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Why does an X-Wing have this name when there is no “X” in the Aurebesh alphabet? The out of universe reason behind that is obvious, but is there a in universe explanation for the name of the X-Wing, and the others [letter]-Wing starfighter, which take in to consideration the Aurebesh alphabet? There is the High Galactic alphabet that was "created" for the sole purpose of explaining the occurrences of the Latin alphabet in the Star Wars universe. The High Galactic Alphabet was also used for naming many starship models (such as the T-65 X-wing starfighter) and droid models (such as the R2 series of astromech droids). I guess the same reasoning applies to droid names that include letters like R2-D2 and C3-PO? Because the name of the vehicle, the Incom T-65 X-wing fighter was created in 1977 and the typeface Aurebesh wasn't created until 1995, nearly 20 years later.
The one potential cure for this is to consider there is a lower-case variant of the alphabet that could allow for the "X" shape to exist. Consider the Greek language which has wildly divergent characters between the upper and lower case. Disclaimer: There seems to be disagreement in various articles about whether Galactic Base Standard IS English or is being rendered as English.

In Tolkien's conceit (as in real-world translations), the literal meaning of a word is not the only element used in its translation. It's entirely possible that the "native" term for an X-Wing would best be translated as "cross-wing" or "star-wing" or something similar, rather than being a literal reference to either the Aurebesh letter Xesh or the Latin letter X, but was rendered in English as X-Wing because it conveyed the meaning most fully. This answer may not work for everyone, depending on their beliefs regarding the relationship between Galactic Basic Standard and English, but it at least provides a possible in-universe answer given the constraints of the canon. Maybe they don't have a X letter, but surely they know that sign and use it (maybe for multiplication?). As the aircraft resembles that symbol they name it X-wing, wich is in fact a translation, as surely they don't say WING. In Star Wars universe they would write it like X-(WINGTRANSLATION), using the name that they give to X character, and we translate it on english to X-wing.
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This lead me to the article about Aurebesh, the alphabet that is used to write it, and that is used all over the Star-Wars franchise.
This seems to cause a problem for the name of the X-Wing starfighter, which got its name from the "X"-shape of it's four wings. While not as commonly used as Aurebesh, this alphabet was frequently used in signatures and by nobles.
The designer of the typeface likely did not consider the need for a font element to have an X-shape until long after the font was in use.
This could be one of those typefaces that is used in all upper case (as old terminal displays used to do on Earth) and there could have been a lower case version of Xesh (the X character) that we are not privy to. Unless there is another alphabet, or primary language we are not privy to, there is no reason at all to consider this nothing more than a flub on an overburdened design crew. This meets my criteria of another galactic language that is much less used but still referenced.

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