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We all got on our PJ’s, bundled our duvets downstairs and settled in to watch The Secret Garden.
Mary Lennox (Margaret O'Brien) recently became an orphan while living with her family in India.
The dark oppressiveness of the mansion is matched by the neighboring moors however these are no match for the vitality of nature (gardens, animals, etc.) and the youthfulness of the children.
Elsa Lanchester has a notable role as the jolly maid Martha and I enjoyed watching Reginald Owen play the gardener.
Warner Archive Wednesday - On (random) Wednesdays, I review one title from the Warner Archive Collection. What do Miss Saigon, Grand Hotel, City Of Angels, Aspects Of Love, Will Rogers Follies, and Meet Me In St Louis have in common? There is another musical that belongs with the aforementioned overblown trivialities, and productions of it keep sprouting up like weeds (probably because it is far easier to stage than a flying helicopter): I refer to The Secret Garden, The Musical (1991). In the last year, The Chance Theater has shown what amazing work can be done in a small venue (Merrily We Roll Along, The Who’s Tommy, The Goat) but even this adventurous company – with their superlative acting, creative directing, and lovely design – can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear of a musical. The story is powerful enough to have spawned numerous interpretations, including dance and film: 11-year-old Mary Lennox (Sarah Pierce) is orphaned in India and sent to Yorkshire to live with her uncle Archibald Craven (Paul Kehler), a hunchbacked man incapable of overcoming his decade-long grief over the death of his wife, Lily (Laura M.
Burnett’s book centers around Mary and her relationships to Colin, a young chambermaid named Martha (Kellie Spill), and Martha’s brother Dickon (Kyle Cooper), who is some kind of groundskeeper druid that may or may not be able to talk to robins.
Once Mary finds the entrance to the secret garden, she puts her key in the door and walks in (she was led to the key by Dickon’s robin); this ends Act I. Decaying Gardens mean Unresolved Emotions, Magical Robin means Positive Outlook, Spirit-disturbing Dreams means Not Letting Go of The Past: maybe this should have been called Metaphor, The Musical! What makes this particular production feel treacle-free is the all-around superlative performances. The Secret Garden bath bomb was released as part of the Mother's Day collection, however it was too pretty to resist buying. This is one of those products for those looking for a floral scent, in particular that gorgeous natural rose scent.
Once the bath bomb had fizzed further to the centre, a yellow foam starting forming and small flowers slowly detached themselves and lay gently on the surface of the water. Overall I'm really pleased with the Secret Garden bath bomb, and it also reminds me of the film itself!

Despite being a classic I somehow missed ever reading this book or watching The Secret Garden in any form whilst I was young so this was all new to me.
Whatever is wrong inside that mansion will be made right with the healing powers of nature and youth. I highly recommend it especially if you are looking for a good way to introduce kids to old movies. It's not something I ever would have planned to watch, but once it came on, for some reason I just couldn't turn it off! If it is a long one, make sure you save a draft of it elsewhere just in case Google gobbles it up and spits it out. Based on Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beloved 1911 novel, this musical oddity pairs the uneven music of first time Broadway composer Lucy Simon (Carly’s sister) with undistinguished lyrics by Pulitzer Prize-winner Marsha Norman (‘Night, Mother), whose poorly constructed libretto is at least seasoned with some wonderful dialogue, which gives some justification to her Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical. Hathaway), who haunts the large manor house, along with other ghosts of Mary and Archibald’s past.
By adding more emphasis on the adults, Norman spends more time on back story – her exposition is so convoluted, however, that one may get confused and frustrated.
We surmise that the tale will really pick up when we find what is inside, but at the top of Act II we find that the garden is not full of secrets, bones, or mystery…just weeds.
The Chance production is more than honorable and is most suitable for families with children (who will certainly be enchanted by Mary and Dickon’s effect on Colin). Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. To be honest I wasn't expecting much from this one as it's quite small - but boy was I wrong! The beautiful fragrance comes from a blend of rose absolute, sweet wild orange and rosewood oils, giving a scent that’s floral but grounded with earthy tones.
This is just down to personal taste, but I wasn't really keen on the flowers and petals floating around - but that's just me! The vibrant green and pink shell is very easy to spot in a sea of bath bombs and bubbles bars, so it's definitely eye-catching. I haven't been able to confirm that but if you are interested Terry of A Shroud of Thoughts has a great post about that bird's career in film. If the film were just a bit longer, maybe some more time could have been spent developing some of the characters.

Some are barely worthy of attention, yet they are revived far more often than they should be. Mary discovers that she has a cousin, Colin (Dillon Klena), who has been bedridden for fear that he will turn out like his hunchback father. The opening number introduces characters, including a Fakir, a Major, and an Ayah (whatever the heck that is), who speak with Mary, but then inhabit the manor as spirits. Pierce is a redoubtable triple-threat as Mary – not only is she a great singer and dancer, but that girl has some astoundingly natural acting chops.
The huge wave of love emanating from the cast at the end may even bring a tear to your eye. The three children in the story prove to be receptive and triumphant as they outsmart the adults. The design team creates some beautiful scenes of light and shadow, but that score, which vacillates between pop ballads and derivative Sherman Brothers good-time simplicity, is so bereft of suspense that I doubt Hitchcock himself could have made the proceedings any spookier.  This production has some gorgeous trappings, but the spirits don’t seem spine-chilling, and there is a void of tension and threat (maybe the ghosts – called “Dreamers” in the script – are too busy moving set pieces for us to take them seriously as apparitions). The green part of this bomb is partly made using bubble bar mix, creating a really bright green bath and lots of foam.
The kids are the heroes and even without the inherent powers that come with adulthood, they are able to change their own worlds. It certainly doesn’t help when those poor actors are assigned different lyrics at the same time. My favorite scene is the one where Mary and Colin have a screaming contest during one of Colin's tantrums. Behind the back of gardener Ben Weatherstaff (Reginald Owen), Mary and Dickon break into a secret garden that has been closed up ever since Colin's mother was killed there by a falling tree. The kids revive the garden bringing color (literally and figuratively) and hope back into everyone's lives.

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