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Vietnam has long been the focus of Western attention, which only increased when American soldiers discovered the elegant beauty, and refined manners, of Vietnamese women. Exoticism ranking: The newness of the market attracts those who are tired of well-established places, such as the Philippines and Thailand. Ease of access: The downside of novelty is lack of development, so Vietnam is still learning the ropes in the mail-order bride business. In addition, many ex-pats living down there often say that Catholicism has a weak hold on Brazilian society, and so the women tend to be freer about whom they might wed. Exoticism ranking: Brazil is easily the most ethnically mixed country in South America, a flavor that draws many bride-seekers. Ease of access:A Any foreign language other than Portuguese is barely spoken, which is bad for Western bride-seekers.
For those Western bride-seekers wanting the classic Asian beauty, China is the place they go, as there’s little interracial mingling here. Also, the websites and movies dona€™t often tell you that the parochial nature of Chinese culture means that most ladies have never left their native country. Nevertheless, unlike in South Korea or Japan, marrying a white man will offer a Chinese lady a measure of prestige in her family.
Ease of access: A half century of godless communism has broken down many of the cultural restrictions on interracial marriage and shyness. Heavy emigration to the West after WWII resulted in large Indian communities being created in the cold northern climes, yet all government and academic studies state that these India-towns were less conducive to full integration in the host country, and so they retain many of their own traditions. High poverty levels, great numbers of single ladies, and said ladies’ raw beauty, make Thailand an attractive market.
However, what keeps Thai ladies in the middle of the mail-order pack is the raft of negative traits.
In addition, most searchers of foreign brides are looking for those with a maternal instinct, and this is where Thai ladies fail worst of all. So, with all that behind them, Ukrainian ladies have not been shy about accessing the mail-order bride industry online, and creating one of the worlda€™s largest lady markets.A The paradigm-shattering realization that Eastern European women were not unibrow chubsters, coupled with the collapse of the Iron Curtain, resulted in a flood of men pouring through the doors of their brand-new candy shop. Exoticism ranking: Not so high, since Oksanas look no different from Western European girls. Ease of access: Close proximity to Europe and the Middle East make Ukraine one of the easiest bride markets to access, plus Ukrainiansa€™ intense desire for novelty, and thirst for language, makes this county one of the most open on this list.
The only Caribbean country on the list, the Dominican Republic also has the smallest number of women available, at just 2 million.
Plus, Dominican men are not highly sought after, because they reportedly tend to be poorer and less ambitious than Western men, not especially faithful,A and on the whole are more physically abusive to their spouses. Exoticism ranking: While Dominican girls are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean, on the exotic scale they earn a middle ranking for American men, since they are mostly African, and a high ranking for all other pasty white countries. Ease of access: Dominican society has almost no taboos regarding interracial couplings or approaching womenfolk, making access easy. The women of Colombia have steadily risen in the ranks of the mail-order bride industry in recent years. Colombia tops the list of South American countries, because the senoritas possess a special reputation for sultriness, having the slinkiest dance moves around, and sporting hips that don’t lie. Exoticism ranking: If the bride-seeker is from the US, not so much, since Colombian senoritas are much more Latin than Brazilian girls. Ease of access: Colombia is really far away, and good luck getting your local airport to fly you there.
One thing that distinguishes Filipina women from other Asian women is that they are, by far, the most-traveled gals around. Although the divorce rate is rather low in the Philippines, poverty rates are high, and so a foreign man is seen as reasonable way to get a good roof over her head.A Plus, by their own admission, Filipina girls like white men. Of all the countries on this list, the women of Russia are the most educated, which means they are more likely to know foreign languages, understand other cultures, have greater job prospects, and can talk about subjects other than cooking and sex. Ease of access: Russia is one of the largest countries in the world, and it can be a pain in the ass to get from point A to point B.
Evan OstryzniukA has a PhD from Cambridge University, and stopped trolling mail-order bride sites when he finally found his Ukrainian wife.
Apart from the obvious racist overtones – I have to say I liked your list (and writing style) immensely.
I once worked with a flabby white guy who married a Columbian woman he met on the internet. I cannot believe they would post “since the drug wars and jungle fighting killed off (or imprisoned) many Colombian men, the competition for husbands is fiercer there than anywhere else in Latin America” What kind of asshole thinks only men die in a civil war?? The girl in number 2 is an actress from the Philippines and it’s unfair to use her photo for this kind of article. The runways are filled with Eastern European beauties right now (and since the bloc fell) rather than the mostly the blue eyed Californian blondes of yesteryear for a reason. Haven’t you ever seen the Ukrainian or Russian ladies that have an almost Asian shaped eye, while still being green eyed (without contact lenses). India shouldn’t be on the list of mail-order bride countries at all, since even the author who made this top ten claims arranged marriages is a different pratice all together. It’s also funny to see how much the author dislike and pick on thai women, because no matter the fault that many thai women may have. Thai women have a very strong family bond, and in some cases its so strong the original family overruns the new husband leaving him as a lower cast. I can agree with Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand among the top countries for mail order brides .. For those who are not familiar with Jay Chou ???, he is an accomplished Taiwanese musician, singer, music and film producer, actor and director who as won the World Music Award four times. Jay Chou’s restaurant revolves around his movie Secret that has received the 44th Golden Horse Award for Best Visual Effects, The Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year and Best Original Film Song.

