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The Secret History is rich and detailed in plot and provide many layers for the reader to explore.
As for the characters, Donna Tratt has managed to create different personalities from indulgent parents to light-hearted hippies. After twenty-six years, Laura Knight-Jadczyk's unpublished book is now in print for the first time.
November 1, 2008 - December 6, 2008The brilliant Popagandist, Ron English has once again astounded us with his Kiss-centric fine art masterpieces. The story is set in New England and shows the life of students in some prestigious college.

A new interpretation has taken form in classical, symbolic, and pivotal masterpieces of the twentieth century. The contrast between the sophisticated ideas of the elite group of students and their contemporaries is done most skilfully.
Drawing on prophecies ancient and new - from biblical narratives to modern-day visionaries - yet grounded in cutting-edge scientific discoveries about earth's cataclysmic history, this book presents a remarkable vision of humanity's dramatic past and extremely hazardous future. The background of the book contains references to Ancient Greece, which you are sure to enjoy if you are interested in history.
I highly recommend The Secret History to everyone as the greatest achievement of this young novelist.

Kiss faces painted on royalty of a twentieth century marriage ceremony is at first jaw dropping in technique and a bit genius in content.

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