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After a two-week hiatus, The Secret Circle is back at the top of its game with a revealing episode that brings to light a couple of the season’s biggest mysteries.
When the episode starts, Faye and Melissa are still on that easter-egg hunt for those pesky crystals.
Cassie finds a creepy conspiracy wall at Jake’s grandpa’s place, where there’s a list of each name in the circle.
Cassie’s grandma is working with Charles, who is trying to at least capture John Blackwell. Jake tells Cassie that she might not be the only child of Blackwell in the circle and then Cal steals the map to the Grandpa’s hidden crystal.
Adam and Melissa head to the creepy mines, where their magic won’t work due to the presence of iron. Jake and Adam hold down Cal and they mark him with a spell that will track his whereabouts.
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Secret CircleSecret Circle est l’histoire de Cassie Blake, une adolescente de 16 ans qui demenage apres la mort mysterieuse de sa mere pour aller vivre avec sa grand-mere a Chance Harbor et tombe amoureuse d'un mysterieux garcon nomme Adam.
Pour se proteger contre les chasseurs de sorcieres, Cassie et Faye cherchent Royce le grand-pere de Jake. This entry was posted on Mercredi, avril 4th, 2012 at 7 h 38 min and is filed under Actualites de la serie, Saison 1.

Blog de series Tele, Le ReseauVous avez une idee de blog pro pour une serie qui n'a pas encore commencee !
A new Blackwell sibling, a potential death, and a creepy conspiracy topline an eventful return episode. Faye finds a diary and discovers that her mom and John Blackwell “were secretly hooking up.” Everyone meets up and then splits up really quickly, but it feels like they’re going on more of a granny hunt than a crystal hunt. He’s undeniably cute, so it doesn’t seem that unrealistic that she’s willing to give him another chance. Cassie conveniently took a picture of the wall, and has the map stored right in a picture on her phone. Adam finds one of the crystals across a chasm but almost doesn’t make it back across due to a flimsy rope. Mais, quand elle s'inscrit au lycee, elle s’apercoit rapidement qu’elle est une sorciere et que d'autres eleves aussi, ils font parti du Secret Circle. Profitez bien des photos promotionnelles de l’episode de la serie Secret Circle qui sera diffuse le jeudi 19 avril 2012 a 21h sur la chaine cablee CW Network. Melissa and Adam pull Diana out of her date with annoying-but-cute Australian guy so she can identify a crystal, but he definitely gets suspicious. Faye still wants to believe that she’s a daughter of Blackwell, but her hopes are dashed when John tells her that the diary’s contents were all in her mother’s head.
Elle se lie d'amitie de leur chef, Diana, mais decouvre bientot qu’Adam et Diane sont ensembles, ce qui conduit a toute une serie de situations compliquees.

Jake and Melissa bump into Cal where the two of them get into a little semi-threatening spat. Melissa and Adam are fishing through her granny’s old crystals trying to find a trace of what they need.
There’s only a couple episodes left till the finale, and the next episode looks to be just as twisty.
He tells them that Blackwell has been after a new circle all along, a youthful one consumed completely by dark magic.
I still think “Curse” is the best episode of the season, but this one was fantastic and the preview for “Traitor” is amazing!
The six crystals together will form a crystal skull which is one of the most powerful and destructive weapons.
The mine had a spell on it so nobody with dark magic can enter, and Diana couldn’t get into the mine.

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