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These five built-in storage solutions from past Hammer & Hand projects all show off creative ways to store wine and liquor collections. This hidden wine cabinet’s door and door mechanism (a pulley, window weight, and cord) were salvaged from an old dumbwaiter discovered during the demolition for the remodel of this retro style kitchen designed by Kevin Fischer of Alice Designs and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts.
This hideaway liquor cabinet slides out from the otherwise-unused space inside the archway wall. This little drawer with extra vertical space was designed by Alissa Pulcrano of bright designlab for a compact kitchen remodel.
The modern liquor shelf in this Wintler Park remodel, also designed by bright designlab, is a great example of how an organizational element can also have artistic flair.
If your wine collection requires built-in storage of a larger variety a wine cellar is the way to go.
Or something like this maybe?◊ For reference, that's Darkstalkers, and those are the only 2 characters from Darkstalkers that anyone has ever cared about. Also this one pretty clearly is the trope although I'm not sure how well it would work for a page image.
Very hard trope to picture, as it's about something everyone remembers far later than the event it happened at. Still JAFAAC (but a lot closer to "everyone knows"), but while a lot of people remember the plot of Star Wars, more people remember what Leia wore that brief time in one of the movies.
That just says "hey, this actress known for wholesome roles is getting nude", not this trope.
That might be the trope, but the image doesn't really show "this work is primarily remembered for this scene". The second is topless Halle Berry (either with censorship bars, or from an angle that doesn't actually show her boobs). And she appears nowhere on the cover, because she's only in one scene and has no lines that aren't sung.
NEW DELHI: The Environment Ministry panel has given a go-ahead for the construction of a training centre in Rajasthan for the new counter-terrorist force of Special Protection Group (SPG) that is being raised to protect the Prime Minister from new-age terror threats.
The proposal pending from 2013 was cleared by the ministry’s Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) as a special case in national interest despite ambiguity over the forest type. New-age terror threats include chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological warfare, unmanned aerial vehicle and sophisticated communication equipments.

The panel noted that the status of the forest land granted to SPG by the Rajasthan government was unclear — the State government on one hand said that the land allotted to SPG was a deemed forest, while on other hand it said that as per a committee, it is not a part of deemed forest.
It said that in case the land came under the deemed forest category, it needed forest clearance from the central government before it could be put to non-forestry use. The committee further added that the proposal will be sent to Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar for approval after the State government submits GPS map citing the status of forest land. The conditions imposed on SPG include planting of trees in vacant area, establishing check posts at specified intervals to check illegal movement of trucks carrying mining material and paying the cost for establishing a high-tech nursery to develop five lakh seedlings. So the team the SPG is raising will be specifically for the NBC threat (again, it's crazy it has taken then this long to get such a capability given the threat to any Indian PM these days).
I would rate the SPG right at the top of any such list though- just a little below the USSS. In terms of the training of the individual protective officers and the professionalism of the force the SPG is on par with any such organisation in the world- if not ahead.
Would be for the dress rehearsals of Independence day or something, when they are on active duty in the PM's detail they will be fully kitted up. Recently, I met a guy from Air force, was in nsg, just got deputed back to his parent force, IAF.
I didn't bug him much, I guess a lot of guys here would liked to have asked a lot of questions.
An IAF guy serving in NSG is not something I've heard of before but you met this guy so who am I to question? Anyway, I can't comment on the validity of these claims because you spoke to the guy and not I, I am just very confused by the whole thing. Each home, regardless of its size, has a special feature that utilizes space for hidden storage. The door slides open and shut easily for a clean, uncluttered look with plenty of storage space behind it for the owner’s wine collection. It was added during the remodel of this Portland Tudor home designed by Kevin Fischer of Alice Designs and Charlotte Cooney of Domestic Arts. It’s the perfect spot for storing a few bottles of wine, but could also be a handy space for keeping olive oil or other items needed nearby while cooking at the stove.
This impressive barrel vaulted wine cellar designed by Emerick Architects was built by Hammer & Hand as part of a new Arts and Crafts revival home.

Read through our posts for articles on high performance building, interior design, green building, project highlights, and more. The only thing I can say is that it shouldn't feature an actual stripper, as that might come off as too literal and strangle the trope, so to speak. The only reason I even remember about Jackson is because I thought it so stupid to get so hung up on something minor like that. And perhaps a poster of the movie added, showing the comparison of what the movie is about, and what some only seem to care about. I love The Great Mouse Detective, but you can't ignore that people always have to bring this scene up whenever somebody talks about it. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The panel gave its general approval to the project seeking diversion of 191.93 Ha of land in Rajasthan’s Alwar district.
The shelf is backlit with LED lighting to give the bottles a glowing effect (and to make reading labels easier!).
This cellar, crafted from beautiful tongue and groove fir, features plenty of shelves for the owner’s growing collection. The Mass Effect thing is nice and meta, but it still might be overly dependent on the caption. As I think we demonstrated on page 1, with the foreigners who had no idea the Janet Jackson controversy involved a football game, assuming that "everyone knows about this example" isn't going to work here. Two hundred and twenty six trees are likely to be cut for the purpose, but no rare, endangered or threatened species of flora and fauna are likely to be affected,” the panel said. Something like a poster detailing all the stuff in a movie, and then we see everyone coming out of the theater discussing one minor point.

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