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The Circle resumes their search for Adam’s family’s crystal in “Prom.” Adam uncloaks it and Cassie uses her superpower Balcoin blood to locate the missing piece of their skull puzzle within the high school. Elizabeth storms off, blaming Amelia for their Blackwell catastrophe, and that’s when Amelia goes to return the crystal to the teacher who gave it to her – Adam’s grandfather. And as for Nick’s mysterious return from beyond the grave, well, he’s back looking for a crystal. If you couldn't tell, I have some resentment over the storylines and direction this show is taking.
A normal High School dance transforms into a not-so-average High School disaster when Faye’s devious plan backfires. After causing Diana’s dress to catch on fire, Cassie is determined to find out more about the mysterious John Blackwell and his dark magic.
Adam seems to be turning into his mad dad with his obsessive nature towards Cassie and believing they are truly meant to be together. Yep, you read right, after 10 whole episodes of will they, won’t they the pair finally kissed! No, they spend the social event of the year searching for cloaked crystals and fighting off their demon-crazed friend who has no issue killing if need be.
But – surprise – Cassie ends up seeing a vision of her mother, Amelia, holding the crystal instead. Diana agrees to help Cassie see more of the vision, and once they draw blood and hold hands, it’s a supernatural trip back to 1995 on the day of the boat fire. She informs him that Ethan’s turning John over to the witch hunters and she’s leaving town with Cassie so the Circle John created can never be bound. By the way, there are only two consequences I like from this storyline, which would have benefitted from more time. But not as crazy as Ethan, who babbles to a fantastic Diana--probably my favorite character--that Cassie and Adam are fated. She teams up with Adam to hunt through the City Records where they search for her father on the database and discovers his old address: 6 Briar Hill.
The witch proudly struts to a locker and is able to open it up with her new magic and strides into the dance hall, turning fake fire into real flames. Cassie confesses to Adam in the basement that she wants rid of her dark magic and believes maybe her father was also trying to get rid of his power.

Cassie and Diana watch as Amelia warns Elizabeth, Diana’s mom, to take baby D and Charles and leave town. She realized he manipulated them by getting Amelia and Elizabeth pregnant (yup, Amelia knew about Diana’s paternity) and using magic to ensure the other couples had babies, too. Blackwell messes with Charles’ head and makes him believe Amelia’s haunting him and bent on revenge, which leads to a mini mental breakdown and before you know it, Diana’s in the loop about Charles killing her half-sister’s mother. Nick steals the crystal from Adam in the high school (such a prom crasher, Nick!) and the group chases him to a junk yard. John Blackwell, of course, shows up for the witch hunter showdown, and while the group manages to recover their crystal, Eben takes Faye hostage. The concept of fate is intriguing, especially since this is a show about magic, but it rings false. In a way to prove themselves as being bold and different from The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle has just showed how inferior it is in comparison. Lee explains that the spell channels dark magic so they will need to be around someone with dark magic to perform the spell. What she doesn’t know however is that using her individual magic is harming Diana, Melissa and Adam.
Everyone is angry at her but she does put up a fair point: Cassie released a demon which killed Nick, she brought a witch hunter into the Circle and she almost suffocated Adam, yet Faye is seen as the bad guy in all of this.
Cassie now realizes John didn’t love her mother – he used her and their entire Circle – and now he’s doing the same to their Circle.
However, if the Circle uses the six crystals they now have to create the skull – according to John — they can rescue their friend. In fact, Charles' budding insanity is an interesting look at his psychology and of his 'girlfriend' Dawn. The show is very persistent in attempting two things: liking Cassie and rooting for Cassie and Adam.
Cassie confronts Faye and the black beauty admits she stole some of her dark magic, but Cassie explains that the spell has not damaged her but the rest of the Circle. Jake swears he is good and Cassie believes him because she is supposed to think the best in people and be annoyingly saintly. The pair look for clues down in the basement, where Adam had previously moved some of the stuff that was lying around the house.

The two steal a necklace of Cassie’s, which will be vital in draining her dark magic and transferring it to Faye. Although, there are some people who are finding it difficult not seeing them together as a couple, i.e.
Lee believes that Cassie’s dark magic must have been too powerful and helps Faye to reverse the spell. Their kiss is disturbed however by the creaking of the basement door and the unveiling of two black boots.
Of course Jake is not what he seems--this is the same show brought to you by The Vampire Diaries. Icicles hanging from the ceiling begin to fall to the ground so the whole hall is evacuated.
Honestly, I do not mean to hate so much on her, but if they make Cassie the powerful one I will be so upset.
Doesn't that just make that application of fate 'futile' if the last couple who were fated never ended up together? It would be very awkward for Cassie to waltz into the dance with her best friends just turned ex. Being too nice for her own good, Diana agrees to tell Cassie that she is allowed to take rides and other stuff from Adam, which leaves her crying. However, Cassie goes all heroic and races back inside when she realises that Melissa is not outside with them.
Cassie discovers a symbol on the ceiling of the basement which matches a sign from her Book of Shadows. The powerful witch finds her friend lying on the restroom floor, but she is unable to resist the smoke fumes and too falls to the ground.
There is so much wrong with this episode (and maybe this series) that it just makes you want to ask: why? Whilst searching through her book with Diana and Melissa she discovers that the other half the page with the symbol on it has been ripped out.

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