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Press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page (a star icon for some browsers). NEW YORK – The figure behind the $2 million contribution the Chinese construction company Rilin Enterprises made in 2013 to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation is secretive Chinese billionaire Wang Wenliang.
The Times reported Wang, a member of the National People’s Congress, China’s national legislative branch of government, has used Rilin Enterprises to build “numerous consulates and embassies for the Chinese government,” a job that foreign governments typically give to construction companies with extensive intelligence agency ties. CBS News found the Clinton Foundation has raised at least $42 million from foreign governments and at least $170 million from foreign entities and individuals. When Bill Clinton was in the White House, numerous fundraising scandals arose related to Chinese influence on U.S. Across the river in New Jersey, he has fared less well, despite investing heavily in real estate.
The New York Times also revealed that in February 2011, the housing task force in Jersey City followed up on a complaint from a resident on Pavonia Avenue about the number of people living in a single-family residence rented by Rilin. The Times also reported Jersey City officials found “the same conditions” at another house that was used by Rilin for its workers.
A biography prepared by the National University of Singapore Business School notes Wang was born in the city of Dandong, Liaoning Province, China.
He focused on economics research upon graduation from Liaoning University as one of the first class of graduates following the Cultural Revolution. In March 1998, Wang formed China Rilin Construction Group, which the NUS Business School characterized as one of the largest privately held construction companies in China. Rilin owns and operates Dandong Port, a large modern port consisting of 20 berths that can accommodate bulk cargoes. Dandong Port is also the closest deep-water port in China serving the Korean Peninsula, Japan and Russia Far East. Dandong, China, the headquarters for the Wang worldwide operations, is known for the Chinese branch North Korean Kwangson Bank opened in 2004. The Telegraph said Chinese authorities in March 2013 shut the North Korean bank branch down 10 days after the United Nations Security Council imposed fresh sanctions on North Korea. The piece offering insight into Xia€™s personality presents a distinctly softer image of Communist Party leadership.

A cartoon published to Chinese state media sites, showing president Xi Jinping’s hectic schedule in his first months in office, has prompted an online discussion about efforts to promote a kinder image for the new leader.
To a Western audience, the cartoon looks unremarkable, the kind of piece you would see in civics class in any U.S.
The cartoon’s producer, Yang Mingxing, told Beijing News that her team was inspired to make the cartoon by comments Xi made at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.
As vice president in 2012, Xi coordinated the expansion of the quota of Hollywood films allowed into China to 34. In recent weeks, he made a highly publicized visit to the Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop in Beijing where he ate some pork and scallion baozi (buns) with some workers. There were rumors last year that Xi took a taxi to ask the driver what was really going on in Beijing, although that may have been a hoax. Xi also gave a new year’s message on state television from his office, with family photographs on display behind him.
In October, a professionally produced video cartoon, How to Make Leaders, which satirized the American and British election systems and showed how China's six most important leaders rose from grassroots politics to the apogee of power in the country, went viral in China. Even gentle satire of the government is not tolerated in China, but the earlier cartoon had such a positive spin on the process of appointing China's leaders that many commentators suspected it was a clever piece of propaganda in disguise. Appointed as head of the ruling Communist Party in November 2012, Xi was appointed president at the National People’s Congress in March last year.
As THR reported in October, the new deal solidifies Hollywood and China's existing trade terms, while also promising international auditing of China's box office, where irregularities have often been reported. The Memorandum of Understanding that delivered those terms had been based on a handshake between Xi Jinping and Vice President Joe Biden — the new MPAA deal codifies them into an official trade contract. Sources tell THR that Chinese distributors have been told to be prepared for outside auditing as soon as January 1, 2016. Hollywood will undoubtedly be pushing for an expanded import quota, greater share of theatrical revenues and more control over release dates in China — trade barriers that the Chinese have wielded with unmistakable cunning to diminish foreign dominance of their nascent but ballooning film industry. Given the galloping pace of growth, but the snail's pace of regulatory reform in China, all bets are off for how those 2017 discussions might go down. 7, the New York Times identified Wang as the secret buyer behind a shell corporation that bought three pricey condos in the exclusive Times Warner building in New York City for $25.6 million.

The subsequent investigation discovered 15 Asian males with no identification, passports, or work visas all residing in the one-family attached row house. He then served as the economics adviser to the municipal government on planning and economic issues.
It serves as a transshipment point for commodities from northeast China to southern China, Japan and South Korea. During that process we learned that Xi likes the movie Saving Private Ryan, but other than that, details of the leader's interests were thin. Since that time he has spent 39 days on five trips overseas, covering 14 countries and five continents.
Clinton received funding directly from known or suspected Chinese intelligence agents, including James and Mochtar Riady of the Indonesian Lippo Group, John Huang, Charlie Trie, Ted Sioeng, Maria Hsia and Wang Jun.
It shows a friendly caricature of Xi wearing a gray jacket and blue trousers, and details the amount of time he has spent traveling China and the world in his role as supreme leader of the world’s biggest emerging power. But in China, ever since the cult of personality around Chairman Mao Zedong led to the horrors of the Cultural Revolution, the leadership has traditionally been a impenetrable black box and the president a faceless technocrat who keeps his own personality out of the news.
It is probably made by the propaganda ministry to change the previously stiff style of publicity.
Such an increase could be a game-changer for indie and international studios, which are unable to compete with the Hollywood studios for the 34 revenue-sharing release slots in China. Those security-clearance documents “contain information that foreign intelligence agencies could use to target espionage operations,” the Journal reports. The administration originally disclosed on June 4 that personnel records had been compromised, and that the FBI suspects China was behind the hack.

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