The menu is more like a book with heavy cover with descriptions of the dishes that are available and information about Jay Chou and the movie Secret.
Three cup chicken ??? is a a Taiwanese dish where chicken is cooked with a cup of soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil until the sauce evaporates thus leaving the chicken crispy. Both the chicken, sauce, and basil leaves are incorporated in the thin crust pizza and then topped with tortilla chip strips. Seared salmon plank topped with two asparagus spears, baby corn spear, and thinly sliced red pepper. At last count, hundreds of websites list hundreds of thousands of single women from all over the Third World, all of them eager to marry a Western man for one reason or another.
Interracial marriage became common during the War there, which gave life to the Viet-gal stereotype of being beautiful, delicate and exotic.
This, coupled with conventional Asian features, puts Vietnamese ladies high on the exotic scale. Most girls languish in the countryside, with poor transport infrastructure and restricted access to the online world. It helps the mail-order market that Brazil constantly throws out images of beautiful, wiggly women for eyes to feast on. The flip side to this, from the Western bride-seeker point of view, is that Brazilian ladies tend to be fiercely independent, so while they support their traditional family role, they will not tolerate a sour relationship for long. Also, the online matchmaking industry is more interested in the other countries on this list.
However, while China dolls have the stereotypical look many men dream about, their behavior and attitudes usually fall short of the ideal. On the one hand, if the bride-seeker is white, the ranking is high, but there are not many of those. Arranged marriage matchmakers have the inside track, and most mail-order bride websites cater to this immensely lucrative market.
They might doll themselves up to the nines, but raising children and maintaining a decent household sit low on their priorities.
However, that slick and sensual Slavic accent can send chills down any bride-seekera€™s spine. Plus, regular flights to and from the US, developed tourism infrastructure, and compact territory makes the Dominican Republic very inviting.
Back the a€?80s, drug cartels and communist insurgency made this country too hairy for the average bride-seeker, but now that that’s all been taken care of, the ladies are coming out of hiding to find their true love. Also, since the drug wars and jungle fighting killed off (or imprisoned) many Colombian men, the competition for husbands is fiercer there than anywhere else in Latin America. InfidelityA is rampant and, combined with Catholic restrictions on contraception, this means a whole lot of young and single mothers are looking for financial security. Overseas employment is a veritable institution in the Philippines, making it emotionally easier for girls to leave the family nest.
The ubiquity of the Filipina woman in the Western world, coupled with their immense online presence, does dull the senses. Families are tight-knit to be sure, but few taboos exist about personal expression in public places.
More than 500 mail-order sites display over 60,000 Russian women at any given time, which is just about the highest rate of them all.
Speaking of sex, the old conservative religious cultures, and close village living, have long been replaced with a vague moral code that results in very little conscience about sex, or its consequences. In addition to having one of the highest alcoholism rates in the world, their own women accuse Russian men of chronic infidelity, and a propensity for domestic violence.
Place a Russian lady in a Western city and they tend to blend in quite well, aside from being overdressed and heavily made up. Moscow is far from anywhere, corruption is one of the worst in the world, and the bureaucracy remains a holdover from the command economy days. French and Belgian and Swiss men in particular often marry African mail order brides from francophone countries. But it was a good post overall apart from some racist accusations without evidence or maybe the writer got carried away. For one thing arranged marriages can be planned for looking out for either grooms or brides, unlike the whole one dimensional mail-order bride services. The design of the restaurant is a combination of elegance and modern with the decoration of Jay Chou pictures on the walls and the infamous piano from Secret. It was more on the sweet side rather than savory. The restaurant features a different soup every day. I interned Taipei Medical University this past summer so it was conveniently right on campus and a 2 minute walk from my office. Then either take a taxi directly to Taipei Medical University or you can take the little bus 7.
She is a social media marketer, blogger, food photographer, and the host of the largest SXSW food crawl. A tale of sworn friendship between two women in 19th-century China, it's got enough plague, death, revolution and foot-binding to warrant a proper screen epic. As a result, there are many other countries that rule the mail-order bride business far harder.
Finding comfortable stereotypes is what draws in first-time bride-seekers, which helps make Brazil a relatively popular mail-order nation.
