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Enid Blyton was posthumously awarded the first Enid Blyton Award for Lifetime Contribution to Children. Multi-award-winning Tony Ross has become one of the best-known creators of original and traditional picture books and his work has been published all over the world.
Tony Ross has won a number of awards for illustration, including the Dutch Silver Paintbrush Award for the best illustrations by a foreign artist.
The Presidency of Lex Luthor 2000-2008In the year 2000, Lex Luthor was elected as president of the United States. Lex Luthor, IQ believed to be somewhere in the effect of 400, is widely reputed to be the smartest man in the world. Sentinel Mk VIt is thought that currently a large number of sentinels have made their home on abandoned Roxxon oil rigs off the Siberian coast. JoshuaDunlow wrote:Anton1066 wrote: Magneto has been designed to take on an entire team by himself! As well as his own books, he has illustrated books for authors such as Roald Dahl, Paula Danziger and Michael Palin. This section is custom-made just for your heroes (or villains) to hang out in and strut their stuff. Luthor won by a landslide on a campaign of technological advancement and industrial renovation. And looks good.Thanks for stopping by JD, although im not sure which build your referring to. They meet every holiday in the shed at the bottom of Peter and Janet’s garden, which can only be accessed by whispering a secret password.
Genosha was a small island nation off the coast of Madagascar with an awful human rights record. Now combine these factors with the first hand knowledge that humanity is a festering slime pit of bigotry and self-justification that will absolutely not leave you alone. Although Luthor was a peerless administrator and masterful politician, the 'Lex Years' were a disaster that shock the very foundation of the Union. He made his first million selling a computer chip that he made in a Smallville Barn and never bothered to look back. A former colony of Begium, the nation was given its independence after WWI and developed into a dictatorial monarchy. Against characters with a high defense or reflex, he can use his perception, damaging, magnetic control.

At the heart of the problem was Luthor's hatred for the super human community and general disregard for the American people that assured his failure. The problem is deciding how far he's willing to follow his beliefs to their natural conclusion. Against characters with a high toughness save, he can either use telekinesis to throw them around or use snare.
While Lex promised sweeping changes and 'common sense solutions', his policies were always constrained by partisan interests and the strong lobbies that developed deep ties to the presidency. Lex Luthor has rigged birth certificates that say he's from Metropolis' Suicide Slums, has people who swear up and down he's from Smallville in Kansas, and he'll probably state he's the bastard son of a Vanderbildt if he thought it'd get him an angle or an inheritance. The answer will honestly depend on what time of the day it is or what has happened to him recently.Magneto's attempts to conquer the Earth are born from his selfless desire to 'fix' humanity and atone for his own crimes. But when they realise the culprits are a ruthless gang, they wonder if they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Early in the first term, Luthor hampered his technological progress initiative by driving away Bruce Wayne and other top industry powers out of simple spite and hubris.
Taking advantage of the situation, the monarchy demonized the population and put them into slave labor camps. If Magneto is capable of creating paradise, he reasons, then all of his terrible actions over the years are justified.
By the start of 2003, it looked as if Luthor's presidency would be ineffective and un-noteworthy. Those who think Magneto is a teddy bear should note that he literally has killed thousands of people over the years. Most of these were justified but the collateral damage from the Fatal Attraction-mission killed hundreds of innocent human beings.
Although Genosha was led by the mutant terrorist Magneto, it was a peaceful and advanced nation of 16 million.
Now he dreams of the Holocaust, the awakening of his mutant powers (and the wiping out of a town), his actions during that mission, AND Genosha.Given his selfless motives, he gets along with very few supervillains. Doctor Doom is one of the few individuals who shares most of his values but the betrayals at the hands of Victor have left Max with no desire to ever work with him again.
It's not so much that he's a sociopath, that would imply he's incapable of caring about others.
It's just that you don't really have any relevance if you don't have a relativity to Lex Luthor.

The reason Lex Luthor can and is willing to do the things that he does (both wonderful and horrible) boils down to this character trait. History judges men who shape the courses of destiny by their wills favorably and who made lasting changes. Luthor deflected any responsibility that the United States might have had in the attack and used the tragedy to catapult himself to a second term.During his second term, Luthor faced an increasing number of challenges (Most of his own doing) that culminated in a near apocalyptic earth. Magneto returned to Genosha in 1993 and forced the UN to declare Genosha as a homeland for all mutant kind. In general, Lex Luthor's Teflon like ability to bounce back from bad publicity is his most frustrating trait to superheroes. The fact Lex Luthor is a criminal is known to everyone from SHIELD to the Avengers to the Justice League. Hell, the average man on the street actually knows Lex Luthor is a criminal (Lex would never admit this). The day after he's accused of robbing a bank is the day he's discovered the cure for Bird Flu or solved a hunger crisis. Luthor doesn't care about the people he saves, he just thinks its a good idea to have a bank of good publicity. LexCorp owns Wallmart, Microsoft, IBM, has most of the United States weapons contracts sewn up, and can pretty much speed dial a third of Congress. His resignation from Presidency was because of 'fatigue.' A nice way of saying that he could no longer stand the fact he was being watched every minute by people looking for him to slip up. Being the 43rd President of the United States was just a paycut and a way to irritate his perpetual annoyance. It's the same reason he'd hate Charles Xavier and why he gets along well with Magneto and Mandarin (business associates both). Because, he cannot comprehend anyone who has the power to rule the world and doesn't try to.
If you want to make him a physical threat, add on a battle suit so that he reaches his caps.

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