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I had just stormed out of my house after feeling trapped and suffocated in my own head and had nowhere to go, so I just sat and cried. I was 16 and there was nothing in my life to feel sad about, but everything felt heavy and it wouldn't go away. Outfit courtesy of primark, topshop, my mothers closet, my grandmas closest, and cèline.

I was finally happy and it wasn't because I added something new; it was because I took away the negativity.
I had to dig deep down and unbury the happiness that I always had inside me and I could not have done that if it wasn't for her.
And now, two years later, I am a completely different person and have no one to thank but her.

To Do." I needed something to remind me every single day that I was whole, regardless of where in the world I was or which of my routines had changed.

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