from personal life, and advocated a strict conformity to their own severe interpretation of biblical texts. Two dogs, believed to be accomplices, were also slain, while between one and two hundred suspected witches languished in prison.
Though this led to an efficient, well-regulated society, citizens were subject to harsh laws covering the minutest details of their moral and social activities.

Mid-nineteenth Salem teetered between nostalgic pride and uncomfortable self-doubt, further colored by the historic atrocities — particularly the witch trials of 1692  — that still loomed large in the consciousness of its inhabitants.
Influenced by John Calvin, they believed that postlapsarian humanity is inevitably born into a state of sin and that redemption depends exclusively on God’s will. Though the panic died down as suddenly as it had appeared, it cast a long shadow over Salem for centuries. Failure to abide by Puritan mores met with severe punishment, and Boston was the scene of the Antinomian Controversy and the persecution of Quakers.
In this story, the consequences of Hester Prynne's adulterous affair with the reverend Arthur Dimmesdale are borne out as she gives birth to their child and is forced to wear a Scarlet Letter A. Hawthorne is at his best as he treats with the complexities of sin and redemption as the story progresses and carries Hester Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale and Pearl toward their respective destinies.
The Scarlet Letter is a true masterpiece of American Literature and a "must-read" for every student of literature.The novel is classified under the Romantic genre and further classified under "Dark Romanticism".
I urge readers to study rather than skip over the two introductory chapters; "Preface to the Second Edition" and "The Custom-House. Those two chapters do not appear alongside the novel by accident, and I believe an appreciation of Hawthorne's experience at the Customs House is the key to a deeper understanding of the novel itself.This is a rare work of art.
You will have plenty of time for the classroom considerations, but you will probably only read the story once.

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