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On a dark night in March 1945, Task Force Baum dashed through a break in the German Army lines created by troops of the U.S. World War II Veteran Charles Whiting is one of the great historians of THAT GREAT CONFLICT and is one of the most prolific authors on the subject with over fifty books published. The achingly hip city of Stockholm is pipped to the post only by Copenhagen in the ‘most-visited’ race. Get started in a place that fuses Stockholm’s savvy design-style with a dose of local history and head to City Hall. The Nobel Prize banquet it held in The Blue Hall, where you’ll find Scandinavia’s largest organ (with over 10,000 pipes) and The Golden Hall lies above, gleaming with wall-to-wall mosaics that depict Sweden’s history. For a bargain on Swedish design, you’re a short T-bana ride (or a half-an-hour walk away) from Acne Archive, where you’ll find this home-grown brand’s high-end menswear, womenswear and footwear at heavily discounted prices. In the afternoon, amble south to Gamla Stan – Stockholm’s old town, which boasts one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centres in Europe. Start the day meandering through Sodermalm, an area often likened to London’s Shoreditch for its vintage shops, stylish cafes, design stores and galleries. You can’t visit Scandinavia without nodding to the Vikings, and the Historiska (Swedish History Museum) holds the largest collection of artefacts from the Viking Age in the world. Walk south and over the bridge to Djurgarden to see a more hectic side to city life (passing the Abba Museum and confronting the Grona Lund amusement park) to catch the boat to sleepy Skeppsholmen.
Finally, head to Stockholm Central Station with time enough to savour the offerings of Luzette.
Third Army and embarked on one of the most dramatic and dangerous rescue missions of World War II. This centre of cool is the catalyst for trend-setting fashions and cutting edge design, with a well-dressed set of residents that unwittingly create catwalks from the cobbles.
You’ll find a plethora of galleries and museums to explore over the 14 islands that make up the city. As it’s still a working building for the Municipal Council, a guided tour is essential and tours in English are available hourly (or every half an hour over the summer season). From how the steps of the grand staircase were spaced, to the amount of gold it took to tile the dazzling eponymous space, you’ll leave with a bursting appreciation for this 19th-cenutry feat.
Bag fashion forward footwear and a well-tailored suit or two for a real bargain, before heading towards Odenplan nearby to peruse the many antique shops that pepper the area. There’s been a restaurant on this site since 1733, as the city’s last southern outpost before reaching the once-rolling countryside.
In 2014, it was ranked as the “coolest” neighbourhood in Europe by Vogue magazine, so take the chance to find out why. Coffee is served in generously sized cut-glasses and it’s a great spot to try a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) – a Swedish tradition that’s freshly baked, right on the premises. Here, you can travel through time, starting with the ice age and finishing up at the present day, taking in all Sweden’s historical endurances and impressive triumphs.

