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Entrepreneurship is HARD It's even harder when you have no access to great mentors, teachers or people who have already done what you aspire to do.
We created this academy because entrepreneurship is a very lonely path, but it doesn’t have to be!
If you are procrastinating because you don't think you have enough experience, time, or money, let us be the first to tell you that these are all myths that hold no relevance in your path to success. If you are rockin and rollin in your business then let us congratulate you for taking action and making your dream become reality. If you think you're running your business like a well oiled machine, we bet it can run even better.
We bust these 5 entrepreneur myths and show you real examples of students who have made it regardless of their circumstance. Kiran found a void in the phone accessory niche for high end automotive influenced cases and set out to create the first of its kind. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Damian has perfected the art of sales from running a handful of mall kiosks that sell hair style products. Who is Teaching in The Academy Our entrepreneurs have…  sold their companies for millions, created #1 best selling apps, own SEO website empires, consulted for Fortune 500 companies, invented products on store shelves, built software companies with 1,000s of clients. Brett David: As one of today’s most respected CEOs and Business leader, Brett shares how he was able to take Lamborghini and Audi of Miami to #1 positions nationwide at the young age of 19. Fabio Viviani: As one of the most successful Chefs, Fabio came to America and rebuilt his empire from the ground up.
Ricardo Poupada: Starting an Online magazine takes lots of work and tremendous strategy, especially if you're going to sell your magazine for $13M like Ricardo did.
Pat Flynn: Notorious for having mastered the art of smart passive income online, Pat Flynn teaches you the essentials needed to successfully launch, monetize and duplicate an online business model. Dan Price: 30-year Dan Price of Seattle-based Gravity Payments is a CEO who epitomizes the meaning of purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Cassey Ho: Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor, creator of POP Pilates, the designer of oGorgeous Bags, and a lover of all things healthy. Chad Mureta: The founder of what is possibly the largest App Empire in the industry, Chad teaches us a unique APP revenue model that focuses on volume rather than quality. Dan Fleyshman: At the age of 17, Dan took his college fund savings of $43k and invested it into his trademarked 'Who's Your Daddy' brand.
Timothy Sykes: The world’s most hated marketer, and one of today’s top penny stock traders breaks down the myths of penny stock trading, and shares the fundamentals to what enabled him to turn $12,000 into $4M in a few years. Jordan Swerdloff: In 2009, Jordan created what today is the fastest growing wheel company in the world. Brian Smith: A passionate author, speaker, and innovator, Brian Smith is one of the most sought after business leaders and branding experts in the country.
Michael Michalowicz: After the sale of his second 7 figure business, Michael broke down the fundamentals in starting a business while being extremely resourceful and specialized in his best selling book "The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur".
Jordan Harbinger: If you are a guy, then you most likely know Jordan who teaches millions of people how to be a better guy. What You Get as a Student of the Academy You can expect to be motivated, inspired, educated and entertained, no matter what you do or aspire to do. InterviewsOver 2,500 hours of HD video and audio content taught by over 130 recognized and accredited entrepreneurs. Private EventsGet invited to private member only offline events worldwide where you can connect with local entrepreneurs in your area.

