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Nine principles of innovation networks design to address how innovative organisations make best use of good ideas generated both from within and externally, harnessing the Internet and ubiquitous computing. In the mi adidas Innovation Center in Paris offers a virtual environment for customised product design.
The concept of Digital Business Ecosystems refers to business ecosystems composed of buyers, suppliers and makers of related products and services in which the use of ICT enable the optimal use of local assets and the global interaction.

Published by DG Enterprise and Industry highlights different fields of innovative activity: traditional industry sectors, standards and regulations, financing, and the environment.
Fundamental concept of intelligent cities, open innovation explains why ecosystems of innovation (clusters, technology districts, collaborative networks, systems of innovation) are more efficient in generating innovations than organisations and companies working in isolation with internal R&D only.
A lecture about Open Source, a specific kind of software licensing that gives the special right to use, modify and redistribute it.

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