It’s on this tiny, comparatively quiet island that you’ll find the Moderna Museet – Stockholm’s bolthole for contemporary art.
True crime can be gritty, violent, and uncomfortable—but sometimes you catch an episode and the case just sticks with you, because it matters. Their target, the Allied POW camp 60 miles behind enemy lines near the German town of Hammelburg.
Needless to say, it’s a dream destination for people watchers, who’ll never be short of a pavement cafe to pitch up in, coffee and kanelbulle in hand. When skies are clear, its terracotta-toned buildings stand sandwiched between the azure blues of the sea and sky, making for a picturesque muddle of charming architecture that defines this modestly chic centre of style.
It’s well worth the 100 SEK (?7-8) as, for a full 45 minutes, you’ve not only got human knowledge-bank at your disposable but you also gain access to some undeniably impressive spaces. For views over the city, you can purchase an additional ticket (50 SEK) and ascend the narrow passages that wind through the 106-metre tower, stopping at the Tower Museum on route.
Stop into Tennstopet for a bite; it’s a charming neighbourhood restaurant and bar, serving craft ales on tap and Swedish home cooking amidst tartan fabrics, wood-panelled walls and mounted stags’ heads. It’s here you’ll find The Royal Palace (one of Europe’s largest), or follow up on your Nobel journey with a visit to the Nobel Prize and Prize-winners’ Museum. At street level, high street favourites are nestled against independent boutiques and designer fashion outlets, with some excellent homeware stores in between. You can settle in for brunch or lunch, as there’s a good selection of healthy, light meals available throughout the day, from pasta salads and toasted sandwiches to omelettes and daily soups.
You’ll find the second ‘gold room’ of your trip here – a basement filled with Sweden’s treasures – and interactive displays mean you can try on Viking costumes and feel the weight of war-worthy armour. Refuel in the restaurant, where you’ll find a small and traditional choice of salads and soups which can be enjoyed over sweeping views of the city. This contemporary brasserie was designed to imbue the long-lost luxury of travel, with beautifully designed spaces to relax within that incorporate brass, marble and wood – an aesthetically calming escape from the station’s frenetic vibe. You feel for someone, you relate to their hurt, you wonder if and when justice will be properly served—you become invested. Unknown to all but one member of the 300 men in Task Force Baum was the real reason for the rescue: the POW camp at Hammelburg contained Lieutenant Colonel John Waters -- General Patton's son-in-law! A contemporary and highly engaging display is housed within the museum’s grand facade, all designed to ignite conversation and learning around the natural sciences and cultures. Dine from the Wholesaler’s Menu, which has been designed to represent the historical fare that would have satisfied the travelling traders of the day, or choose Swedish and European staples, served with innovative flair.
Look up to the first floors to witness the city’s creative working scene, with design and advertising agencies jostling for a slice of this cool location.
Just moments from Slussen T-bana station, it makes the perfect pit stop before venturing on.
The permanent collection here packs a hefty punch, with original work displayed by Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol.

The menu here serves meat cut fresh from the rotisserie and house specials, which incorporate fine dining ingredients like truffle creme, Kalix vendace roe and saffron.
This is the gripping, true, and long-suppressed full story of what exactly happened in the desperate drive to Hammelburg. Specialities include herring pickled four ways served with cheese, and Pelikan’s meatballs with cream sauce, gherkins and lingonberries. Whilst here, it’s a short walk to Fotografiska – Stockholm’s slick centre for contemporary photography, with excellent temporary exhibitions. We have to invest ourselves in tough situations, at least I do.“Kristen’s Secret” isn’t going to be easy. Some subjects, some moments in our life are tucked away for years, too difficult to discuss or make sense of.
Witters, who’d been having inappropriate encounters with several of his students, lured Kristen into his classroom after class.
This is how she fell into the next terrible trap, under the misguided net of a favorite P.E. In retrospect, she believes this is the event that made Correa feel she could isolate Kristen, because Kristen, lost and traumatized by the incident, had no intentions of telling on the teacher.
Meanwhile, what Kristen’s parents knew was that she was spending a lot of new time with this coach, and they felt like coaches who pick favorites only upset the other girls, Kristen’s friends.
Kristen’s mom even confronted Correa at one point to basically warn her of this, and Correa agreed completely, saying, “I totally see where you’re coming from and I totally respect that.”It should have been that simple.
She decided to test the waters and kiss Kristen on a car ride home—and Kristen didn’t tell anyone. When Correa decided to rent out an apartment to be closer to the school, she invited Kristen and some other girls over to check it out (before her husband moved in with her). For whatever reason, Kristen went along, and when Correa instructed the other girls to go wait downstairs, she began to molest a very afraid and confused Kristen. Correa took Kristen’s virginity, who believed it was even possible she might get pregnant as a result.
To trigger all those unanswered questions and emotions, Kristen then learned that the science teacher, Mr. Witter’s death to only manipulate Kristen further, saying such things like, “I’m going to have to do what Mr. Witters did.” By now, Kristen was in high school and Correa was the master of all plans, often telling Kristen how to sneak out, forcing her to have sex afterhours at the middle school, providing her with a cell phone she could hide in a Spanish-English dictionary she had cut pages out of. In between breaks, 48 Hour asks the viewers if we understand why Kristen didn’t tell anyone about the abuse.

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