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This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 18) John Blackwell and the circle get to the bottom of the witch hunter Eben’s demonic plan. Last week Cassie and Adam destroyed their perfect romance in order to save Jake, but unfortunately for Cassie the anti-love liquid they ingested didn’t lessen her feelings for Adam at all, and she spends this episode secretly pining for him.
John Blackwell drops by Cassie’s coffee shop while she’s at work looking to reconnect and check up on her since he knows the potion didn’t live up to potential and she’s still a mess about Adam.
Blackwell gathers the circle and gives them an inspiring speech about how staying away from magic for 16 years and hiding from the witch hunters was not the answer, and that they must gather all the crystals and fit them together in order to have enough power to defeat the witch hunters. In the final scene we see Blackwell digging up a grave with a skeleton inside – but if he claims he never killed anyone for the demon sacrifice all those years ago, then whose bones are in the coffin? Amelia, tell us you didn’t come back from the dead just to relive your high school glory days!
Vote for Melissa!Melissa's an amazing listener and dishes out the best advice, two traits that have definitely scored her friends (and votes). This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 11) Faye enlists a voodoo witch doctor to help her tap into her power, and things heat up between Cassie and Adam.
Last week Cassie truly tapped into her power to avoid getting buried alive by Diana’s grandmother Kate, and Cassie and Diana wake up and talk about what to do next, but magic’s not the only thing on their minds, there’s also a school dance that night to think about!
Cassie thinks that her best option for controlling the dark magic within her is the find out as much as possible about her father, John Blackwell.
At school Cassie thinks she catches a glimpse of Jake, but thinks it’s her imagination playing tricks. At the dance Adam throws longing looks at both Cassie and Diana, and when he gets Diana alone lets her know that Cassie won’t go out with him because she’s afraid of hurting her feelings, Diana says she’ll talk to her.
Someone mysterious pulls Cassie and Melissa from the fire, and the whole circle confront Faye, saying she’s put them in danger again. With the missing page from her book back, Cassie goes to the clubhouse and realizes the missing spell has to do with pulling dark magic out of you. This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 14) Faye and Melissa throw a Valentine’s slumber party and Cassie is haunted by witches. Faye wakes up next to Jake and tells him it was a huge mistake, but these two clearly still have some chemistry.
Jake finds Isaac the witch hunter who tells him about the medallion, apparently Cassie’s father killed the Nidaros Coven using the medallion, and Isaac is also keen to get the medallion.
Cassie ends up inside the church where the coven was killed, and the ghosts possess Adam and force him to start slashing his own wrists.
Cassie and Adam end up back at The Boathouse, and while Adam is comforting Cassie they start kissing. The episode wraps up with us maybe seeing John Blackwell standing by the docks with the imprint of the medallion on his hand. Ebru har tagit Faye som fange for att fa kristallen i utbyte  fran Circeln och John(Cassies far) gjorde en typ av "forbannelse" sa att han gjorde likadant mot Charles som han gjorde till Cassies mor. Circeln lyckas hitta kristallen och nar de val ska forsoka radda deras van blir de stoppade av Cassies far som lurat dem att hjalpa till, han vill gora likadant som han gjorde for 16 ar sedan, men som tur lyckas han inte med det nar Diana och Cassie stoppar det. Vi kommer tyvarr inte kunna fa reda pa nagonsin vad som kommer att handa eftersom det blir ingen sasong 2 vilket jag tycker ar trakigt. Haxjagarna ar tillbaka och nu ar de efter Cassie och nu ar aven Cassies far tillbaka och han har inte haft kontakt med sin dotter pa 15 ar typ? Det ar alla hjartans dag och Adam vill fira den med Cassie, han tankte overraska henne men sen nar Cassie hittade hennes pappas halsband har de doda haxorna forsokt ta den fran henne for att fa deras krafter tillbaka och de forsokte morda Cassie och forsoka aven fa halsbandet genom att skada Adam, men Cassie lyckades med hjalp av hennes krafter forstora det och radda Adam. Faye forsoker fa sin magi tillbaka genom att gora en trollformel som gor att hon far Cassies magi, men det leder bara till att hon igen var nara pa att ta livet av flertal manniskor. I slutet fick vi antligen se en kyss mellan Cassie och Adam, men tyvarr hann Jake avbryta den, men varfor ar han tillbaka?

