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The Ancient City Of Timbuktu (SECRET ANCIENT HISTORY DOCUMENTARY) Few names conjure as much mystery as that of Timbuktu. DescriptionThis year, you have the chance to see a truly special documentary before anyone else in America gets to see it. The ancient city of timbuktu (secret ancient history, The ancient city of timbuktu (secret ancient history do.entary) few names conjure as much mystery as that of timbuktu. Verdict: This documentary educates viewers about how great music records were made while indirectly conveying what it is that the manufactured and polished pop stars of today are miserably lacking of. Favourite line from another critic: "Grohl's aim is to explore the aura of a place, but what he winds up proving is that people make the magic" (Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News).
Favourite quotes: "Now that everyone is empowered with these tools to create stuff, has there been a lot of great shit coming out?

America's greatest unsung recording studio housed a one-of-a-kind console, and as its legend grew, seminal bands and artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Rick Springfield, Tom Petty, Metallica and Nirvana all came out to put magic to tape. I doubt it'll be shown at cinemas outside of the US so the only way to watch it is to download the film from the official website. ARMY ENGINEERS SELECTED THE SITE IN MAY, 1959, NEEDED SUPPLIES WERE DELIVERED TO THE WORK CAMP IN A REMARKABLE LOGISTICAL OPERATION ACROSS THE ICECAP. All of that with practically just interviews & great music of successful music legends who once recorded their chart-breakers at the now closed Sound City Studios.
Using Sound City's legendary analog console, together these artists continue to create musical miracles in a digital world" (Wikipedia).
Dave Grohl's initial intention was just to tell a story about the studio but what he achieved was way more than that; Sound City is a testament to the magic a bunch people could produce together.

I gladly paid to support music in general, something which I was never able to do much in the past. The film does start off a little dull but it gradually becomes emotional & extremely powerful. The only problem with it is that it doesn't attempt to attract general audience to watch it, which defeats the purpose a little.

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