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Detective Ki Hoon (Han Suk Kyu) investigates the homicide case that happened at the photo shop. The main suspect of this case is the owner’s wife, Su Hyun (Eum Ji Won), who found the dead body and reported it to the police. As the characters are craving for love and escaping from loneliness, things start to get topsy-turvy.
Ka Hee is willing to sacrifice for the sake of loving Ki Hoon and want to be with him for the rest of her life. Each and every character are hiding their love and sex affair secrets which are slowly revealed from time to time.
Meanwhile, he has a secret love affair with Ka Hee (Lee Eun Ju) behind his wife’s (Sung Hyun Ah) back.

The film gives introduction to the characters followed by presenting what kind of satisfaction that they want. Their secrets and stories slowly revealed and how these are related to Ki Hoon’s situation with his own wife and Ka Hee. Each sub-plot affects Ki Hoon’s main story as it is related to secretly loving someone to fulfil their love and sexual pleasures. While Detective Ki Hoon solves the murder of owner of photo shop, he believes that he gets what he wants but he does his best in making every single woman in his life happy. The characters believe that they could manage their own satisfaction but it got out of hands.
A mirror-like approach made Ki Hoon got a mental slap in the face because of what he has done.

At the same time, the film invites the audiences to explore the characters in-depth while relating to their own needs. While watching the whole film, so much intense is going around that even Ki Hoon and Ka Hee have gone completely mad.
So, each character are related to each other based on how cravings might lead to good and bad outcomes.

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