Nar Cassies mormor kommer till hennes van Henry ligger han dod pa golvet och hon forsoker radda honom med hjalp av magi och stenen men hon blir stoppad genom att hon blir slagen av nagon? Vem kan det vara?
Nu nar Nick ar dod ar hans bror Jake tillbaka i stan for minnesstunden och det blir inte Adam glad over, men cireln far reda pa att han behovs for att halla circeln hel nu nar Nick ar dod.
Demonen har kommit tillbaka och ar forst i Melissas kropp och sedan efterat i Nics.Cassie ber hennes mormor om hjalp att ta bort demonen och lyckas ta bort fran Melissas kropp. Som sagt Sally dog inte , men hon brot sin arm och hon minns att Faye kan ha gjort det(vilket hon gjorde) dvs nastan dodade henne. Cassie hittar sin familjebok dar det star allt om henne dvs om krafterna hon har och om haxorna och hur de finns. The secret Circle handlar om Cassie Blake som forlorade sin mor i en brand och efter det flyttar hon till sin mormor i en helt ny stad och borjar i en ny skola. Nu nar Cassie vet att hon har krafter och att hon ar haxa kommer hon att ga med i gruppen med de andra haxorna?
Read the Kidzworld recap of “Sacrifice”, which aired March 29, 2012, to find out what you missed! Meanwhile a witch hunter named Samuel escapes from Eben and seeks out Jake and Blackwell to let them know that Eben is raising demons with the help of a witch! The circle all go their separate ways, Adam drops off Cassie and gives her a heartwarming talk about how brave she was and how he wishes he remembered what they had, and Diana’s dude from down-under Grant is waiting on her doorstep with an apology for lying. The others are wary, but she asks Adam to help and after stealing some info from the city’s records they find out that their club house is her dad’s old house. Adam gets another talk from his about his romance with Cassie being written in the stars, but when he tries to ask Cassie to the dance that night, she turns him down out of loyalty to Diana. Lee (Grey Damon), the voodoo practitioner, comes and finds Faye at school and quickly figures out that she and Melissa aren’t the only teen witches in town.
She gets angry and points out that Cassie is the one who is really endangering everyone, even if by accident, and then storms off, maybe to track down Lee and plot more about power. Adam follows her, and she tells him she thinks that her father was trying to rid himself of the dark magic and that’s she’s going to try to.
Read the Kidzworld Recap of “Valentine” which aired February 9, 2012, to discover what you missed! After leaving his place she goes straight to her bestie Melissa and gives her low down on her night with Jake, and suggests an anti-Valentine’s Day slumber party. Diana is in the mood for cutting loose and manages to land her lips on Lee and a hot pizza delivery guy. Cassie crashes her car on her way to Adam’s when swerving to avoid a ghost, and Jake drops by Faye’s slumber party to find Cassie. Alla har trott att han ar dod, men det ar han inte och han vill inte att nagon ska veta om att han lever. Nu nar Adam gjort slut med Dianna erkanner han att han ar kar i Cassie och att han blev det fran forsta ogonblicket de mottes. En tjej som ocksa ar haxa kommer efter Cassie och forsoker doda henne , men som tur hinner Jake stoppa det. Charles och Fays mor lyckas dranka demonen men det innebar ocksa att Nick dog, hur kommer det nu att vara nar de ar en farre i circeln? Zachary Larsen som var foredetta student pa skolan dar Cassie gar nu ar efter henne och alla haxor, det betyder att alla ar i fara. Faye gillar att kontrollera sin kraft sa mycket att hon var nara pa att ta livet av Sally, men som tur raddade Fays mamma henne med hjalp av en sten som hade magi i sig.
