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Could this be the rumoured Fabian Nicieza Age Of Apocalypse series for Marvel’s Secret Wars perhaps?
The 1976 horror film The Omen featured Gregory Peck as a man who comes to believe his adopted son is the Antichrist as (not) foretold in the Book of Revelation. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a retailer in possession of the first issue of a comic book, must reduce his orders for the second. Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond left the BBC’s Top Gear television show after Clarkson assaulted his producer, both verbally and physically.
The third in a series 30th Anniversary prints for Gosh Comics, here is the latest from Jillian Tamaki. The mutant superhero team, The X-Men, have a big role to play in Marvel Comics'  big event, Secret Wars.
As we previously mentioned, Secret Wars features the Marvel superheroes from alternate realities coming together to meet in an epic standoff. In the plot synopsis, the tyrannical Apocalypse rules his entire domain on Battleworld with an iron fist. The Deadpool writer explains why the search for Cypher is significant in this new version, "I can elaborate a little: Cypher not only interprets language, he can also discern meaning and intent behind what is said. Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Welcome Baby Girl: Couple Name Their Daughter Something Unique, Find Out What! We'll send you "feel good" news that'll make your week -- plus the scoop on the most entertaining of stories. According to X-writer Scott Lobdell, it all started with a message on his answering machine from then-Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras: “What if Jubilee goes to the mansion and everyone she finds there are claiming to be X-Men, but they aren’t really the X-Men?”  From there, Lobdell and Harras began batting around ideas – what if time had been changed, and one person remembered the previous reality?
Holocaust, son of Apocalypse, who soon fell into dim memory but made a tremendous entry, destroying the Acolytes’ orbital satellite. Nate Grey, the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ version of Cable, a youth created by Sinister from the genetic templates of Cyclops and Jean Grey.
It’s also possible that this will reintroduce some of the classic heroes of ‘Age of Apocalypse’ – that we’ll be able to explore once again the subtle treachery of Prelate Scott Summers, that we’ll see Magneto leading his X-Men into the fray, and perhaps even that we’ll see once again the classic Nate Grey, whose character was redirected so badly in the 2000 ‘Revolution’ event. They took their brand of masculine tomfoolery to Amazon Prime for a new show with a massive budget.
Even with the help of Cypher, will Magneto be able to stop the warlord Apocalypse from destroying the Marvel Universe in writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Gerardo Sandoval's Age of Apocalypse #1. The Marvel's superheroes and super-villains will be forced to defend themselves for the survival of their universe.
In the original Age of Apocalypse, Magneto took up Xavier's dream after witnessing his death at the hands of a deranged mutant (who was actually Charles's son from the future).
We'll read through the Marvel Universe year-by-year, and vote on the best hero & villain of each year.
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This July they’re adding Harry Potter to the mix just in time for the next installments release I suppose. If you are bored from Age of Apocalypse - Secret Wars comic, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another comic like Age of Apocalypse - Secret Wars 4 from our huge comic list. If you are bored from Age of Apocalypse - Secret Wars comic, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another comic like Age of Apocalypse - Secret Wars 1 from our huge comic list.
The X-Men fought to the end to send the misplaced Bishop into the timeline and set things rights. After splitting Apocalypse in half, Magneto proudly stood with his wife, Rogue, and son, as they watched their entire world blow up in the nuclear explosion. Today, Marvel is proud to present your new look at AGE OF APOCALYPSE #1 – as one of the most iconic X-Men stories of all time is reborn on Battleworld! In the wake of the recent Secret Wars announcement, Marvel is now releasing a series of teaser images promising some sort of revival or continuation of several event comics to take place in summer 2015. In this grim future, they will fight to end Apocalypse's reign of terror, even if it means sacrificing their very lives.
Writer Fabian Nicieza returns to the post-apocalyptic wasteland he helped create, along with critically acclaimed artist Gerardo Sandoval (Guardians 3000)!
Are these intended as full-fledged events in their own right, or are they tie-ins to Secret Wars and its multiverse-spanning conflict?
