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Find this Common Core aligned Teacher Guide and more like it in our High School ELA Category! The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, continues to be a compelling story of betrayal, revenge, sin, and forgiveness that still resonates with students today.
Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1850, The Scarlet Letter stands out from contemporary works.
While Hester is standing on the scaffold, being sentenced, she sees a man in the crowd whom she recognizes, her long-lost husband.
Meanwhile, a local minister named Arthur Dimmesdale, the beloved minister of the town of Boston, finds himself tormented and sickly. Pearl grows into a peculiar young girl who does not follow the rigid rules and expectations of the Puritan society in which she was raised. What are the limitations and potential destructiveness of the human spirit throughout the novel? Students can create a storyboard capturing the narrative arc in a novel with a six-cell storyboard, containing the major parts of the plot diagram. Hester’s long-lost husband “Roger Chillingworth” has finally made it to Boston, and he is angry. Hester, Pearl, and Dimmesdale reconnect when Pearl is seven, and they decide to run away together to Europe, after Dimmesdale’s final sermon, to be given on Election Day. Dimmesdale delivers his Election Day sermon with fervor and new-found energy - many say it’s the best sermon he has ever given. The townspeople cannot believe what they have seen; some even outright deny that Dimmesdale had the “A” on his chest.
Many years later, Hester returns to Boston and again lives in the little cottage she and Pearl once shared.
Create your own at Storyboard That EXPOSITION CONFLICT RISING ACTION CLIMAX FALLING ACTION RESOLUTION In 17th-Century Puritan Boston, Hester Prynne is on trial for adultery.
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Many students, especially female students, find themselves appalled with the community’s treatment of Hester Prynne, and intrigued by the boundaries she and her little Pearl push in a puritanical society. While transcendentalist authors like Emerson and Thoreau were exploring the possibilities of human nature and intuition, Hawthorne was exploring the limitations and potential destructiveness of the human spirit, rather than its possibilities. He calls himself Roger Chillingworth, and he wants her to hide his identity from the other townspeople. Hester begins to worry that her sin has been embodied in Pearl, and that she might be "otherworldly".
Hester and Pearl move to Europe, where Pearl lives off of a hefty inheritance left to her by Chillingworth.
For each cell, have students create a scene that follows the novel in sequence, using: Exposition, Conflict, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution. He dedicates himself to finding out who Hester’s lover is so that he can exact his revenge. Dimmesdale is slowly becoming more ill with each passing day, and holds his hand over his heart in pain. He ends it by calling Hester and Pearl up to the scaffold with him, where he indirectly with words, but directly with actions, acknowledges his part in Hester’s adultery and his guilt for not stepping forward as Pearl’s father seven years before.
Chillingworth dies within a year of Dimmesdale and leaves his entire inheritance to Pearl, making her very rich. She still wears the scarlet letter even though she doesn’t have to, and women in the town come to her for advice and respect her. Check out some of the great storyboards that you can incorporate into your classroom as you guide your students through this timeless story. The novel opens with a preface from the narrator, who tells the reader that while working in the Custom House in Salem, Massachusetts, he came across some documents that tell the story of Hester Prynne’s ordeal in the newly-settled Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony. He says that she has shamed him, and he wants to plot his revenge for the man who stole his wife’s heart. Chillingworth poses as a doctor and claims to want to get close to the minister to help him get well. The townspeople initially disapprove of Pearl’s behavior and the fact that Hester, the sinner, is raising her alone.
Unfortunately, Chillingworth has figured out their connection and booked a ticket on the same ship.

Hester later returns to Boston where her scarlet letter has earned her respect with the women of the community.
As punishment, Hester must wear a scarlet letter “A” on her chest for the rest of her life. Hester’s husband is thought to have been lost at sea since he left England two years ago and hasn’t been heard from since. Chillingworth soon begins to suspect that there are dark secrets that might relate to his wife’s affair. Hester sews and goes about her business quietly, isolated from the others by the scarlet reminder of her sin. She lives out her days and is buried near Dimmesdale, thus completing the circle of their love and their sin.
Meanwhile, Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale is suffering from an unknown ailment which seems to come from an internal struggle. Nevertheless, she is still technically married, and either way, she is not remarried to anyone else. To make her sin worse, she refuses to name the baby’s father, which infuriates the town leaders even more.
Her punishment is that she must wear a scarlet "A" (for her sin of adultery) on her chest for the rest of her life. Ironically, since Hester is the best seamstress in town, the letter she has sewn is beautiful, suggesting her sin might not be as ugly as the Puritans make it out to be. Dimmesdale delivers his Election Day sermon with fervor and newfound energy-- many say it’s the best sermon he has ever given.
She still wears the scarlet letter even though she doesn’t have to, and women in the town come to her for advice and respect her .

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