Men hon lar kanna Faye, Melissa, Diana och Adam.Men det hon inte vet ar att de ar haxor och att hon sjalv ar ocksa det, sa de Faye och Melissa bevisa det for henne, medans Fay tycker att de borde vanta med det. She ducks out of helping Faye, Melissa and Adam prep for a private dinner at The Boathouse for the high school hockey team to go ice skating with her Aussie hottie, but later finds out that he’s been lying about being the carefree captain of his own boat.

It comes out that once long ago Blackwell did the very same thing and originally released the demons which her mother Amelia rounded up (explaining the Heather Barnes fiasco), but the ritual requires a sacrifice – and Samuel was on the sacrifice menu. He knows she lost her individual power when they bound the circle, and with the help of the spell she stole from Cassie’s Book of Shadows, he offers to help her get her power back at the dance.
Melissa is on board, but Faye isn’t thrilled when Melissa extends the invite to goody two shoes Diana and Cassie. When Cassie shows up they bust out the Ouija board, asking it about the medallion, and it spells the word “sacred”. Jake collects what’s left of the medallion and delivers it to Isaac, who he is has a love-hate parent-like relationship with still.
Vad vill de med Cassie?Varfor vill hennes mormor halla det hamligt for henne att Cassie ar haxa och har krafter? Blackwell tells Cassie to gather the circle and meet him at the clubhouse, but it’s all a ruse to make sure they are out of danger while he tries to draw out the demon that he knows is already in Samuel by trapping him in a circle. With her hand so involved in everything, Little Miss Popular may become a queen.Vote for Cassie!Everyone's favorite rookie of the year could make a surprise swoop for the win. Cassie confronts her and shows her that the spell is putting all of their friends in danger, Diana, Melissa and Adam all pass out and the gym is set on fire.
Cassie is being followed by a mysterious hooded figure, first in the parking lot at school and then in the clubhouse, but when Adam drops by it disappears. Aven fast Cassie vill inte forstora Diannas och Adams forhallande ser man att de verkligen gillar varandra, kommer de nagonsin bli tillsammans? Sacrifice Previous Next Witch-hunter Samuel tracks down Jake with a message detailing about Ebens next move. While serving at the dinner, Faye and Melissa vie for the attention of the hottest hockey stud with a little magic man help from Adam, who helps Melissa impress them with her ice intelligence and turns Faye into the Duchess of the dart board by helping her hit bullseye every time. The gang figure it out and run to Blackwell’s aid just in time as Eben knocks him out from behind. Faye makes Lee tell her how to reverse the spell since she only wanted to borrow power from Cassie.
Cassie finds Jake to ask him about it, and he tells her the symbol on the hooded figure is from an old witch coven that had all died – meaning Cassie is being followed by ghosts!
Kommer Zachary nu nagonsin vaga ga efter barnen nu nar han ar markt och Fays mamma kan hitta honom? Jake gets a surprise visit from an old acquaintance named Samuel, a witch hunter, who has a message for Blackwell about Ebens surprising next move. Forcing him to reveal what he knows, Cassie is shocked to learn what he is trying to resurrect, and the danger it poses to the. The circle accidentally release the demon in Samuel from the circle and Cassie takes her shot at trying to kill him on her own, but Blackwell saves her and destroys the demon before he can choke her to death, but reveals to the circle that he does still have magic  despite what he’s been telling them. Worst thing is it has been canceled and so much was opened up on the finale of which will now never be complete :( not to mention the books were only a slight guide so they wont answer the questions of This week on The (, ) John Blackwell and the get to the bottom of the witch hunter Ebens demonic plan.
Faye and Melissa help out Adam at the Boathouse in return for magic to enhance Hey, The - Sacrifice fans, we did the best to help you to watch The - Sacrifice. Meanwhile, Faye and Melissa agree to help Adam at the Boathouse, if he will help them use their magic to enhance their.

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