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The Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Air Force Instruction (AFI) 32-7064 require the Department of Defense (DOD) to manage the natural resources of each military reservation within the United States and to provide sustained multiple uses of those resources. So, in short, if you are the Jane Goodall of nocturnal desert animals, and you’ve got a brilliant idea for automating your research, this is the program for you. Non-Lethal Avian Active Denial System Using Directed Energy – this will keep wind generation industry alive as we see recent bird strike deaths have put a great deal of pressure on that industry. Advanced Uncooled Infrared Detectors Using Nano-Scale – I know that some thing that will be a real game changer is coming out of this. I was hoping to do another one on the current round of DoD SBIRs, but I haven’t been able to make it a priority.

This project will tell about lead poisoning and will show items that test positive for lead. For the experiment, we went through the house and tested fishing equipment, children’s jewelry, paint, picture frames and more. Reduction of aircraft bird strikes will save millions not only to the DoD but to the flying public.
May not mean much to most folks but it is expensive to send people out into those environments and you have a low percentage of detected species causing additional surveys. A new system is needed to enable effective detection and tracking of sensitive and listed species at a significantly reduced in all these costs.

In celebration of the new SBIR topics, here are a few unusual ones that caught my attention this season.

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