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Shelley Hennig is a beauty pageant titleholder from Destrehan, Louisiana who held the Miss Teen USA 2004 title. A junior at Destrehan High School, she was elected the Junior Class Representative for Student Council. When Hennig was 16, her dance teacher convinced her to enter the Miss Louisiana Teen USA pageant with the hope of opening new doors.
After being crowned Miss Teen USA, Hennig was given a scholarship to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts where she fell in love with acting.
On April 20, 2007, Shelley joined the cast of Days of our Lives in the contract role of Stephanie Johnson, a role previously held by Shayna Rose from July 2006 to January 2007. When Cassie Blake arrived in Chance Harbour she catches the eye of Adam Conant as they both have an undeniable attraction towards each other. The death of Nick Armstrong brings his older brother Jake back to town, who immediatly becomes attracted to Cassie, who hasn't labelled him yet. The tension between Adam and Jake is also strenghtened when Adam reveals that Jake stole money from his father when he was working at the Boathouse, which nearly resulted in the bar being lost. Later, Cassie tries to find out the more she can about Dark Magic and tell's Adam the truth about her father and about her magic, since she thinks he can help her find out more about it. They talked about where Jake has been and he came to warned them that the witch hunters are coming. She is a member of the Catholic Youth Organization, where she has helped volunteer her time painting homes for those less fortunate.

She has also won Top Soloist, Top Model, and Model of the Year at Regional and National levels. She won the title and went on to compete for Miss Teen USA 2004, subsequently winning that pageant as well. In 2010 she received a nomination for the 37th Daytime Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Younger Actress In A Drama Series category. Although they cannot pursue this due to Adam's three-year relationship with Diana Meade, both Adam and Cassie let their feelings somewhat slip through the cracks when they were alone.
So Adam started to become jealous and protective over Cassie when he saw Cassie and Jake becoming close, this causing Diana to end her relationship with Adam.
They worked together to recover Jake's memories from the boatyard fire to learned the truth.
During her reign, Hennig campaigned vigorously with MADD and Buzz Free Prom to share her story and encourage students across the US to learn the dangers of drinking and driving. She left Days of Our Lives in 2011 and soon it was anounced that she received the role as Diana Meade in the CW series: The Secret Circle.
At first, Cassie tells him that she wants them to be just friends to respect Diana's friendship, but despite this, they kissed at the Abandoned House 's basement after Cassie wondered whether her father was trying to pull his own dark magic from inside of himself and told Adam that she'd like to try the same thing - Adam disagreeing and saying her destiny was important to him. Adam and Jake were trying to get Cassie out of Jake's memories and she later told them what happened.
Originally published in 1992 as a trilogy, The Secret Circle centers around Cassie Blake as she and her mother - Alexandra Blake - move to the town of New Salem to live with Cassie's grandmother, Maeve Howard.

Upon her arrival, Cassie is tormented by Faye Chamberlain and her friends at school, but she befriends Faye's benevolent cousin Diana Meade and becomes popular as a result.
She is a student teacher and mentor for young students at her dance studio where she belongs. When Jake starts to feel something about Cassie he tries to drift away, but he realizes that he doesn't want to.
Eventually, a tragic death results in Cassie discovering that she is a witch, and so is her new friends. Isaac tells him to convince Cassie to go away with him because the Council of Witch hunters wanted to have Cassie under their control while they were figuring out what to do with her. She is initiated into their coven as the twelfth member, but soon she finds herself in a complicated situation when Adam Conant - the boy she is attracted to - is in fact the boyfriend of the Circle's leader and her best friend: Diana. However, seeing Jake wasn't ready to accept orders, Isaac kidnapped Cassie and planned to leave town with her and leave Jake behind. As Faye begins blackmailing Cassie against Diana, the Circle also has to deal with a dark force they accidentally unleased upon New Salem. This is at that moment Isaac tells Jake that Cassie has got a half-sibling within the circle.

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