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Marvel today announced another book in the cornfield of Secret Wars books already revealed.
While the book is advertised as a creator driven series there was no word on exactly what creators will be involved or how many issues this limited series would run. I like that scene a lot too, they didn't really even know each other that well yet, but already they were on fire. Again, Cassie keeps saying this that she doesn't trust him, but Jake still is there and he's staying and yet she still lets him in or he just manages to let himself in. At first it was Jake trying to push her away and now its the other way around but Cassie knows how to handle her emotions better than Jake.
I was think about the other Balcoin and who it could be that freaked out Isaac, could it be that Nick was Cassie's half brother and the other Balcoin in the circle, that could make a great twist? It sounds something probable because Jake's not in the books but Nick was canon in the books but Jake acts like how Nick was supposed to be come to life if still alive. Who knows what the writers angle are, all I know that they really are playing with fire pushing CAKE back in the shadows for a bit, to raise the bar up for CADAM?
I hope that we still get to see Cassie go to Jake when she's in need, I want her to still trust him even though she's doubtful about him. Joel Fossard-Jones, Lewis Andrews, Sebastian Croft and Toby Murray will share the title role in The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13? – The Musical at Curve, Leicester.

The full cast for the world premiere of Sue Townsend’s The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13?  – The Musical has been revealed by Curve, Leicester today. To top it off, when new girl Pandora captures his heart, his best friend Nigel steals hers. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13? was Townsend’s first novel, published by Penguin Books in 1982.
Director Luke Sheppard said: “Finding the right actors to step into the shoes of Sue Townsend’s iconic characters has been an invigorating and rewarding task.
Jake Brunger (book and lyrics) and Pippa Cleary (music and lyrics) met at Bristol University, where they were studying drama and music respectively. Musical Theatre Review Mailing ListSign up to stay informed of Musical Theatre Review news. Night Nurse!—story that is going to be killer, an intense X-Men? story, a completely bonkers Misty Knight and Paladin tale. Thomas did make it clear that the book would tie in “very directly” to the core Secret Wars books and still offer glimpses at parts of Battleworld no other books would touch.
There's so much raw filled emotion, naturalness that draws you in, but also they seem to connect well together as well. The radio thing they also mentioned that there is so much left unsaid with Jake, I agree with that.

Who would ever thought, you'd see Jake apologize for anything cause really he just didn't care before? It has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, been translated into 30 languages, and spawned seven sequel Adrian Mole novels.
Adrian Mole, along with his family and friends, have been treasured by the nation for decades.
The anthology spearheaded by editor Jake Thomas will feature some of Marvel’s most unconventional characters. They also wrote the music and lyrics for The Snow Gorilla (Rose Theatre Kingston) and in 2013 Cleary won the Arts Foundation Fellowship for Musical Theatre Composition.
Remember, Jake did say that doing magic together with someone can tell you a lot about them. Its like he's dedicated his life to that and also trying to turn his life around for the better granted he has anger issues to work out.
Their original new musical Prodigy for National Youth Music Theatre opens in August 2015 at St James Theatre in London and they are also writing a new stage musical adaptation of Treasure Island for Singapore Repertory Theatre, which will open in autumn 2015.

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