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When a spoiled English girl living in 19th century India loses both parents in a cholera epidemic, she is sent back to England to live in a country mansion.
A spoiled brat of a girl is orphaned in Victorian India and sent to live in England in her uncle's gloomy mansion. Adult Mary: If Dickon had to die, he would have chosen a place with green and growing things. Holding back the swinging curtain of ivy and unlocking the door that has been locked for 10 years introduced us to the most amazing garden the movie world has ever seen. The end of the first part of the Kill Bill saga brings us to the enchanting rooftop Japanese garden that is covered in snow.
The image of an Indian restaurant that is opened in the south of France is pretty much contradictory for itself, since this sassy culture is not that welcome in such a conservative environment. These iconic movies indeed have much to offer, especially when it comes to gardening ideas that are beyond authentic. Rekindled interest in Frances Hodgon Burnett's classic tale has prompted a Broadway musical, two TV movies, and this latest big screen version. Fred Fuchs, Fred Roos, Tom Luddy, Francis Ford Coppola, American Zoetrope, Warner Bros. After uncovering the many secrets that lie in the house, she blooms anew, as do all those around her.
Lennox: I just have the most marvelous idea; after the governers ball why don't we go for a breakfast picnic along the river?
Crawford: Besides, I shan't be going to the ball, Stephen has booked me a passage to England. No matter what, everyone can say that they have found something relatable at least in one film they have seen. Tarantino’s revenge-seeking assassin bride fights to the death with her enemy, O-Ren Ishii, and setting of that kind is perfect for this occasion. Scott Fitzgerald introduces the readers with an iconic garden of the controversial Jay Gatsby. Purchasing an old mansion and transforming it into boisterous place that smells like curry really spiced up that dull setting. No matter what are your preferences, you have to admit that these astonishing gardens are really to die for.

Mary Lennox is an orphan sent to live in her reclusive uncle's forbidding mansion filled with secrets, including a crippled cousin she didn't know she had. She wishes to discover what has caused him so much sorrow and to bring joy back to the household. That familial relation was deleted in this movie version specifically so that the adult Mary and the adult Colin could be shown as engaged to be married at the end of the film. Gardens have always played an important role in movies, simply because they are amazing sources of natural light that is crucial for filming. Leafless climbing roses were covering the walls, and these were so thick that they were matted together. Small ponds that are completely frozen, as well as beautiful shrubs and small maple and cherry trees that are covered with the finest layer of snow are true representatives of this type of gardening. Colours that are dominant in this groundbreaking restaurant are turquoise and gold, and the entrance shows exactly how the ancient Indian temple looks like – vibrant and completely over-the-top. In association with experts from Wintons Teak, he is sharing interesting outdoor design solutions which are both stylish and functional. It all must have something to do with the screams and wails which echo through the house at night and no one wants to talk about.
Here is a list of four most astonishing gardens the movie world has ever seen, and you can definitely borrow some of the ideas for redecorating your own. Reminiscent of jungle more than of a real garden, it was a mystery for little Mary Lennox who thought of it as “a world all her own”. Stones have played an important role in Japanese culture since ancient times, which is why gravel path is an unavoidable part of this garden, too. Extraordinary plants, such as dahlias, primroses, veronica and asters, enhance the themes of decadence and give life to the story in the best possible way. Wooden chairs and tables are accessorized with golden lace tablecloths, and there is a tandoori oven in the middle of the covered garden. Befitting director Holland's reputation this version is beautiful but dark, with children prey to very adult anxieties.
A few green shots that were coming up through earth encouraged her, which led to a full revival of this extraordinary garden. Stone lanterns that are often paired up with water basins can also be found in this setting.

Mansion’s ivy-covered facade and the allee of European linden add a touch of luxury to the overall impression. Strings of colourful lights are hung all over the walls, whereas lanterns with wonderful patterns light up the garden at dusk.
The ground was full of snowdrops, daffodils, lilies and iris, whereas curtains of roses were hanging on the walls. If you are a fan of Japanese culture, this gardening solution may be the right one for you.
Gatsby was a host to most amazing parties, and that kaleidoscopic carnival indeed takes everyone’s breath away.
If you are a fan of Oriental cultures, this gardening solution is definitely your cup of tea. If you are among many people who are amazed with this extraordinary garden, you should know that it needs a very special maintenance, even though it looks wild and unattended. Massive floral arrangements, an over-the-top water fountain right at the entrance and the most astonishing swimming pool are a dream come true for the glitterati of the Jazz Age. Numerous cushions in bright colours with exotic patterns are a must-have, as well as unconventional lighting ideas. Vintage metal chairs in combination with the same table will perfectly fit into this setting. Recreating such a garden is definitely not a simple task, but you can do it by choosing luxurious outdoor furniture that will perfectly match your small water fountain and beautifully trimmed shrubs around it.
Also, a covered garden is an authentic solution which will represent this culture at its finest.
Of course, one amazing pergola will definitely do the trick, as well as a vintage gramophone that is a perfect reminder of that decadent lifestyle.

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