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The Secret Circle est une serie televisee americaine dramatico-fantastique creee a partir du concept d'Elizabeth Craft et de Sarah Fain, inspirees des romans Le Cercle secret de L.J.
Cassie Blake, une adolescente de 16 ans, vient vivre chez sa grand-mere a Chance Harbor apres la mort de sa mere dans l'incendie de leur maison.
Charles Meade is a witch, a former member of the Chance Harbor Circle, son of Kate Meade, husband of Elizabeth Meade, and the legal father of Diana Meade.
In Pilot, Charles was responsible for Amelia Blake's death by fire using a magic crystal because he no longer has magic. In Bound, after Dawn learns he used magic on Ethan Conant from her father-in-law, she demands he gives her the crystal, not to waste his power. In Loner, Charles and Zachary Larson had a fight concerning the latter's plan to destroy the Circle, but without magic, Charles is beaten, and his opponent goes away to kill Cassie Blake. In Slither, Charles, after getting a phone call from Dawn kills Nick Armstrong who is possessed by the Demon, Abaddon by drowning him at the end of the ordeal he's noticebly shaken and runs away when with Dawn when he hears Cassie and Jane approaching. In Wake, after being forced by Dawn to killed Nick Armstrong who was possessed by the demon, Abaddon in the episode Slither. In Masked, he erases Jane Blake's memory by a Crystal after she finds Henry Chamberlain dead body.
In Beneath, he hides Dawn's dead Father In Law Henry Chamberlain who she killed in Bound in a lake near his house in Pine Lake. In Balcoin, he sees concerned for Jane at the town dance when he realizes he messed up erasing Jane's memory. In Masked as she thinks He and Dawn are teenagers and that her daughter Amelia is still alive and is her grandmother Cassie. In Darkness, his mother comes to town which causes halts on Charles and Dawn's plan.Later on his mother tells him she knows he has magic from a crystal as she knows his imprint on magic and warns him not to lose him to the darkness of witchcraft.
In Medallion, he brings back a dead Dawn who had been fatally wounded by Lucy Gibbons with the help of the Crystal he got back from Ethan. In Crystal his daughter Diana finds out Charles is legal father as her birth father is John Blackwell. In Prom, John Blackwell releases a curse (assumed to be like how he did to Jake to the person he murdered to haunt him) on Charles.
In Family , Charles "sacrifices" himself and performs a chant to gather Eben 's demon inside him, which allows Jake Armstrong to kill Eben.
Charles was first shown as a relentless, calculating and methodical man who wants his power back just as much as Dawn does. Charles is an exceptionally talented witch, known to have cast powerful spells as the series went on. Channeling: The act of drawing or summoning other forms of energy, by focusing on the magic of another witch. Conjuration: The act of calling, commanding, or summoning an element, object, person, or spirit already in existence.

Elemental Control: The act of controlling or manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, water, and weather. Witches Brew: The act of brewing and concocting magical elixirs and potions that contain mystical properties. Diana Meade believes Dawn Chamberlain is dating Charles and it was suggested by Kate Meade that Charles had a crush on Dawn when they were teenagers.
Diana is his legal daughter since he's named the father on her birth certificate because its implied Elizabeth kept the affair secret from him, but other people knew John had a other kid. Charles has mention to Dawn he doesn't believe in killing a child an first example of this was shown in Pilot when he blew out Cassie Blake's tires sparing her from going to home where he was going kill her mother Amelia Blake, but this was part of the plan to get Cassie to live in Chance Harbor, Washington to complete the current circle and Dawn's plan. To point where he told Dawn he calls all shots from now on mostly likely to keep another tragedy like Nick happening in the future.
This gallery shows four pictures, randomly selected, related to the subject of this article.A more complete gallery can be found here. Elle decouvre des son arrivee qu'elle est la descendante d'une lignee de sorcieres et qu'elle aussi possede des pouvoirs qui sont transmis de generation en generation. Charles is also responsible for killing Amelia Blake, Nick Armstrong, Abaddon, and accidentally Jane Blake. It's presumed he had a hand in helping Jane get out of town for her "Early On-Set Dementia" because he's showed with remorse. In the same episode Cassie comes and lives with the Medea's for a short while until the episode Return when Cassie returns to her house clamming she needs to get the house ready for when Jane comes back. Ironically John had a run in with Charles trying to make amends for Elizabeth's death, but Charles still shows bitterness of this this as John took away his daughter's mother and his wife. Charles is seen shaken by this, but tells Diana he was her father from the moment he first held her in his arms and nothing will change that.
At the end of Family , Kate Meade performs a spell to petrify Charles to trap the demons inside him (like Amelia Blake did to Heather Barnes). He was able to orchestrate Cassie's arrival in Chance Harbor through the death of her mother, which he himself made possible. When Dawn wouldn't change her ways, he refused to join forces with her once again and chose to deal with things alone.
He used the borrowed power from the crystal to kill Amelia Blake, temporarily drown Ethan Conant, save Dawn's life, manipulate Jane's memories and immobilize John Blackwell even for a brief moment. However in Slither he had to kill Possessed Nick Armstrong when the demon Abaddon took him over.
Amelia in the Pilot and Jane in Crystal, but Jane's death was an accident since John Blackwell turned the tables on him. Developpee par Andrew Miller et assiste par Kevin Williamson pour la CW, le pilote de la serie a ete retenu et annonce le 17 mai 2011. Charles is seen looking worried over this as he was the one who send Jane to the doctors in the first place.

It is because of this that they were seen fighting for the possession of the only source of power they once had - crystals. Even when he regained his powers after so many years, he used his powers effectively by drawing out the demons from Eben's body by himself. He was kind enough to let her friend (half sister) Cassie stay at their home and its possible he doesn't know that John Blackwell is Diana's biological father.
In the next episode Wake, Charles mention to Dawn "No one should ever kill a child" however Dawn waves him down telling they couldn't take a risk. Where Amelia's death was planed in advance to get her daughter Cassie in town to complete the circle. Later he he killed Jane by accident with a Witch Cruid which John Blackwell switched he left Charles alive as he still had a "use for him". Later he gets in a confront with John punching him in a bar telling he's taking Diana away from Chance Harbor, but mostly him. However, when he was forced to kill Nick Armstrong to purge the demon inside him, a notable change in him starts to happen.
As the series went on, he has shown how much he loves his step-daughter, even if he finally realizes that she wasn't his.
He never knew that she and John had an affair and that their affair result in Diana's birth until Diana told him.
He confronted her mother about her attempt to kill Cassie Blake and she knew about his involvement in Jane's memory problem and Henry's death. However her words have shown visibly upset him and Charles is shown to have remorse over this during the remander of the season.
Mais depuis l'arrivee de Cassie a Chance Harbor, les pouvoirs des six sorciers sont devenus parfois puissantset par consequent ingerables. In the end, he decides to regain his power once more, not for himself, but for his step-daughter and her Circle, even if he had to sacrifice himself in the end. Even though Charles may not be Diana's blood father he has raised her after her mother death and cared for Diana like his own unlike John. La serie est encore inedite en France, mais semble en cours de doublage et prete pour une diffusion sur NT1.
But Dawn convince him to stay because if he goes anywhere Diana and the circle are still bound.

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