ResourcesGain access to the best proven tools that can help you build your business faster and help master the game of entrepreneurship.
MastermindJoin live mastermind classes online where our business experts teach industry secrets that have worked for them. CommunityUnlock our private community and network with over 3000 like-minded entrepreneurs all eager to help. How To GuidesSelect from over 50 industries and gain a step-by-step roadmap to starting a business from A to Z taught by industry experts. Get complete access to our private academy and all the resources you need to become a better entrepreneur. The Third Circle Collection includes the Third Circle Paperback (free shipping worldwide), eBook, AudioBook (mp3 format), the 7+ hour HD entrepreneurship course, and 6 free ebooks written to help expand your learning in finance and business. The Exotic Car Secrets bundle contains all you need to know to start understanding how you can get yourself into exotic and luxury cars, with better pricing than the auctions, directly from the dealers near you.
The Third Circle Collection includes the Third Circle Paperback (free shipping worldwide), eBook, AudioBook (mp3 format),the 7+ hour HD entrepreneurship course, and 6 free ebooks written to help expand your learning in finance and business. We recruit amazing entrepreneurs who have done amazing things and allow them to give back by sharing their stories and teaching you, but also motivating you to keep going when things get tough. In the academy you will learn how to find a profitable business idea and cast that self-doubt away. The truth is, entrepreneurs must wear many hats in a business and we want to help you take out the guess work when it comes to proper business structuring, marketing, hiring, and more. You will learn how to automate your business by putting the right personnel or services in place to allow you to be away from your business while it continues to operate on its own.
After finding a reliable manufacturer in Asia, Kiran quickly developed an ecommerce storefront that now ships his product all over the world. In order to feed his car addiction, Damian jumped ship into a whole another industry in real estate. Learn invaluable skills to help you gain celebrity endorsements and grow a brand, not just a product. He shares his knowledge on managing others, failure, and learning to adapt quickly in business. Today he has a $65 million business in various verticals from restaurants, coaching, publications, and is a renowned celebrity chef on television.
Andy has also branched out into supplement manufacturing with 1st Phorm, which creates high quality and effective supplements.
He teaches us the principles he followed to ensure he would have a strong exit right from the very start. He also shares critical mistakes you should never make when starting an online blog which will enable you to take your revenue to $70,000 a month like a he did. Taking a $970,000 dollar pay cut to help afford raising the minimum wage to $70K at his credit card processing company is just one of many ways Dan has built his business based upon transparency, integrity, and an ability to serve others. She loves spending her time teaching people how to live to their best potential all over the world thanks to YouTube and her blog. His strategies show how to create apps with very little money, rank them high, and leave them on auto pilot, while still making thousands a day per App. His big break came when a $9.5 mil licensing deal with STARTER put his clothes in six major department retail stores. Rob teaches you how he was able to make 7 figures a month running one of today’s largest adult websites with less than $3000 in expenses per week.

As the chairman of the Tiger21 group, the world most powerful wealth group according to Forbes in 2014. Notorious for putting more wheels on exotic cars than any other company, Jordan gives away the secret to the long lasting growth of the brand ADV1.
Starting with only $500 and selling UGG boots from the back of a pickup truck, Brian’s leadership and ability to market his brand through customer service and loyalty allowed him to take his company to a record $15 million in sales in 17 years. He then followed up with a recent book titled "The Profit" where he teaches business owners an alternative way to look at your business financially to ensure you get rewarded earlier while still growing. At the Academy however, he teaches you how he turned a simple college idea into an 8 figure business, and the key to outranking everyone on iTunes. With a new Interview being added every week, you can guarantee that we are going to cover every industry, trade and skill Entrepreneurs need to learn to get to the top. Your membership will grant you access to all resources in the form of videos and downloadable podcasts.
You will get access to a 4 hour HD video course taking you through every step, including 2 ebooks on the matter. The end game also awaits and you will see how other entrepreneurs were able to exit their businesses at the right place and the right time. More impressively, all this is happening while he is studying full time as a Sophomore in college. He identified opportunity by tapping into trending markets for millions of downloads which in turn resulted in hundreds of thousand in revenue. A great example of knowing that your business exit matters just as much as knowing where to start. He has never shared his knowledge with any other publication or site, and has done so exclusively for us.
Louis teaches us how internships helped shape who he is today, and the best loopholes in making them work for you. He teaches you how to form great relationships and penetrate international markets faster than the competition. He also shares critical advise on how to create a powerful boot camp system for your business. Entrepreneurship shouldn't be dry and boring, so expect outrageous conversations about entrepreneurs doing it big.
In addition, you will be invited to private mastermind sessions, live interviews, and our private forum. Additionally as a bonus, you will also get access to our watch flipping course and ebook with over 6 hours of HD content (all valued at $149).
After selling his app portfolio, Braydon has been focused on Spreesy, an innovative way to sell on Instagram that has helped process over $10 million in transactions. At the age of 23, Dan took his company public and became the youngest CEO of a publicly traded company. They also have a great series of books especially #thirdcircletheory that will really open your eyes to the possibilities that lay before you.

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