On the whole, the negatives outweigh the positives for Brazilian ladies, so this Amazon nation must stay on the bottom rungs of this list. In fact, far from the retiring, submissive stereotype of lore, Chinese ladies are typically aggressive yet respectful.
The challenge to acclimate them to a new life abroad might be too big a job for some Western men. Some fools mistake this ancient matchmaking scheme for the modern mail-order bride industry, but the main difference lies in the broker.

On the other hand, if he looks little different from the potential life-mate, the ranking hits zero. For the average white guy in Des Moines sitting in his office cubicle, hoping that the boss wona€™t see the strange colorful Devanagari text radiating from his computer, not so much. Thai people on the whole are darker-skinned than those of European descent, so the average Western man receives an automatic advantage. If Internet-based testimony is anything to go by (and when is it not?), they are among the least trustworthy of all mail-order bride ethnicities. As a result, the divorce rate for Thai mail-order brides is above average, which is almost as bad as a high divorce rate for marriages based on love.
They have high levels of education — meaning they can actually carry on a conversation, understand foreign languages and find a job in their new land. Oksanas are not shy or retiring, so such parties are known to draw large numbers of ladies, whether they are looking for a spouse or not! Also, local sources say that they are mostly humble and submissive, which are major sources of attraction for many Western bride-seekers, who often quiet and retiring (or just old and domineering) themselves. In addition, little stigma is attached to age differences between spouses, so flabby old white guys have an easier time finding a young spicy Latina here than elsewhere.
If you’re in the market for a mail-order kid as well, this here’s your country! A recent study revealed that 70% of Filipina believe American men are thoughtful and kind, whereas Filipino men are considered cruel and unfaithful. To add insult to injury, the divorce rate is hovering at a whopping 80%, so Natashas have all the reasons in the world to try their luck somewhere else. However, once the bride-seeker makes it to the inner sanctum of East Slavic femininity, that massive headache transforms into an ocean of transcendent beauty and sophistication. It is also important to note that Brazil is the only country in South America whose dominant language and culture comes from Portugal. Why are there too much comments giving writers steak, why don’t readers try to write some toptenz instead of giving writer the steak for every little thing.
There are so many interesting women who I may talk to, discuss different topics and enjoy the time together. Also arranged marriages can be found in not only south-asia, but also in Africa, east-asia, Israel, many Muslims countries and many NativE American groups found in Latin america. I didn’t get a chance to visit the restaurant at the DaAn branch but I heard it has more of a western theme. Reality might hit them squarely in the face when they discover that most Viet-gals actually have no interest in loving Americans long time. With arranged marriages, parents or community elders match the young a€?uns; with mail-order brides, an independent broker finds who the man wants. Yes, India has many regions with women of many different features but, to the untrained eye, the shades are negligible. The most common complaints are that they are unworldly, which makes conversation a rather dull affair. And since the country was occupied by the US for the longest time, English is a commonly-spoken language, and flights are frequent. He couldn’t hope to get from some pretty single girl who has lived across the street from him for years, and who keeps waving and winking at him every time they lock eyes.
It’s so cool to have a real date after online communication when you already know this person and can trust her. I feel that only reason India is here it’s mainly because Mail-order bride type is mostly white western male pratice, which is why many of them wish deep down that indian brides would be easy to order out and exploit like many other type of women on this globe. Jay Chou will be making an appearance in America on January 14 2011 in the film, The Green Hornet. The menu also includes Jay Chou’s own favorites such as three cup chicken which he has transformed into a pizza.
For an extra US $3 you can add a soup, salad, dessert, and drink to your meal (see pictures with *).
Of course, some mail-order bride sites still play up this fantasy for the sake of business.
Still, the similarities are there, and if you are willing to move out to the country and befriend the parents of your beloved, they can probably make things happen. This was the land of the fierce Cossacks, after all, where all the men when to war and the women had to do everything else.
Perhaps a film about the Holocaust could compare the massacre of several thousand Parisian Jews to an American journalist's uncertainty about her marriage 70 years later.
The Holocaust drama is “Sarah's Key”, starring Kristin Scott Thomas, which comes out on DVD in late November. In each case the scenes set in ye olde days are much more dramatic than those set in the present, which suggests that the film-makers are embarrassed by the triviality of modern life. The message is that workaday bourgeois concerns need to be spiced up by the horrors of a more turbulent time in order to be interesting on screen.
But novels can slip between time periods far more easily than films can, which is one reason why the Hollywood adaptations of those two novels fell short of their source material.
It assumes that we don't have the imagination to sympathise with people from a pre-iPhone era. Maybe Mr Wang should have stuck in a third strand, in which a bunch of men sit and watch the film, and chat about how they, too, feel as if they're having their feet bound.

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