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When we last saw our faux-Hamptonite friends, Charlotte had just conked Emily over the head and torched the Stowaway, Margaux had her brother Gideon arrested and Victoria started to poison David’s opinion of Emily—who he doesn’t realize is Amanda.
Louise, the beautiful redhead from the mental hospital, surprises Victoria on the streets of the city. Victoria sees Emily coming up the walkway, so she grabs a shotgun and tells her to back off.
Emily walks to her car and runs into Ben, who was checking for drinking teens and saw her vehicle. Ben visits Jack at the Stowaway and tells him the fire department has declared the fire an accident.
At the manse, Jack visits Ems and gives Emily a picture he found at the bar of them as children.
Closing Thoughts: Creator Mike Kelley was apparently adamant that David Clarke never be resurrected, and I’m beginning to see why.

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David wants to go after this Emily Thorne character, but Victoria tells him to lay low for a bit while she straightens things out.
Emily tells the authorities she saw the smoke and ran into the bar to see if she could put it out and fainted.
She informs him that all Grayson assets were frozen, which he already knows, and that he has to help her. After Noles leaves, a local comes in and says he’s sorry for telling Jack the bar was empty—he had gotten that information from a young girl, maybe 20, who used to work there. They share a warm reunion, and Louise wants to spend time with her, but Victoria can’t help her. She offers to call in some favors to get him a good job (for some reason he doesn’t want to go back to the publishing biz) but he refuses.

This season is incredibly boring, and David is just not interesting as a mentally unstable vagrant.
Ems admits that Charlotte ambushed her and set the bar on the fire, but refuses to change her official statement.
Victoria promises, “That pathological creature is going to get what she deserves,” but is stunned when Charlotte confesses her attempt to kill Emily.
Emily challenges her to shoot, but Victoria chooses not to, instead promising that she’s going to make Emily’s life miserable. Victoria tells her everything’s going to be okay, then drops another bombshell: David’s alive!

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