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A coworker recommended this book to me and she forewarned me that it would most definitely spark a few emotions in me, mainly grief, and would undoubtedly help a few tears fall down my cheeks. The tale of this book in it’s simplest form describes the life of two mother’s on opposite sides of the world, intricately entwined without being aware, due to the life force that binds them – their mutual daughter. Halfway around the globe, Somer, an American doctor, decides to adopt a child after making the wrenching discovery that she will never have one of her own. Interweaving the stories of Kavita, Somer, and the child that binds both of their destinies, Secret Daughter poignantly explores the emotional terrain of motherhood, loss, identity, and love, as witnessed through the lives of two families – one Indian, one American – and the child that indelibly connects them. Ali broke records with his iconic boxing status, as well as a family consisting of nine children.
In a recent interview, Kiiursti Mensah Ali claims a 1988 paternity test proves she is Ali’s child and that he agreed to have his name on her birth certificate. According to Kiiursti, Ali met Mensah in 1967 when she was a 17-year-old high school student in Houston. Despite Lonnie’s efforts, Kiiursti ended up becoming close to some of Ali’s other children. As Ali grows older, Kiiursti is adamant about reconnecting with her father before it’s too late. This lack of literature in my life was in large part to a five-day whirlwind adventure to Vegas and needless to say, Sin City doesn’t provide a lot of room or time for reading, despite all the lights.

Let that be my warning to you, as a fellow reader, that this novel is not one for public transit on your morning commutes. Kavita, a mother in India who is forced to give away her daughter due to the inability to raise her in her current circumstances is the first mother we’re introduced to.
But in a culture that favors sons, the only way for Kavita to save her newborn daughter’s life is to give her away.
When she and her husband, Krishnan, see a photo of the baby with the golden-flecked eyes from a Mumbai orphanage, they are overwhelmed with emotion.
You must pick this book up, it is absolutely fantastic and an early leader on my 2011 favorite’s list! Ali not only acknowledged Kiiursti on the birth certificate, he also made an effort to be a presence in her life by visiting Kiiursti and her mom Barbara Mensah several times when she was little. For Kiiursti, it all comes down to Lonnie, who married Ali 3 years after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
In addition to having a close relationship with Muhammad Ali Jr., Kiiursti has met the elder Ali’s first child Maryum as well as reached out to her sister Hannah and Ali’s twins Jamillah and Rasheda. Online HeadlinesFrom Josh Hutcherson to Christian Bale: Find Out Which Male Celebs Have Admitted to Having Cosmetic Procedures May 3, 2016While it can be more common to hear about female celebs getting work done, there are actually a lot of male stars who have admitted to having cosmetic procedures. Since returning home to Vancouver I thankfully fell back into my regular rhythm and quickly picked up where I originally left off in my reading of Canadian author Shilpi Somaya Gowda’s inspirational and emotionally charged novel, Secret Daughter.

It’s best left for your reading prior to falling asleep at night, or wrapped in a blanket by yourself on a Sunday afternoon.
The daughter given up for adoption and in turn, the girl in the middle is Asha, who is adopted at the young age of one, by the second mother in the story, Somer, in the United States. It is a decision that will haunt her and her husband for the rest of their lives, even after the arrival of their cherished son.
Somer knows life will change with the adoption but is convinced that they love they already feel will overcome all obstacles. Ali’s daughter Laila has met Kiiursti numerous times, Kiiursti revealed as she opened up about the reaction she’s received from the rest of Ali’s kids. With that said, I fully recommend that everyone reading these words pick up this book and tackle it at soon as you possibly can. That’s literally all I can say before I start spewing forth several key heart-wrenching points in the story!

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