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The CW's The Secret Circle, the latest in paranormal shows, does its part to keep the fantasy of aesthetically appealing supernatural genetics alive. But there have been a few moments where the always excellent music team has gone above and beyond. Referring to a culti-ish sextet of teenagers who discover they are witches (and warlocks), The Secret Circle is set in a small town in Washington State—the default location for many a dark creature. The Secret Circle doesn't have the smoldering sexuality of The Vampire Diaries, but give it a few episodes and it will inevitably get there.
The Circle doesn't want to join — they have to or people will die.The Secret Circle PilotWe first met Cassie to the dulcet tones of "Young Blood" by The Naked and Famous.

A West Coast interpretation of The Vampire Diaries, the secret six have inherited their powers of witchcraft, as well as their destinies, from their families. The song captures the rush of being young, in love, and conflicted — perfect for Cassie.The Secret Circle - ''Loner''When Adam and Cassie danced in "Loner", it was bittersweet. Sure, they were clearly destined to be together but they had so much standing in their way.
Adele's gorgeous but melancholy cover of The Cure's "Lovesong" expressed the mood perfectly.The Secret Circle - ''Valentine''We love it when the witches get goofy! We totally swooned when Diana, Faye, and Melissa got into a pillow fight at the end of ''Valentine'', which is why we also swooned for the song playing ''Swoon'' by Big Deal.

Aptly named!The Secret Circle - ''Bound''We've been waiting all season for Adam and Cassie to get together — ''Fallin''' by JMSN was a great soundtrack for a sweet moment.

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