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A documentary on the alleged true story of a man who believes he gained inside knowledge about a top secret antigravity spaceship has recently been released, despite the death of the movie’s creator in 2013. James Allen, the film’s creator, says that he originally took on this project as a thesis for his Masters in Fine Arts degree. The story goes, McCandlish and a friend were planning on attending an air show at Norton Air Force Base, but McCandlish had to cancel due to a last minute illustration needed by Popular Mechanics.
McCandlish’s friend told him that in this display were three flying saucers floating above the ground. The craft were referred to as Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs), and also had the nickname, “Flux Liner.” McCandlish says he believes these craft are part of a secret program that has been around for decades. Using his friend’s description, McCandlish sketched the vehicle, and he has since done research on how he believes the technology works.
The movie also covers the “big trouble” that ensued for McCandlish after releasing his drawings.
Gladman recently contacted us again to let us know that after tying up some loose ends, including pursuing the possibility of a distribution deal, he finally was ready to set the film free.

We were happy to participate in getting the word out for James and honored to have known him.
Zero Point: The Story of Mark McCandlish and the the Fluxliner (HQ) from James Gladman on Vimeo. Military-aeronautical Illustrator Mark McCandlish was riding the wave of success making images of classified projects for the military-industrial complex.
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However, he began to feel that the subject was of immense importance, and warranted a full length documentary. His friend did go, and through a well connected acquaintance was able to gain entrance to a secured area of the base with a special display for politicians and military personnel with high level security clearances.

On December 13th, 2013 we received a note from James Gladman, who said he was the executor of Allen’s estate. Please investigate sources of all information based on original content link at the bottom of each posting.
McCandlish is an aerospace illustrator who began researching antigravity in 1988 when a friend described to him a secret advanced anti-gravity vehicle he had seen at Norton Air Force Base. The message said that Allen had passed away the day prior due to an extremely rare type of cancer. Detailed information on the history, physics and technological mechanisms regarding faster-than-light travel, antigravity, and zero-point energy is also covered in detail.

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