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Mas Provencal restaurant in Nice, Southern France is a dreamlike venue overflowing with flowers that could quite easily be mistaken for a greenhouse from the outside.
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We recommend that you do not use this site to plan your visit – please use the official website. Some of the most popular appetisers include deep-fried chicken wing with pandan leaf, deep-fried wonton with cheese, and fried sesame spring rolls stuffed with chicken and shrimp. For the main course, try deep-fried sea bass with herb topping; the fish is fresh and tender, and goes perfectly with the spicy sauce. Spicy stir-fried morning glory with soysauce is made the old-fashioned way, using the stalks of the vegetable only.

There is a coffee shop near the front of the entrance, and the main restaurant is located at the back with seating both inside and out.

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