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For the past several years, Dubuc and his fusion of sugary pop hooks, laid atop a host of samples and caked with computer-enhanced effects, created the signature electronic-pop sound that landed him the sort of success that many artists in indie circuits could only wish for.
For his latest full-length, Night & Day, Dubuc wasn’t going to resign himself to recording a similar batch of tracks once more. The album’s first single is “Domino,” a track about Dubuc’s friends who gave up on everything in music and stopped trying to progress. In one episode called "Branch Wars" Pam, Oscar and Toby have formed a very exclusive club that meets once a month called The Finer Things Club. Same idea here, Joel and I will meet bi-weekly discussing Bigfoot at different vegetarian buffets in Portland, Oregon.

Get Ready to Believe The Finding Bigfoot teams for a brand new season of 'squatch hunting in a two-hour premiere, Sunday, Jan. His influences are wide ranging, including The Temptations, Jackson 5, plus Motown-inspired hitmakers like Blood, Sweat and Tears and Tower of Power. It's these bleeding-heart liberal conspiracy nuts that give us respectable conspiracy theorists a bad name.
As an unusually intelligent reader, you no doubt immediately saw through that preposterous, absurd hodge-podge of lies and false accusations when you linked out to it (above). Tough another problem with these boards is that most people, like me, nowerdays never look anywhere else then at the general forums.

The gripping melodies are still firmly in place, but that’s where the similarities between Dubuc’s back catalog and his latest creation end. Live drums, bass, guitar and piano all played in the same little room at Walden Sound in LA where the album was recorded over the course of 5 weeks. That's us above in the secret handshake--every club needs a secret handshake, even a Bigfoot Researcher's Lunch Club.

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