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Mei: The level goes on for quite some bit, kind of lagging on, until finally the level ends! Mei: Well, sometimes me and Gabu explore farther than the Emerald Forest to see new faces and new places to see. Gabu: There was one time when we saw an Armadillo traveling across the desert with a cowboy hat, boots, gloves, and a handkerchief.
Mei: There was this other time when we found a strange place with weird long rectangles and fast metal contraptions.

Mei: No friendship is ever perfect, and if you had true friends instead of ones online, maybe you might understand what it means to have a true friend. It has you take all of the elements from the other games; excluding the space, and put them together.
You use it all the time in this mode and the fact that I can’t get Ami nor Yumi over obstacles in time makes this very annoying. They may say something, but people like Giro and his goons are the kind of people who would straight up lie to someone on the internet.

The story is even simpler- get to the concert on foot because… apparently the tour bus broke down or something.

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