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The digital re-release of Francis Ford Coppola's exploration of America's Heart of Darkness in Vietnam is a welcome chance to savour once again the masterpiece that APOCALYPSE NOW truly is. A heady mix of '60s counter-culture and the Vietnam War meshes together with hallucinatory visuals and a magnificent score. O’Shea: How early on did you realize you wanted to go with red or variations of red with the coloring on your story?
Davis: I like working in black and white and often think heavy computer coloring is kind of cheesy looking. O’Shea: Did you have any favorite nursery rhyme illustrations growing up (or now, for that matter)? It seems that even after a zombie apocalypse, there are still dickheads you have to deal with.

That’s the story cartoonist Chris Moreno is telling in his new comic book Zombie Dickheads Are NOT Coming To Get You, set for release in October. The October release clocks in at 48 pages, and will debutĀ  at Chris’ table at the Nashville Comic and Horror Fest on Oct. Martin Sheen stars as the Special Forces captain dispatched on a secret river-borne mission to Cambodia with a brief to 'terminate with extreme prejudice' a demented colonel (Brando) waging a private war in the hills.
To mark the release of the Chris Duffy-edited project, Robot 6 is interviewing five of the 50 cartoonists throughout this week.
I felt lucky to get it tho, it’s a great rhyme and the perfect vehicle for my commie pinko propaganda.
The first interview is with Eleanor Davis, the Athens, Georgia-based creator who contributes The Queen of Hearts nursery rhyme to the collection.

After that it’ll be available at all his future convention appearances, as well as a website he set up for the book. Davis’ most recent book was The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook (Bloomsbury).

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