The first teaser image focuses on the 2006 mini-series Civil War: Art by Adi Granov Click here for a bit more background information and speculation on what this project could involve. The second teaser promises a bizarre mash-up between the Age of Ultron and Marvel Zombies universes: Art by Carlos Pacheco Age of Ultron was a 10-issue mini-series from 2013 that saw Ultron succeed in taking over the world and decimating humanity. While Wolverine and Invisible Woman were able to travel back in time to save the world, Wolverine managed to damage the Marvel timestream in the process. Marvel previously revisited the Age of Ultron universe this year with the mini-series What If? The Marvel Zombies have since featured in numerous mini-series and spinoff projects, with the most recent being 2012's Marvel Zombies Destroy. The teaser features a young Kitty Pryde and both the X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as they appeared in 1981, as well as an army of Sentinels and the older Kate Pryde from the Days of Future Past reality. Can Magneto and his X-Men rescue Cypher from Cyclops & Havok’s Elite Mutant Force, Dark Beast and his vile experiments, and the new Horsemen of Apocalypse? Could this project also tie into the X-Men's recent time-travel woes in All-New X-Men and Battle of the Atom? Newsarama debuted this teaser, which promises a new take on the Planet Hulk concept: Art by Mukesh Singh This appears to be connected to writer Greg Pak's original Planet Hulk story in name only. This project apparently involves a literal planet full of Hulks, with an ax-wielding Captain America and Devil Dinosaur thrown in for good measure. Comic Vine has this teaser, which calls back to the "Armor Wars" storylines from the 1980's Iron Man comics. We had the exclusive reveal on this House of M teaser: Art by Jorge Molina Click here for more on this House of M revival. Whatever the case, clearly this take on the Infinity Gauntlet storyline will feature a much different cast of heroes.

Marvel released this image via Twitter: Art by Steve McNiven The original Old Man Logan paired writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven for an alternate universe storyline where Marvel's villains ruled a dystopian America and Wolverine was a retired farmer dragged into one last mission. While Millar eventually touched on some of the characters in his Fantastic Four run, the final issue of Old Man Logan did leave the door wide open for a direct sequel.
Scott Forbes While at least some of these teasers are focused on alternate universe storylines, this teaser appears directly connected to the current Inhuman series by writer Charles Soule and artist Ryan Stegman. Marvel looks to be giving Inhuman a new push in 2015, which makes sense given the persistent rumors of an Inhumans film on the horizon.
The question is whether this teaser is tied to the others Marvel has been putting out, or if Attilan Rising is a separate project.
CBR debuted this Ultimate Universe-themed teaser: Art by Mark Bagley Could this actually be the end for Marvel's Ultimate imprint? However, with two of those comics now canceled and Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man set to be the sole remaining Ultimate book after January, maybe this really is the end for an imprint that started way back in 2000.
At least we know that Miles himself will be one of many characters appearing in Secret Wars. Newsarama debuted this Age of Apocalypse teaser: Art by Andy Clarke Age of Apocalypse was a 1995 crossover that explored an alternate universe where Charles Xavier died and Magneto formed the X-Men to oppose Apocalypse's North American empire.
Age of Apocalypse has actually been revisited several times in the 20 years since, first with a 2005 sequel mini-series and more recently with David Lapham's short-lived ongoing comic. X-Men event was back in 2012 and featured the two teams battling over Hope Summers as the Phoenix Force made its return to Earth. This cover, done by Skottie Young in his signature "baby" style, features Avengers Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man and Hawkeye, X-Men Wolverine and Storm (who were both Avengers at the time of the event), and Deadpool, who is sometimes considered an X-Man but not really. While they had nothing to do with the initial event, that hasn't stopped Marvel from a) re-imagining the conflict with the Inhumans choosing a side, or b) putting the Inhumans on as much promotional artwork as possible to continue to try to make them a thing.
Rogue, Storm, Gambit, Wolverine, Professor X, Cyclops, and Jubilee are all present in their classic 90s costumes, although Jean Grey and Beast were also members of the core cast and are notably absent. It wouldn't be a stretch for Marvel to launch an X-Men '92 comic that follows the adventures of the 90s cartoon X-Men. Goodness knows there's a whole generation who would gobble that comic up like Jubilee does bubble gum.
But these teasers all seem to be tying into the upcoming Secret Wars storyline in 2015, so it feels off for this particular teaser to signal the launch of a brand new comic book series. Perhaps this is Marvel making the 90s X-Men cartoon an official alternate reality within their comic book universe? As ominous as the phrase "Everything ends" is, we have to wonder if there's any credence to the rumors about Marvel rebooting their universe. We'll keep you updated as Marvel releases more teasers and hopefully reveals more information about these mysterious 2015 projects.

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