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Given the half-dozen Corea albums released in 1978, it’s easy to lose track of his most noteworthy efforts, especially the concept-driven The Mad Hatter and the intimate Latin-jazz quartet date Friends. Secret Agent builds on the final RTF incarnation, featuring a horn section and string trio on most tracks.
In fretless whiz kid Bunny Brunel and drummer Tom Brechtlein Corea had one of his most flexible rhythm sections to date.
But while the sonic palette is similar to The Leprechaun and The Mad Hatter, Secret Agent plays more as a collection of discrete songs, freed from high concept.

Brunel’s innovative approach to harmonics was in many ways as revolutionary as anything by the more acclaimed Jaco Pastorius. Though he has an array of keyboards at his disposal, Corea’s best moments come on Fender Rhodes and Minimoog. Possibly the most famous image from the James Bond franchise is the gun barrel camera shot used during the credits of the films. For the sake of this demonstration, we are going to use Daniel Craig, the current actor who plays James Bond, as our reference. Lastly, go back with white ink or opaque white paint and draw in some highlights to help the wrinkles and arms stand out. You can use this image as a background for your illustration to make it more interesting if you wish. Using the construction lines we inserted as a guide, start by first drawing the eyes, then the nose, and then the mouth.
His preferred weapon has always been the Walther PPK handgun, and he often uses a silencer (seen at the top).

It is never a good idea to start by drawing the outside (contours) of the head first, as the image may look distorted as a result. The material should look freshly pressed, but not so rigid that a few wrinkles don't appear, especially at the inner elbow. You can make things a little more interesting by having his trigger finger resting against the side of the gun, rather than on the trigger itself. Also be sure to insert construction lines for the face so we know the proper location of the eyes, nose, and mouth. James Bond always wore a bow tie in the early days, but more recently, the character has donned a neck tie and sometimes nothing at all.

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